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Bluebonnets 2013

The bluebonnets are here!

And oh so stinking gorgeous in Navasota, Texas right now.

And after 2 attempts, lots of tears, tantrums and enough drama to send mom and dad over the edge…

I can say that we gave it our best shot.’s an improvement over last years. Prime example of my pre “ah-ha moment” about open field time of day photography.

Say tuned…Lots more to come. It’s on the to-do list.


I never realized they shared the same smile.

Charlotte is 17 Months

Time is flying by. Charlotte’s nearly 18 months now but I haven’t posted her 17 month update yet.

Luckily there’s not much to report this month. Charlotte has been healthy and, for the most part, happy. She has not had another ear infection since her last (mid February) was finally cleared. Her doctor says he wants to hold off on tubes since we’re nearing the off season and hopefully all of her colds and subsequent ear infections will subside.

Charlotte weighs 22 pounds and is about 30 inches tall.

Charlotte is developing quite the personality. She’s definitely a second child. It seems like everything is happening faster this time around. And the attitude has showed up sooner than anticipated.

Charlotte’s a feisty little bug. Cute as can be and packed full of energy and spunk.

At 17 months, she has 10 teeth.

She wears sizes anywhere from 12 months to 24 months. And size 4 diapers. Her shoe size is 5.

She’s getting smarter by the day. Her speech and vocabulary has exploded. She says any and everything. She tries really hard to repeat full sentences. I can’t even count all of the words she says now. She says new ones every day…including saying “Whataburger” clear as day this evening. She’s putting 2 words together regularly, mostly in the form of commands to us. “Shoe on.” “Me eat.”

She likes to mimic Cameron in tone and gestures. Sometimes the words come out as gibberish but it doesn’t make it any less cute. She’s can be so serious.

Lately she’s begun to get very serious about saying “No!” It has to be one of her favorite words. She purses her lips and furrows her eye brows and then shakes her entire body while she shakes her head. I’ve got to get it on video because it’s so funny. Such attitude!

She says her “S” sound with a lisp. I love it. Yesth!

Her appetite has picked up again since she’s been feeling better. And the belly is coming back. It’s absolutely my favorite thing about her little frame.

Her favorite food? Pizza. Pineapple pizza actually. She’s her momma’s girl.

She also loves all fruit, yogurt, cheese, eggs, anything sweet like cakes, cookies or ice cream, chicken, fries and cereal, pasta. She’s not crazy about veggies but I’m not necessarily good at keeping them regular in their diets.

She loves milk and loves to scream for it when she’s thirsty. “MIIIIIILLLLK!!! MILLLLLLKKK!”

She’s developing more of an interest in books. Her favorite books is “Moo Baa La La La” and she has all of the animal sounds in it memorized. It’s part of her night time routine and without it she’s hysterical. We also have to read the “Goodnight Book” and her Bible before we say her prayers and rock her to sleep.

Rocking is a requirement for sleep these days. We’ve figured that out since our bedtime headaches at 16 months and it is much less stressful now. I love that part of our day. She does too. She snuggles right up. Once she’s asleep we put her in her bed and she stays until anywhere from 1am to 5 am. At that point we’re fast asleep and just bring her into our bed until morning.

She likes to sing and be sung to. She instantly calms down when sung “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” and the ABCs. She also loves to sing “Row Row Row Your Boat.” She surprises me with how much of it she can actually repeat.

She still has no interest in TV and that’s fine with me. We don’t really watch much anyway. Cameron has a few shoes she likes to relax and watch but Charlotte is never really interested in them except for the theme song.

She’s starting to use her imagination while playing now. We catch her making car noises with her food and flying it around and making animal noises with toys. It’s precious.

Charlotte can say her name now. Well, her nick name. She says “Char Char.” She recognizes herself in the mirror and pictures/videos. Sometimes she gets confused when we show her old pictures of Cameron. But they do resemble each other a little bit!

I’ve never met a 17 month old that wants to be carried around as much as this one. The picture below is what I see every day. A half dressed baby tugging at my pants to be picked up and held…surrounded by toys and books on the ground. And if I don’t comply with her request to be held it is usually followed by tears and a little tantrum. So she gets held probably more than most her age. Seems like I remember Cameron wanting the opposite once she learned to walk…

I’ve had to accept this little fact.

Ahh yes. The joys of little kids who love to make messes.

No new interests in the potty this month. She’s not a fan of the bath much anymore. She tolerates it but will not sit down. She was traumatized when Cameron tried to pretend she was her swim teacher one day and pushed her under water so she could learn to float. Thankfully I was right there and grabbed her but she hasn’t sat on her bottom in the bathtub since. She will squat but is always braced to stand up and try to climb out.

Charlotte loves to play outside. She climbs all over our climber/slide like she’s been doing it for years. I feel so fortunate to have a patio that the girls enjoy playing on. Today they played outside for over an hour. I sat out there with them and was able to relax a little bit. They sit in their playhouse together, water plants, talk about dog poop, slide, play with balls, bubbles and just about anything they can get their hands on. It’s precious to watch them interact.

They are becoming great friends. They play so well together. Cameron loves to teach. Charlotte loves to learn. She counts, sings, talks and interacts. I can’t believe we’re already almost 18 months into this. Where is time going? When Cameron was this age I was getting huge with Charlotte. Hard to believe we were ready for another so soon. They are so different. Charlotte is one of those kids that just demands more attention, more effort. But she’s also so much more affectionate. Cameron is very laid back and go with the flow. She’s funny and super sweet. Loves to snuggle but loves to be independent. God knew what he was doing when He gave us Cameron first. We love them both so dearly and are so thankful for such healthy and precious little girls.

Ears. Pierced.

Oh the love.

Rodeo Parade

It was a mad dash this morning.

We’re never on time. Ever.

But today was the rodeo parade at Cameron’s school so we tried really¬†hard. We made it on time. Even had a few minutes to spare.

Her class was the last in the parade. How cute is she?

Yep. Those are rain boots. Does that make me a bad Texan?


She melts my heart. After precious smiles and waves she came up to me for a kiss. Have I mentioned how much I am enjoying 3?

After the parade they packed the kids inside for a little rodeo music show. Can you spot my tiny tot?

She wasn’t big on participating but I can’t blame her. Those kids were packed in there like sardines with the mamarazzi surrounding them. I was overwhelmed too.

So Charlotte and I decompressed at the grocery store.

Yep I’m that crazy mom who takes pictures of her kids in the store.

I can’t help myself. The laundry aisle is so colorful!

And this little series is not over. I’m hitting up Target next.


We put the high chair away today.

Charlotte has decided she is a big girl. Too big for a high chair.