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N is for name and this week we’re learning all about it.



This was the 2nd day in just a week that the entire city of Houston and surrounding areas has shut down completely. A winter storm was headed our way. The first time it happened we had ice. I would say about 1/4 – 1/2 inch thick on my car that morning and some chilly weather. Today, we got a “wintry mix”. I’m not 100% sure it qualifies as snow but it was close enough. It was a few flurries at least. We saw it and ran outside quickly to embrace the moment that Cameron’s been begging for since cooler weather began before Christmas. While grabbing jackets on the way, we nearly missed it but I grabbed a few pictures with a flurry or two in them to preserve the memory. If you look closely, you can actually see them!

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Just Pictures.

 Just pictures from our life. Photography practice. Homeschool. Cam’s birthday party. Bathtime. Bedtime. And dinner.

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And best friends. Forever.




She’s 4. My baby is FOUR.

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In honor of her birthday, I prepared a very memorable shoot for her (well..and me too).

I wanted to incorporate things that have happened in this year to remember it.

First, Cameron has discovered and loves ballet. And while I thought about putting her in her ballet leotard, she LOVES twirly dresses and fancy things now (I know so girly, right?). So we found the perfect dress and accessories for her and let her do her thing in a parking garage. Wait, a parking garage? Yes, but not just any parking garage. This is the parking garage of the hospital that we visited time and time again while my grandmother was so sick. Cameron was a rock to me during that difficult time. She was always perfectly behaved. She prayed for Mor. She wanted to help however she could. And she was such a champ doing our homeschool on the go. She loved the parking garage. We would play games with predicting what level we would be on and she would remember it for when it was time to find our car again. As unsettling as the memories of this parking garage & hospital were (Thank God my grandmother is well now), Cameron dancing like an angel in the golden hour set those feelings free. What a precious gift she is to our lives.

When I imagined this shoot in my head, I had imagined her hair up in a bun. But when she asked to get a trim a few months back and the lady whacked it off up to her ears by accident that went out the window. But she even handled that with grace. And so, even though enough hair gel could have held it up in a bun, we decided to leave it down since that’s just part of her year. And she rocked the short hair like we meant to cut it that way.

Here’s just a few days before the cut. Oh I miss that long hair!


Cameron dreaded turning 4. She dreaded it so much. She would cry and whine about growing up and wanting to always be our baby. Even though we reassured her that she will be our baby forever and ever she was not happy about her birthday. Well she was happy about getting a gift but we could tell that she was anxiously anticipating her 4 year old well check at the pediatrician. This is the year they get whopped with FOUR shots. Our doctor told us to be up front with her, tell her what to expect and then reward (bribe) her with whatever she wants after the appointment. So we did. She was much better and happier as soon as the shots were done.

So her 4 year old stats are:

Height: 3 feet 2.5 inches (24th percentile)
Weight: 31 lbs 12.8 ounces (23rd percentile)

She wears size 4T shirts and 3T pants and size 9 shoes.

She had her hearing and vision tested and did well on both.

This was a good year for Cameron. It was a year of growth for sure. She’s gone from a small child to a kid. She understands so much. She can read situations. She empathizes. She plans. She manipulates. She remembers everything. She’s so smart. She loves to please.


She started homeschool this year after some issues (long story) with preschool last year. While we didn’t anticipate starting homeschooling this early, I don’t regret it. We both love it. Charlotte is in a preschool 3 days a week and that one-on-one time that Cameron has with me is so precious. She lights up when she knows it’s time to learn.

Cameron has figured out rewards. Sure she’s had little things here and there to motivate her all along but she really gets it now. For example, today I picked up Charlotte from school and put her in the car and Cameron climbed in on her side. I was not thinking and got into my spot after buckling Charlotte in and did not buckle Cameron. Instantly, Cameron said, “Mom wait! I’m not buckled!” And then she got a huge smile on her face. Sure enough, she was right and she knew that she was going to get a reward for letting me know. She gets rewarded with little things often for good behavior and good participation in homeschool. Examples are: new iPad app, going to park, making cookies, piece of candy, snack at the store, small toy at the store, sleeping in Mommy & Daddy’s bed.

 Let’s talk about Snuggle Buddy. That’s Cameron’s name for Brian. Her hero. She adores him. She loves to snuggle him. She loves the way he smells. And she can often be found snuggling his pillows, shirts, shoes and even pants when he’s not home and she misses him. She even talks to his pillow when he’s not there and pretends that he’s snuggling and tickling her. It’s so stinking cute. She says she wants to marry him. She proposes to him daily. Nothing could make me happier to see my girl and the happiness & security her daddy brings her. 

Cameron’s favorite foods at age 4 are: Oatmeal (she calls it “Oakey-milk”), Milk (hot), Mac ‘n Cheese, pancakes and icecream.

She is growing out of naps. She only takes one every couple of days now and for just a few hours at a time. But her new thing is that after she goes to bed for the night in her own room, she wakes up a few hours later and walks out to find Brian & me and either goes to sleep on the couch or something near us until we’re ready for bed. She blames Bayley for waking her but I think she’s growing and going through one of those phases where it’s hard to sleep. Just in the last week or two she started eating all the time; more than she’s ever eaten in her entire life.

Cameron continued swimming lessons for most of the year and learned to swim independently across the pool but decided to give up swimming so that she could take on soccer and ballet in the fall. She loves both so much that she doesn’t want to go back to swimming.


This Christmas, Cameron impressed me by her understanding of the reason behind the season. She has a very simple but very accurate view on God. She calls herself a princess because God is her Father and He is our king. How right she is.

She loves her sister and loves her mommy and daddy and loves her dog, Willow. She’s so sweet in the ways she cares for her. Willow’s getting big. She’s a wonderful and very beautiful dog.


I mentioned in a previous post how Cameron got the iPad for her birthday. We love the apps on there and I really feel that she’s learned a lot playing with it. Brian took a video of Cameron practicing her states. This is her favorite app. It’s really fun to play and I am shocked at how many states she picked up in just a few weeks!


Funny Cameron Quotes:

“I can lick my toe and make it squeak”

“When I get married I’m going to drive to the wedding in my carseat”

“Daddy, this is the dress I’m going to wear when I marry you.”

“I cant eat lunch right now because I’m working”

“We can give Boy a bath in your bathroom because there are coupons there.” (Q-tips)


She has a wild imagination and loves to pretend. She pretends there are wolves, foxes and crocodiles anywhere we go. And dragons in Chinese restaurants. And since seeing the movie Frozen, she pretends that she’s Elsa and can freeze everything. She pretends she’s Spiderman sometimes or caught in a windstorm and spins uncontrollably. She pretends she has to keep things away from the dogs and runs around like crazy while they all chase her. See below.


She has kept a few cute mispronunciations of words that we love.

Girl – “Girdle”
Willow – “Wiwow”
Little – “Wittle”
Swim – “Fwim”
Truck – “Fruck”
Drink – “Brink”
Oatmeal – “Oakey-milk”
school – “Schfpool”


We love her so much. She & her little sister are everything to us.




By the Light of the iPad

Confession: We gave Cameron an iPad for her birthday.

Long story but essentially we got an amazing deal in a round about way and the girls LOVE it. We knew they would. Every kid loves an iPad. I’m actually quite impressed by most of the apps we’ve put on it thus far and am absolutely blown away by the level of skill that a 2 year old and a 4 year old in the year 2014 have when it comes to electronic devices. Kids these days!! (Wow I sound old now…)

Anywho, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love the little sister moments that have been occurring lately. They just love to snuggle together and play. Took these while they were in Cameron’s bed a few days ago.

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