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Guess Who…

Guess who decided she wants to use the big girl potty…


This girl!

I hope I’m not speaking to soon but our laid back approach to training (or not training) Charlotte to use the potty seems to be working. She decided a few weeks ago she wanted to start wearing big girl undies and so we followed her lead. She’s gone 2 days now with ZERO accidents! I’m so proud of her! I remember how up and down training with Cameron was so I’m really not trying to get my hopes up but I’m totally impressed that Charlotte’s done this all by herself!


My little sick babes were begging to get outside for 5 minutes today after being confined to the indoors for the last 2 days. Though I wanted to do a full Valentine’s Day themed shoot with them we settled for some giggles on the back patio and winging it as far as the theme goes. I think I love these better than I expected. Five minutes of shooting and a lifetime of memories.UV3A1451


I had high hopes of getting this done before Valentine’s day and printing them out and attaching them to treats for Charlotte’s school friends but life happened and I didn’t actually get around to taking it until today..


*sigh* I envy all those moms out there that have their lives organized enough to actually act on their ideas and aspirations in a timely matter.


She’s just so stinking adorable. I love her more than I can even put into words. She’s got my heart.



After dinner. Before bedtime.

I hope I never forget how stinking adorable this child is. Her personality keeps us rolling.


Oh Charlotte