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Happy Halloween 2013

I probably shouldn’t ever make plans for anything in the fall months. Because now, for the 2nd or 3rd time THIS MONTH, our girls are sick again. Nothing serious, thankfully. Charlotte is getting over croup and it appears to be starting up with Cameron.

But, with Cameron counting the “wake-ups” until Halloween, there was no way I was going to stop them from trick-or-treating to at least a couple of houses. Her precious little heart would have been broken. So we went. It was short and sweet but they had a good time and by the end of the night were so ready for bed.1

Charlotte rocked the Tinkerbell costume again with some very necessary rain boots after the downpour that occurred earlier in the day.2

And Cameron switched her costume last minute to Super-girl after her Aunt Emily surprised her with it last weekend. I think it’s much more fitting for Cam than a silly princess costume anyway. Good call, Emily.3

And Boy joined us for the evening as a bumble bee. Another family in our neighborhood tragically lost their 18 year old Italian Greyhound 2 weeks ago when he drowned in their pool after the yard men left the gate open. He was the same exact color and markings as boy. They were so heartbroken that they couldn’t bear to look at his costume anymore and wanted it to go to us. Boy was happy to wear it in memory of Lucky. 4

My 3 babies.5

And they’re off!7


Oh so cute. She just loves her Boy. He’s such a fantastic dog. I will always miss Max but Boy has been such a gift. He has helped mend my broken heart.

Even Super-girls get tired!

Both girls were done before sundown and had to be carried on the walk home. Poor babies. At least they had fun and we made some great memories!

Oh Potty!

Much to my surprise, this second child of mine has had very little interest in potty training. I’m not sure why, but I just assumed that because her big sister did the big girl thing that she would want to as well.

I haven’t been trying to train or anything but I will entertain her if she shows signs or desire. And there are days where unless she’s wearing pants you can’t keep a diaper on her. She demands instant changing anytime it’s soiled. And most days of the week she says at least 3-4 times a day, “I need to go potty.” So, naturally I put her up and sit down with her to encourage her to do what she needs. And Nothing. Time and time again. Nothing.

Well last week, I asked Cameron if she would come sit with her so I could put some clothes in the washer. Like the perfect child she is, she happily obliged and even asked if she could “read” a book to her. Clearly, she’s wise beyond her years because not long after she sat down and started reading, Charlotte did what she needed to do.

I dropped my laundry and ran off to get my camera to capture this moment.


You’re Two.

Littlest one,

You’re two now.  Everyone always says it but time really has gone by too quickly.

In this last year, you’ve learned to walk, talk, sing, dance, run and climb.

You hold conversations with me now. Full conversations.

You ask me questions. You argue. You demand. And out of the blue you will say, “I love you so much.”

Not a day goes that someone doesn’t tell me that you are my mini. You have your daddy’s eyes but I’m pretty sure just about everything else you got from me. Including that tiny little attitude and head strong independence.

You are my girl. You love your daddy, yes you love him a lot, but you have a very special bond with me. Night time is “Momma Snuggle with me” and your comfort is being very close and touching my ears. I love this and completely get it. When I was a little girl, I did the very same thing to my mommy.

You love babies. Real ones and dolls. You care for them with such gentleness and it makes me so happy. I know you will be a great big sister one day.  And one day (a long way away) a great mommy, too. You put your babies in your lap. You push them in the stroller. You carry them in baskets. You let them rest on your shoulder. And you line them up next to you in bed at nap and bed time.

You love Boy, our dog. You are, most of the time, so tender with him. You love on him and get so excited when he chooses to snuggle with you or curl up next to you in the car.

You adore your big sister. And she is so good to you. You really got lucky. She is patient with you. She loves to teach you. She even shares with you. And it makes you so happy. You want to do everything she does. And it frustrates you when you can’t. I know it must be hard, Charlotte, but don’t be in a hurry to grow up.

You are very smart, Charlotte. And you started preschool this year. At first, you weren’t very excited about it but you have grown to love it. You love your teachers and you love your friends. Especially a little boy named Levi, who you call “Wee-bye.” Your teachers tell me every day how smart you are. You are one of the only talkers in your class. You participate and love to learn. I am so proud of you, Charlotte. I love to watch you grow.

You have perfect teeth and the most gorgeous smile. You have tan skin just like Daddy & me and light blonde hair. The very ends have ringlet curls. It takes my breath away to look at you and your sister. You are both so beautiful.

You love to read books. And you love puzzles, coloring and painting. Your favorite book is “We’re going on a Bear Hunt.” You know all the words and make the cutest facial expressions with it.

You love your blankie. Just like Cam.

You love to sing songs. You love to be sung to. Sometimes, we can hear Cameron singing to you while you both go to sleep. Your favorite are: lullaby, “You Are My Sunshine,” “Twinkle Twinkle,” “Silent Night,” “Rock A Bye Baby,” “Away in a Manger,” & “O Holy Night.” I have always loved Christmas music and it seems you and your sister do too.

You could be a professional pouter lately. I think you do it so much because you think it’s funny. Your teacher, Ms. Jodi, says someday you’re going to trip on your bottom lip. It’s part of your multitude of crazy expressions.

You really love playing at the park. Your favorite thing to do is swing. No surprise here. You loved to swing as a baby too. You ask for “Super High” and want to go so high that it tickles your tummy on the way down.

Let me tell you what we did for your birthday. You got your very own bike from Mommy & Daddy. You were so very excited about it. It is a balance bike and it will take time for you to grown into it. In the meantime, you still love to race around on your bumblebee bike. When we go on walks, you’d still rather catch a ride in the stroller.

For your birthday, we visited with family. And we went bowling. And we had a party with all of your friends. It was like a full week of celebrating how special you are to us. Since you love Tinkerbell, we made that the theme to your party and I did a themed photoshoot with you. You rocked it.

I have never seen a cuter Tinkerbell.

We had a little party at your Mimi’s house the weekend of your birthday.

You are such a lucky little girl. You have 4 grandparents. 3 great-grandmothers and 2 great-grandfathers. And they all absolutely adore you.

The next weekend we had a party for you. Nearly everybody we invited came. It was so much fun.

You ran and played the whole time with a huge smile on your face. I loved seeing you so excited and knowing that day was all about you.

Never doubt how much you are loved, Charlotte. Mommy & Daddy aren’t perfect. We’re learning as we go. But we love you more than life itself. And you are such a special little girl.

Happy Birthday, little one. You’re two and this is just the beginning.

Love Always,


Evening Walk

Here’s my view.

Playing at the Park

 After a week of being at home and indoors due to a nasty virus called herpangina, the girls were ready to enjoy the new cool fall weather.

Charlotte is wearing her brand new birthday dress made by one of her 3 great grandmothers. And Cameron is sporting a brand new awesome shirt that shows the love for her Nana. <3