Monthly Archives: September 2013


Location scouting with my loves.

Aren’t they sweet?

1st Soccer Game

Cameron’s 1st soccer game was this morning!

She ran hard. She had fun. Her team won!

*Though technically they are all winners in this age group*

Soccer Practice

Her coach calls it herding kittens. Getting three year old girls to play soccer is no easy task and these guys deserve an award for their patience and fun attitudes.


Bowling for her Birthday

I’ve never been a big bowling fan. But when a brand new family friendly bowling place opened up just 5 minutes from our house, I thought it would be fun to take the girls for a family date. I think MAYBE our first ever. We normally have some objective other than having fun when we take the girls out in public. And I hope that didn’t come out wrong. I just mean something like shopping or grabbing dinner. Not “just for fun.” So we did it and it turned out fabulous. The girls had a blast! We ate pizza and they dipped theirs in ice water. According to Cameron, it tastes like Polynesian sauce. Anyway, here’s a little glimpse of how much fun we had at Charlotte’s HAPPY BIRTHDAY family bowling party.

Happy Birthday Charlie

You are two and I can’t believe it.  Happy Birthday, Charlotte Hanna Edge. You are growing before our eyes.

Mommy, Daddy & Cam love you SO much.



Here’s a little video we took during the free dance portion of Cameron’s ballet class today. She’s such a good kid. She just does her thing. 🙂