Monthly Archives: January 2013

The Artist

One of those days…

Both chillins came down with a little cold over the weekend.

Snot. Coughing. Fever. Crankiness.

And whining. And coughing. And let’s not forget the late late nights and super early mornings.

To say that we’re exhausted wouldn’t even begin to cover it. Brian was about to lose his mind when I came home from work Sunday morning. We cancelled our plans for the day and I slept only a few hours so I could get up to help him, only to be seriously just as tired and useless at that point as he was.

Cameron’s recovering nicely but I think that our sweet Charlotte is getting another ear infection. It’s been with every cold in the last few months. We’re going to the doctor tomorrow for confirmation/antibiotics.

Anyway, we were itching to get the kids out of the house to keep from going crazy. And I was anxious to be back on a camera not attached to a phone.

I tried to edit out some nose crustiness because it’s my ultimate pet peeve. Poor babe doesn’t feel good.

 But big sister rolling around her will crack her up any day.

Peeking outside. Brian was with some contractors outside while they repaired a hole in our yard. Charlotte didn’t miss a minute.

We played in the backyard for a few minutes… but the fussiness and whining soon became unbearable and we decided it was nap time.

This one was camera shy today. I had to tickle her for a smile.

We made our way to the park and Charlotte said “Swing!” “Mee” “Swing!”

And so we did.

Big girl did too. But on her own terms.

Batman Belly.

Oh the love.

Crazy how agile a three year old body is. This is not a bridge but actually individual stepping stones that lead to the other side. She breezed across like it was nothing.

And then rock climbed her way to the top. With backwards shoes even!

This one was me trying to get creative. I’m kind of a fan of silhouettes. The dang trees and other stuff in the background ruined it but I think I got the right idea. Can’t wait to try this in other scenarios.

Before & After


First one is before dinner. Motivated.

Second one’s after dinner. A tired baby. Crazy hair and all. She was only in the mood for no.

Different nights but this is her usual. She keeps us laughing.


Pics of the Day

So my camera’s back in the shop. And that leaves me my phone for daily pictures. I couldn’t pass up another 365 project.

Instead of just snapping a random picture like I’ve done so many times before, I’ve decided to try and get a little creative and put more thought into these iphone daily pictures.

I miss having my real camera but I have to admit the challenge is fun.

So here are a few from this week.



Daddy’s eyes.

Sweet Eyes.

Baby Curls.

Ice Cream Before Dinner.


Just Like Big Sister.



Was taking some little snap shots of Charley today when this dancing guy appeared.