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Charlotte is 16 months

Here we go again!

16 months.

Little bit is around 21 pounds now!

She’s wearing size 4 diapers. Size 5 shoes. Size 12 & 18 month clothing.

Tooth count: 10

She got the tips of her upper molars on January 16th. The bottoms are bulging and we believe those may be the source of some sleep regression that’s occurred in the recent weeks.

She’s even more of a chatter box this month. She attempts to say just about anything you tell her.

New words that she uses regularly: stairs, thank you, sorry, please, water, fish, ears, blankie, chair, Light, self, watch, Action Chugger (from Chuggington), Calley (from Chuggington), train, ready, hands, uh-oh, nom nom, “there you go”, “i did it”, bird, Barney

Just like her sister was at this age, her favorite word is “No!” She either says it very softly pronouncing it perfectly or angrily says “DOE!” and pushes whatever it is you’re giving her away. She’s also a huge fan of saying “Uh-Uh” when you ask her just about anything.

-You want something to eat Charlotte?…. “Uh-Uh.”
-You want some milk Charlotte? “Nuh-uh”

Which brings us to her appetite. About 2-3 weeks ago, Charlotte got sick. It was just a cold but turned into another ear infection. It was her 3rd in less than 2 months. Her appetite drastically dropped with this one. I was very concerned at first. I mean, this is Charlotte. She loves food. Then the antibiotics started and she still wouldn’t eat. So I thought, well maybe she’s still not 100% or the antibiotics are upsetting her stomach. It was a new medication she tried this time. And then we finished antibiotics and she still wouldn’t eat. And so I thought, well maybe her teeth are bothering her to the point where she doesn’t want to chew anything. And she’s still this way. She eats hardly anything. Probably 20% of what she used to. The belly’s still there but it’s noticeably smaller. So either A) She’s out of a growth spurt and is eating normally given her age/size B) The teeth are truly bothering her or C) She’s still sick. We’re taking a trip to the pediatrician tomorrow to make sure it’s not C.

If she has another ear infection, the pediatrician is going to want to refer us to an ENT to see about tubes. I’m not crazy about that idea. Especially since I know her speech and hearing aren’t affected. We’ll just have to cross that bridge when we get to it.

Favorite foods. Of the foods that she does eat these days, her favorites include: cheese, yogurt, applesauce, cold lunch meat, mac & cheese, dry cereal and fruit.

Sleep problems. For an entire month Charlotte slept like a dream. This was after our move. She went to bed when Cameron did. Slept in her crib. All night. No fuss, no tears. Nothing. A dream.
And then this most recent ear infection changed everything. Her sleeping is awful now. Awful! And I think the less sleep she gets the worse things get…and then she gets less sleep. When we put her in her crib she panics. She will scream for over an hour if we try to let her “cry it out”. If we pat her and try to soothe her while she’s in the crib it gets even worse. Sometimes she settles but refuses to close her eyes. If we quietly sneak out of the room thinking she’s asleep, the screaming resumes. It’s almost like if she falls asleep it’s not a deep sleep. Any sound will wake her up and cause more panic. Brian and I are at our wit’s end. We have no idea what to do. It hurts us to hear her cry but yet we can’t very well bring her in to our bed every time she makes a peep..
Is she hurting? Is she sick? Is she manipulating us? I have no clue.  All I know is that we dread bedtime. And apparently so does she. It’s not her fault. I don’t blame her. In fact, we’ve probably done something wrong that caused this. We love her more than life itself.  But we know that the girl needs her sleep!

On a positive note, she’s developing an attachment to her blankie. Or “bankie” as she calls it. She’s not attached to one in particular (we have 3 that are very similar). The pictures above and below are of Charlotte with Cameron’s blanket. But she likes to hold them, snuggle with them and drag them around. I hope it sticks. We love our blankies.

Last month was a Daddy month. This month? Definitely a mommy month. I don’t get 5 feet away without hearing screams and the pitter-patter of feet chasing me. Nothing’s changed with my work schedule but it’s like she thinks I’m going to leave at any minute. So I carry her all over the place and it makes her happy. I think it has a lot to do with everything else that’s going on with her not sleeping or eating well. I love snuggles but it makes me sad if she’s really feeling anxious about me leaving for work.

Since Cameron’s become completely potty trained (more about that in her 3 yr old post eventually), Charlotte has developed more of an interest in it. Nothing serious but it’s darn cute to watch her sit on a potty.

Charlotte’s becoming increasingly more interested in play. She loves any game that involves singing and Cameron. It’s so neat to watch her learn to interact. There’s definitely a difference in kids who have older siblings.

She’s getting faster and stronger by the day. She’s climbing things and going down the slides by herself. She even tries to go down stairs by herself!

This is her favorite perch in our game room.

She’s also working on her fine motor skills. She likes to practice using a fork and spoon to play with her food. She also enjoys coloring. She’s starting to understand the concept behind puzzles and sorting shapes.

On January 16th, much to my surprise, Charlotte started repeating numbers. We practice counting often with Cameron. Numbers have never been her favorite. The first day that Charlotte started repeating she just said “two, three” after I said one. I was so excited and so we kept on. The next day, she could count to 4. Last week it was 6 and then in the car Sunday she counted to 8! She doesn’t get the concept of what they mean yet, it’s just memorization but I love it! I hope she’s a numbers girl.

She also loves naming body parts. She points to and says eyes, ears, nose, mouth and hands.

We sure love our little bug. She’s going through a rough patch but I know she’ll get through. We’re so proud of the sweet little girl she is.