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Still here

I have been so incredibly swamped with all things photography lately that I haven’t had any time to do much of anything! BUT..the fall photo crazy season is over (1 more shoot tomorrow) and then I can breathe! Anyway, we just celebrated Cameron’s 4th birthday! I can’t believe it! She’s an amazing kid and I have lots to say about her. And some pretty neat pictures too. Coming soon!


Cameron’s 1st Ballet Recital

I haven’t looked at my pictures yet but I thought I would share the video from Cameron’s recital this morning. It went as well as it could with a giant group of 3 year olds. Cameron said it was her favorite part of ballet so far and she wanted to do it again. I will admit it was a lot of fun getting her all fancied up for it. She was so cute.

She is on the very far right.


I was a bit bummed that I brought the wrong lens with me to the performance but we still got a few I hope. Enjoy! 


The girls did great with their visit to Santa this year. Cameron asked for a stroller and Charlotte asked for a baby brother. All was well. They had a blast.

On our first “drive by” of Santa this year Charlotte froze and wanted nothing to do with him. This Santa was much jollier and she took right to him and was happy to climb into his lap. We love this Santa! As you can see, the girls have made quite a bit of progress in their Santa pictures!

10 11 Ribbet collage