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Christmas 2013

Before it turns into June, I think I need to make a post about our Christmas this year. We had a nice one. Nothing fancy. Just good old fashioned quality family time.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours! (A few weeks late)


Our family picture 2013.

December is a busy month for us and this December was exceptionally busy. We started the month off with a much anticipated visit from my cousin’s family from Washington. We were able to meet his son, Tyler, for the first time. He has been on the USS Nimitiz since March when Tyler was born. They came to Houston to see family, get Tyler baptized and we were able to celebrate our Christmas early with that side of the family. Perhaps my greatest joy was seeing my grandmother, well, and doing what she always does on Christmas. I haven’t been very vocal about this on my blog but her health has been poor since about July. Several hospitalizations and a surgery and then 2 more hospitalizations later, she is well and it was like our own Christmas miracle.

UV3A7076Isn’t she gorgeous?

UV3A7074My grandmother is Danish and this is the tradition we refer to as “dancing around the Christmas tree.” Every year we do this on Christmas eve. We hold hands and go around the tree while singing Christmas carols. I have so many fond memories of doing this as a child and it is quite special to see my kids enjoying the same thing now.

UV3A7086-RecoveredMy grandpa even did his “famous” little dance for us. I feel so fortunate that my children are able to know their great-grandparents so well. I have a grandfather who lives in California that I would love for them to meet one day too.


On this night, we also celebrated Cameron & my dad’s birthdays. She’s the 14th and he’s the 15th.


Innocent. Oh I adore this child.

2By the way, how awesome does my dad look for 61!! I love him & his smile.

So since we celebrated with my grandparents earlier in the month, our Christmas Eve was freed up and we were able to do the whole make cookies for Santa and wear our Christmas jammies to bed routine. Not before I grabbed a couple of sweet pictures of them earlier in the day to mark the occasion.

1 34

And we went to look at Christmas lights.

(we were parked and the car was off when I let them out of their chairs for this picture.)


And the obligatory Christmas tree jammies picture.


They are the sweetest little girls. Truly.

Cameron was so good at learning about the real meaning of Christmas this year. She knows the story of Jesus’ birth backwards and forward and can act it out on her little nativity set. I love love love teaching her this aspect of life. Watching her master it. Watching her love it and genuinely want to celebrate the birth of our Savior.

Christmas morning was so fun. It’s the first time our kids really looked forward to seeing if there were any surprises for them.

6 7 5

Just a few snaps from Christmas morning. The girls were pleased. Santa brought a doll house and a play kitchen.

And then later on Christmas we went to visit with my parents and then the next day with Brian’s family. We had a blast. I feel so fortunate that our family is in Houston and we’re able to enjoy time at home and with family.

It was a great Christmas. We feel so blessed.