Monthly Archives: May 2013


Today we took down the front of Charlotte’s crib and turned it into a toddler bed.

A Toddler bed. I can’t even believe it.

Cameron is getting overall less sleep since Charlotte has been bunking with her. Like her mother, she requires a lot of sleep and without said sleep she gets grouchy. And so it was time to let them sleep in their own beds again.

While I was working on getting her crib converted, I looked over at Charlotte in her yellow shirt on her yellow bike next to yellow curtains and had to experiment a little bit.

Cameron wanted in on the fun and took over the bike while playing on the ipod.

By the way, the orange foot bracelet she’s sporting is in support of her classmate Luke who has leukemia. It is to remind us to pray for him every day. She doesn’t know how sick he is. ┬áBut he needs prayers.

And this last one is probably my favorite. Little sister learning the ins and outs of the ipod.

I need to work on cloning out those darn power outlets….