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This girl loves to climb. I thought it would be fun to show her how great she is at climbing and I ended up really liking this video so decided to share.


Obstacle after obstacle she scaled without even so much as a pause. Maybe I’m biased. Maybe I’m not around many three year olds. But I was impressed.

No interested in T-ball. No interest in soccer. But when it comes to climbing and swimming, Cameron’s blossoming athleticism is apparent. At least to her gushing parents. ūüôā

Snickle made a Bean!

On May 17, 2013, Cameron discovered that her plant “Snickle” made a bean!

This is big news in the world of a 3 year old.

We watched all of the phases of the process and Cameron knew that after the buds and then flowers would come beans. She watered him every day and made sure he was always safe from heavy winds and too much rain.

We hoped that this would spark a new love of eating vegetables but no such luck. She did try the beans since Snickle worked so hard to make them for her…but decided she doesn’t want anymore.

Water Girl

We went swimming for the first time this year.  Cameron swam from 11 am until 5 pm with only a small break in between. To say that she was exhausted at the end of the day would be an understatement. But this little girl, only 30 pounds and 3 years old, proved to have a mighty will and a desire to just keep swimming. She showed us, and my entire family, that she CAN swim across the pool all by her little self.


Here is one of the many videos of the day. She eventually did the pool length wise as well. We are so proud of her. And so thrilled to see that 11 months of swimming lessons is paying off!


Forgot to include pics of what Charlotte did today.

Here’s a hint. It didn’t include much time in the water.

But she was the cutest darn cheerleader for her big sister that you’ve ever seen.

Big Brown Eyes


Charlotte is 19 Months

And continuing the one month behind trend…

On April 23, 2013 Charlotte turned 19 months old!

Her weight is 23 lbs 1.5 ounces which is 26th percentile.

Her height is 32 inches which is 50th percentile.

Charlotte’s 18 month well-check was a month late but went well. She had only 1 ear infection that month which cleared up nicely with antibiotics. All-in-all she had a great month full of new adventures and fun.

Isn’t she an angel? Her hair is getting so long that we have to pull it back in some way in order to keep it out of her face. Her bangs reach her nose otherwise. She still has all of those luscious curls in the back and I have no plans of cutting them off..ever! haha

She is such an sweet heart and a mommy’s girl. She loves to be held, cuddled, snuggled, kissed and praised.

Sisters and 100% best friends. Yes, they fight but their love is strong. As parents, I can’t think of much that makes my heart happier than this.

Oh I love them!

Charlotte is our funny child. She’s got a sense of humor like her daddy, hopefully. She can make anyone laugh. She loves to tickle and tease. Sometimes she will say things, or make noises, that make us all laugh. When she sees the smile on our face she gets the biggest grin and does it again. When we laugh again she cackles. It’s so cute.

This picture just makes me laugh… this is her pretend scared face.

A quirk that she’s had since birth, Charlotte still hums when she eats something she likes. The loudest hums come from eggs, cheese, and fruit. (And of course brownies)

Her appetite is still impressive. She can eat and eat and eat. And she’s not afraid to try anything.

She speaks so well now that she can tell us exactly what she wants.

Charlotte is so smart. She remembers things that I didn’t even realize she was aware of. She is observant just like her big sister. She can say anything and she says it well. She loves to sing and she loves to tell stories. She can count. She can say her ABC’s. She blows me away really. I know most of it is because Cameron is here and is her inspiration to be big but she is a very special girl. I hope she likes school. I hope she loves to learn. I hope she’s self-motivated.

New favorites of Charlotte lately:
Micky Mouse, Super Why, and Elmo

And she still loves that Chuggington or “Huggington” as she calls it. And her very favorite engine, Action Chugger!

Baths? Not a fan. At all.

Charlotte had her very first trip to the dentist this month on April 9, 2013. She was cavity-free! What a great way to start! I love our pediatric dentist.

