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train lover

She might be 2 weeks away from 4 years old and really “into” ballet and princesses these days….

But I think a little part of her will always love trains. My sweetness. I love this girl so incredibly much.
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Willow the Whippet

somebody got a puppy

1-22414I’ve got a soft spot in my heart when it comes to these dogs. Willow is an absolutely perfect addition. She gets along with everyone. She is so mellow and loving. The girls are over the moon for her and she is so willing to let them love on her, snuggle her and play with her. She is absolutely perfect for our family. And we are so thrilled to call her ours.

I couldn’t believe it when Brian said, “She may be the best dog we’ve ever had.” Seeing Willow interact with Cameron is enough to convince anyone. I’ve never met a puppy quite so content to just go with the flow. She is 3.5 months old now, getting bigger by the day, and eager to please and learn new things. Boy & Bayley are getting along very well with her. In fact, she and Boy spend much of their sleepy time snuggled together. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Willow in the future. I didn’t imagine we’d ever again have 3 dogs but it’s not nearly as stressful when they all get along!

Ballet Recital Practice

It’s getting close to time for Cameron’s very first ballet recital! A good portion of every class is now spent going over their little routine and they allowed us to film it today. I just love how cute these little girls are and how hilarious it is to watch them all together. Tears, tantrums, falling, “I need to go potty,” grins, giggles, and for some just standing there doing nothing.