Monthly Archives: January 2013

two little bumps on a log

Took a trip to the park today. Yep that’s all. Nothing special. The girls “happened” upon this little log and were up for a little sit. No, of course I didn’t lead them to it in hopes that they would sit down like little angles and maybe hold hands and have a cute little conversation with each other. *snicker*

The dog came too. Cameron’s very suspicious that she’s just been set up…… Waaaait a minute. Where did that camera come from???

I can always rely on my partner in crime to get these girls to laugh when they realize that their adventure has just turned into a photo session. “Bayley!! Go give Cameron a kiss!” he says.

 Wiping the puppy slobber off.

We always have lots of throw out pictures. Lots. But I just couldn’t hit the old delete when I saw this one. Sometimes there’s perfection in imperfection.

Helping little sister balance on the log. Oh the love.

Why Daddy is More Fun.

Because he can do this!

And this!


These are the little things.

Brushing teeth.

Wild hair.


Big sister’s shoes.

And a story (or two).

I never ever ever want to forget this.

Or how blessed we are.

Kitty Love

Our kitty is a good kitty.

She’s so tolerant. And these girls know it.

Splish Splash Splosh


In mommy’s tub.

An hour of bliss.

Barbie came too.

Still Sick

We attempted to be lazy today. The girls watched about 2 hours of TV in our bed while I did what felt like 12 loads of laundry.  And this was after their nap. Charlotte’s ear infection has been confirmed and she’s still not feeling like her bouncy self yet. And I think Cameron’s getting another cold.

I couldn’t resist the impromptu photo shoot.

Oh the toes.