She also rode a pony for the first time on April 7th!

Brian & I spend the night away for the first time EVER since having kids this month. My parents came out to stay with the kids and they had a blast. Apparently they were perfectly behaved! We enjoyed our time away but missed them too.

We bought a new little something for our back patio for the little Charberry. A swing. Because she cannot get enough of them when we go to the parks. I cannot describe how happy this swing makes her.

She is obsessed with it. As soon as she gets up in the morning she’s asking to go outside and swing. She even asks for it late at night. And she wants to be pushed for hours. I spent about 2 hours outside today letting Cameron play in the splash pool and Charlotte wanted to swing¬†the entire time while she watched Cameron.

And this is what happens when big sister gets in the swing. (Or when mommy gets more than 5 feet away) By the way, funny how Cameron has suddenly decided she’s¬†interested¬†in swings again too since one has been placed on the porch. We’ve decided now we’re going to work on saving for a big backyard swing set/play set. As much as these two love playing back there it’s a no-brainer.

She enjoys other parts of parks too like climbing and sliding…though she has been a little more reluctant to slide since her big tumble.

Now that Cameron’s 3 the options open for participating in team sports. We bought a little T-ball set to see how she liked it. We figured we’d enroll her in whatever she seemed interested in. So far, the T-ball set, golf set and soccer set have been tossed to the side in favor of the pool. And since she’s already enrolled in swimming, it sounds like she’s on the right track. But little sister has found these and is surprisingly coordinated!

Happy 19 months Charberry Shortcake. Mommy & Daddy love you so much. I can’t believe how big you are getting. You are such a joy in our lives.

Cameron is 3 (and a quarter)

***Disclaimer: This is a long one.***

This is not new news or anything. It’s been so long since I’ve done a big update on Cameron I thought I should at least include her stats from her birthday…and now. This blog is more than just communication with all of our dear family and friends. This is my way of documenting our life. I don’t typically sit down and keep the girls’ baby books up to date. So this is my way of ¬†getting it all together for us to reference later on.

Please excuse my tardiness. ūüôā

Yep this is it. The best smile I could get out of her while holding our little chalkboard thing. She really is a very happy child. And very easy. But she is not a huge fan of posing for pictures. But you all know that by now.

So there you have it. On her 3rd birthday, Cameron weighed 27 pounds 3.2 ounces. This is the 13.95th percentile. Her height was exactly 36 inches which was 18.32nd percentile. To be exact. Her doctor recommended we start bringing in extra calories for her here and there. She’s not a big eater so he suggested ice cream and milk shakes.

We kept her 3rd birthday low key. We gave her the option of a few extra presents or a party with friends. She opted for presents and so that’s what we did. Here’s the birthday girl on her 3rd birthday!

(she’s already changed so much)

Her pick for a cake was Thomas of course. We found this gem at our local HEB. Not only is it absolutely perfect for a three year old Thomas fanatic, it was actually really tasty too. And she still plays with that cake topper train!

So December 14th was her birthday, the 17th was our anniversary, we closed on our house on December 21st and then moved in on December 23rd. And then Christmas stuff with family on December 24th & 25 meant that we didn’t actually do “our” Christmas until almost New Years.

But Santa didn’t forget about these precious girls. He brought them a very special slide under the bed train table with tracks, sheds, turntables, bridges, cranes, a train wash and new trains. As you can see from this smile, Cameron was over the moon. It is still her favorite thing to do every day. Santa’s elves *cough cough* made the table themselves making it extra special. And I cannot tell you how awesome it is that it slides under her bed.

Three years old started very busy for us. Lots of changes but all for the better. The girls transitioned better than I could have imagined into our new home. They love their new rooms and play room.

Aaaaand here’s our 3 and a quarter years picture. Crazy to think in a month I will have to do one for 3 & a half years! Yikes! I’m more behind than I thought!

