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Lots of pics here.

Brian’s on vacation this week and we decided to take advantage of the post-spring break beach. No crowds. No traffic.

Galveston, Texas is not known for it’s crystal blue waters or sandy white beaches…but it will do.

One of Cameron’s favorite books right now is “Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea” and they’re talking about oceans at school- so this fit perfectly.

Her only disappointment was that there were no “mermonades” (mermaids) or dolphins around to take her for a swim.

This beach trip really told us a lot about our girls. Each brave and shy in their own ways.

Cameron’s a water girl. She always has been and always will be.

Charlotte, not so much. She wanted nothing to do with the beach water.

Cameron is such a good big sister. She reassures Charlotte and comforts her. This was one of the only times Charlotte got her toes wet.

So beautiful. Inside and out.

 She splashed and played the entire time.

But Charlotte, as it turns out…

Is an animal person.

Not even a flinch with dozens of birds surrounding her and dive bombing while she held out food.

But when the french fries were gone, she was done done & done.

And cold. And so ready to go home.

It was a good trip. Windy and chilly but good. And I know they had fun. Each in their own little ways.

Mr. Golden Sun

I was never one to follow the weather.
I used to look forward to rain.
But now….
I obsess over the sun.

Every sunny evening is a chance to grow.
A chance to experiment.
A chance to play.

Today I learned to love the wind. To use it.

Even if they turn out bad. It’s all a part of the journey.

And what a blessing that my journey involves documenting the precious childhood of these girls.

Charlotte Counting and Singing

Little one was rather talkative when we came home from dropping Cameron off at school this morning. I prepared a little art project for her and it made her even happier. So I took a little video and she decided to show off.