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Becca Edge Photography

Alrighty. Busy month.  I’ve finally finished (well sorta) my website for my photography business. It’s not anything fancy but I have the satisfaction of knowing I did all the work myself! As I evolve as a photographer I’m sure my website will as well but I figured I would share it here for all of our friends and family to check out.

Clicky—–>   Becca Edge Photography

P.S. I know I need a picture of myself on my Bio section. 🙂 It’s on the to-do list.


Possibly the most fun thing about Cameron turning 3 is that she can participate in “sports.” She was beyond excited to start ballet.

She woke up the day of and said, “MOM GET UP!!! IT’S BALLET DAY!!”

It took her a few minutes to realize that ballet class wasn’t just free dance time. She had to learn to follow ballet class rules like sitting on her carpet and following her teachers’ directions.

She’s such a sweetie though and would never intentionally disobey a teacher. She just had to get the hang of the way things go.

Doesn’t she look proud?

She did fantastic. Little sister was fussy because she wanted to go in and dance too. And she had been up until midnight the night before. I was nearing the end of my patience rope by the time Cameron’s hour of ballet was up. I need to think of some things to occupy my energetic almost 2 year old during this time so they don’t kick us out!

Watching a group of 3 year old girls play soccer might just be one of the cutest things I’ve seen in a longtime. Aside from a group of 3 year old girls doing ballet, of course.

We’re pretty sure she had no idea what to expect but she was a great sport. Once she realized who she was supposed to listen to and what she was supposed to do, she actually kicked the ball a few times. It was so proud of her. She’s just such a great kid. She has the most gentle and pure heart.

Little sister did really well during soccer practice. She sat on the sidelines sipping on her powerade. I know she’s dreaming of the day she can be just like Cameron.

(Even though they’re already so much alike!)

School Starts

Before school started, we took a little road trip and visited Daddy’s work Monday.

But since he forgot his badge, we just played in the empty parking lot instead.

We started homeschool I guess you could say “officially” on Monday with Cameron but it was more of just easing into it. Today, we started full on and it was Charlotte’s first day at her new preschool.

They look thrilled to be taking their obligatory first day of school pictures don’t they?

Aaaand here’s drop off. I had imagined getting shots of her playing with her little friends but things didn’t quite happen that way. I wasn’t allowed inside. I was only allowed to kiss her goodbye and watch as she gave me this face when she realized I was leaving. They didn’t want any parents hanging around to prevent all of the children from crying. Heartbreaking. I could hear her screams from the parking lot. It was so so SO sad.

I DO know it will get better but it doesn’t make it any easier while it’s happening. This is good for her. This will be fun for her. She will one day LOVE this.

And it gives me the most amazing time with Cameron. The joy she gets from one-on-one attention is unbelievable. She is doing so well. I have never EVER seen her as happy as she has been this week, since starting our curriculum.

And photo cred to Brian on this one. I am never in any pictures. I had to ask because I loved this little moment here. All 3 of my babies sitting and listening. Can you spot my 3rd baby? Don’t get too excited…he’s got 4 legs and loves Rapunzel.

The book? Blueberries for Sal. Cam’s new favorite.