She goes to school twice a week for about 5 hours and likes it for the most part. Some days she is very clingy and tearful at drop off  and other days she is excited to see her friends. She has finally started to bond with her teachers now that the year is almost ended.

We had “Muffins with Mom” a few weeks ago at the school and I got the opportunity to eat breakfast with her at school and go to music class with her. I was surprised to see that she really doesn’t like music class much at all. I thought maybe she wasn’t cooperating because I was right there but then watched from the outside the next few times I dropped her off and she only wants to hold her teacher’s hand. Other kids are bouncing around and singing but she doesn’t want any of it. Brian tells me he was this way too. She likes to sing and does so in the car and at home but maybe the setting is too much for her.

Get ready to melt. Here’s a video of her singing.


Other activities that Cameron regularly participates in are swimming lessons, AWANA, and MOPS at our church.

She started swimming 2 times per week starting in February. In April she was promoted to a new level, Starfish. In March, I dropped her into a 60 degree swimming pool fully clothed to see if she could apply all of these lessons outside of the warm indoor pool she normally swims in. She did it. She saved herself. It’s all worth it. Anything extra now is just icing on the cake. As of now, May, she can swim across the entire pool by herself by floating on her back alternating with turning over and swimming. I am so proud of her.

Wednesday nights she participates in AWANA at the church for a few hours. At her age, it’s mostly just play¬†incorporated¬†with a Bible lesson and art project. As she gets older she will earn badges for participation and memorize scripture.

MOPS (Moms of Preschoolers) is on Friday mornings. This one is mostly for my benefit but they have a great program for the kids too. It’s for 2-3 hours and they play, read and do art. I get to socialize with other moms while being uplifted spiritually.

So we stay busy. When we’re not doing all of these activities we are coordinating naps, groceries, laundry, play and other regular household stuff. To say that we are all pooped and so ready for summer would be an understatement. I love days that we don’t have to rush rush rush to get ready and get out the door.

Cameron loves art. All kinds. painting, drawing, playdoh, cutting, pasting, stamping and putting stickers all over just about everything.

Nerds rule. A value we will always instill in her. I hope she always loves to learn. She counts in Spanish. She has an outstanding memory and awareness of her surroundings. Her memory is even sharper if she can use it to her advantage. She has an imagination that I could only dream of. She loves stories and books. She loves letter games.

Cameron loves water. This is nothing new. She will not pass up an opportunity to splash in a puddle, pour out water out spray her sister with the hose. Her favorite part of the day is bath time. If Charlotte has to get an emergency bath (usually after meals or diaper issues) and Cameron is not invited she will practically throw herself on the floor in protest. Most of the time we bathe the girls together and Charlotte (our anti-water girl) is always ready to get out as soon as she’s clean. Cameron will usually stay in the tub swimming until Charlotte is completely dry, dressed and has brushed teeth and hair. Excuses she gives for needing baths: I’m dirty. I’m wet. I’m cold. I’m stinky. I pooped.

Since she started swimming with goggles she’s insisted on bathing with them too..

Another love of Cameron’s…blankie.

She hasn’t become any less attached to it. In fact, I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t go to sleep without it. She sees it as her best friend. She “feeds” him and changes his diapers. She makes him clap and lick her. She makes him dance and she thinks she’s 100% safe when she’s underneath him. I’ve got a lot of quotes in this post but these are definitely some of my favorites:

Cameron: I love my blankie. He’s my baby.
Me: Is blankie a girl or a boy?
Cameron: Blankie’s a girl. He talks in Spanish.

Cameron: Blankie ate his goldfish for snack today, Mommy.
Me: Does blankie need to go potty now?
Cameron: No, blankie doesn’t have a tee tee. He doesn’t need to go potty.
Cameron: Wash my blankie. He smells like boy.
Wash my blankie. He smells like throwup.

Cameron:  I love how my blankie smells. He smells like me!

He’s always with her. It’s precious.

Bikes. Any and all kinds. She’s nuts over them. This cute little yellow bike is actually Charlotte’s but she whips around on it with the agility of cat. She’s far to big for it and has driven blisters into her toes but just keeps on going. She’s amazingly fast and somehow cuts corners going full speed. We’re thankful that she’s so far avoided rolling over her sister or her toes.

We also recently acquired a bike trailer from craigslist for $50 in perfect working condition. It may be the best $50 we’ve spent so far. We can go on long rides with the girls and they are so happy in it. By the way, they do wear their helmets in the trailer but we took them off in this photo because we were stopping at a park to let them play.

And then something told us to put Charlotte’s back on. (She’s our accident prone child) And it actually prevented a serious injury when she fell off a slide directly onto her head probably 10 minutes after this picture was taken. Thank goodness she only walked away with a sore neck and a bruised face. Someone was looking out for her.

Brian has started letting her ride her bigger bike in our neighborhood more. She can ride all the way to our mailbox! Not alone of course! It’s a good 5-10 minute walk! It wont be long and she will outgrow that bike and be ready for the real deal. How is she growing so fast?

Have we touched on¬†independence¬†yet? Nope, I don’t think so. I know she’s not alone out there when it comes to independent three year olds. It’s somewhat time consuming to let her have her little independent way but she’s mastering so many little skills like squirting bottles, buckling things, turning knobs, twisting caps, drinking from BIG kid cups. I know this is just one of the many steps she’s taking towards growing up. She loves to help me do anything around the house if it involves letting her spray the cleaner.

But here’s a secret. This big independent kid still misses mommy at school. She still wants to have her back scratched to go to sleep. She still needs blankie every night. She still wants a sippy cup with warm milk to go to sleep. She still wants kisses on boo boos. And she still wants to be held and cries into my shoulder when she hurts.

No matter how big she gets I hope she always needs her mommy and daddy. I know she will. I still need mine.

Let’s talk trains. She knows them all. She knows the shows. She knows the songs. She knows the characters. She knows the books. She knows it ALL when it comes to trains for little kids. And we support her little hobby 100%.

Potty training. Or should I say potty trained. We ditched the day time diaper on her birthday and haven’t looked back. She’s been a rock star. She just had to be ready. Mommy lesson learned. Might I add that I will be much less¬†ambitious on this second go ’round.

Buuut, we still put her in one for overnights just in case. Cause I’m not a fan of middle of the night sheet changes and neither is Brian. I’d say 75% of the time she wakes up dry.

Gardening! Cameron has a green thumb! She loves to take care of our plants. She especially loves watering them. Another new thing is she enjoys is naming things. And she has two very special plants that she named. One is a little flowering plant in our front yard. His name is “Eagle.” This was her first plant. She held him in her lap and talked to him on the way home in the car. She told him that she and daddy were going to plant him in the warm ground and give him lots of water so he wasn’t thirsty.

Her second plant is “Snickle.” Snickle is very special. She grew him from one tiny bean. We have a book called “One Bean”. It’s the most boring book ever but gives step by step descriptions of what happens when a bean sprouts into a plant and then makes beans. It’s probably one of her favorite books. And her sweet Snickle has just flowered and is making his first beans now! We transplanted him to a bigger pot and she checks on him every day. She has been so involved in the entire process. It was especially fun in the beginning because of how much growth you could see in just a day. I’m hoping that all of this will actually help her want to eat a vegetable every now and then.

Because if she had it her way, she would eat sweets for every meal. She likes mac ‘n cheese and chicken too. And fruit. And yogurt. And eggs. But no vegetables at all. She also doesn’t like beef or spaghetti or pizza.

Cam’s very involved in wardrobe decisions around our house. She’s my kind of girl. Jeans and t-shirt. The comfier the better. But she does break out the dress-up princesses every now and then and then of course we went through the¬†rain boot¬†phase where she wore them every day. But I would say for the most part she’s pretty good about picking her clothes out. It’s not a fight and for that I’m thankful!

Cam sleeps all night long and still naps during the day for 1-2 hours. She would ideally sleep a full 12 hours at night but Charlotte is notorious for waking Cameron up any chance she can get.

Cameron’s fav TV shows: Chuggington, Thomas & Friends, Super Why, Little Einsteins, Doc McStuffins, & Micky Mouse ClubHouse

She watched the Lion King a few months back and it led to the awful “What¬†happened¬†to his Daddy?” conversation. Ugh. And then, “Why are you crying about Lion King, mommy?” ¬†That darn movie. I tried to explain in the most gentle way I know how and now¬†every time¬†Brian so much as stubs his toe it’s, “Is Daddy going to go up to God?” We’ve got some work to do on that convo. I don’t want her to be scared or to think negatively of God but I don’t want to lie to her either.

Ah the bluebonnets. Taking two kids who don’t like taking pictures to a field of bluebonnets on a cold day was just a mistake¬†altogether. As evidenced by the tears in her eyes.

And for the last part of this incredibly long post, I leave you with quotes by Cameron. Oh the things kids say….

While counting in Spanish. “Uno! Dos! Tres! Quatro! Cinco! Seis! Hi-ete! Ochwo! Eleven! Diez!


While counting in English: “1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, 11, 12, 13, 14, …. seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twentyteen!


“I dont want that pink medicine. It gives Char¬†diarrhea¬† I want “motwin”. I want to drink it in a little cup.”


“I can’t hear myself talk. The drier is too loud!”


“I how know to get my cherry out of the milkshake.”


“I’m strong for carrying the milk, Daddy!”


Cam: Mom, I went peepee in the grass cause I couldn’t hold it.
Me: oh..ok. Do you need me to change your clothes?
Cam: No cause my pants didn’t get wet.
Me: They didn’t? Did you pull down your pants to pee?
Cam: yes. I did. I just went peepee on the grass.
Me: who taught you how to do this?
Cam: Miss Cynthia (her school teacher)
Me: Miss Cynthia taught you to pee in the grass?
Cam: yes.


Cam: Mom I just went peepee in my carseat.
Me: Oh Cam, really? Next time just tell me and I can pull over! Don’t just pee in the seat!
Cam: I tricked you mom! I didn’t really peepee.


Cam: I want to snuggle with mommy tonight.
Daddy: Ok You can snuggle with mommy. I’ll be right here.
Cam: No I want you to go out.
Daddy: Oh where do you want me to go?
Cam: You need to go clean my dirty cups. My mickey mouse cup.


Me: (While holding and petting a purring cat) Listen Cam. Do you hear that noise Sakura is making? That’s called purring.
Cam: Oh! She’s purring! Char purrs too.
Me: She does?
Cam: Char purrs when she sleeps. It sounds like (makes snoring sound)


”¬†I can braw a mermonade all by myself.” (Draw a mermaid)


Me: Ok, it’s a school day. Time to get moving.
Cam: I’m sick mommy.
Me: What’s wrong?
Cam: I have an ear infection.
Me: Oh then we need to go to the doctor so he can look at you and give you medicine.
Cam: *thinks for a minute* No mommy, I can go to school today.


She has blood and fleas confused because we had to treat our dogs for fleas while we lived in an apartment and around that same time she had blood work done for her 3 yr wellcheck. For some reason she kept thinking the word for fleas was blood and the word for blood was fleas. So it was, “This is where they took my fleas, mom?”


Me: Do you want Mac ‘n Cheese tonight?
Cam: No! I want a sandwich!
Me: Oh do you want a Mac ‘n Cheese sandwich?
Cam: No I don’t! That’s not going to taste good! That’s gonna taste like diarrhea!!

 And there we have it. An abbreviated version of Cam in the last 6 months! Oh how we adore our baby girl. Thanks for reading!