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Charlotte is 14 months!

Charlotte was 14 months old on November 23rd.

She’s somewhere between 19 and 20 pounds by our bathroom scale. I’m guessing closer to 20. She’s feeling much heftier these days. She’s also growing much taller. I think she’s finally catching up. When I looked back through my pictures of her for the month, it was very noticeable that she’s grown probably more this last month than she has in any month so far. We’ll find out where she falls on the curve at the end of December for her 15 month visit.

She’s easily wearing size 12 month clothes. Size 9 months is getting too tight. And we’ve even started putting her in some of Cameron’s pajamas since all of our 12 month clothes are in storage for another 2.5 weeks.

She wears size 3 diapers but can fit size 4’s if needed.

Shoe size is 4

She has 8 teeth now. The bottom right 2nd tooth came in on November 5th and the bottom left 2nd tooth came in on November 23rd.

Charlotte started walking everywhere on November 2nd. Her first steps were October 17th and just two short weeks later she was everywhere. No more crawling. And in the month since then she’s gone from walking to nearly running, turning, dancing and stomping her feet.

She’s so happy to be walking. She can keep up with big sister and has that new sense of independence that all one year olds love. Brian & I are very happy for her and her new skill but it means we have to be on our toes even more now. I remember this age with Cameron. They love to just walk off in any direction away from you just because.


This is not a very exciting video. Just an example of what we’re chasing all day long.

I should probably knock on wood but it’s been a pretty healthy month for Charlotte. Compared to the month before when she couldn’t get well, this month was amazing. We were shocked she didn’t get the flu after Cameron and myself had it. And Brian’s been battling the sinus infection from you-know-where for weeks now.

She’s a very curious little girl who loves to be outside. She seems to enjoy getting down and inspecting new things- even touching them if they interest her enough.

This one is for our friend, Todd. See! A picture of me and the kid. Not the greatest but there it is.

(He reminded me that as much as I love being the one taking pictures, my kids will want more pictures with their mom in them one day.)

I know he’s right.

This one was taken shortly after Charlotte started walking everywhere. She looks so small in this picture! Compared to below, taken a week ago. Check out that belly!

 Pardon the mess in the background. Sometimes I just don’t clean their playroom. Seems pointless.

Charlotte’s vocabulary has expanded this month. She’s making a definite effort to communicate with words. She even said her first 2 word phrase on November 6th. It was “Hi Dada.” Simple yet complete. Much of the time gibberish comes out of her mouth and we like to pretend we hear full sentences in it. And truthfully, sometimes the sounds are amazingly close to words but right now most of her communicating is in single words.

Her new words this month are:

More, Eat, Book, Yuck, Yeah (or Yes), Shoes

She even signed her first word. Eat. Surprised? I wasn’t. I think we only had to show her the sign once and she got it down. I’m sure she was thinking this could be her most valuable skill if she mastered it. She loves to say “Eeeeeat!” and sign it at the same time. And then walks to her high chair, does it again and looks at me. If I don’t promptly put her in the chair and begin feeding her she will either A) Start digging through the trashcan or B) Start digging in the pantry.

She’s hungry. All the time.

And on that note I will add that I continue to be blown away by her lack of picky-eater-ness. I guess some kids are and some aren’t but it sure makes life easier when your kid will eat just about anything.

She’s so funny. She really does love food. If she smells it, hears it or see is she comes running. She demands to be fed. She will yell at you with all sorts of gibberishness if you don’t comply. If one person in the Edge household is eating that means Charlotte is too.

Blondie shows no signs of turning into a brunette any time soon. I’m shocked that she actually seems to be getting blonder. In the sun, her hair is white.

Her eyes have made their way to a gorgeous almond brown. They look darker than they actually are in pictures. Brian, Cameron and Charlotte all have brown eyes but they’re all a different shade.

I’m simply obsessed with her little profile.

In the last month, Charlotte has turned into a Daddy’s girl for sure. She calls for him when she wakes up. She lights up when he talks to her, or even if he doesn’t. Just seeing him means she’s going to smile and start saying his name. She walks up to him and hugs his leg while he’s sitting at his desk working. If he’s sitting on the ground, she walks up to him and lays on him. It definitely wins him over.

Have I mentioned how we’re going through a bit of a shock with our new little almost 3 years old personality? More about it on a later day but we sure welcome hugs and kisses from the little Char Bear.

She loves to play chase games. And hiding games. When she first started walking and we started playing those chase games she would get so worked up and try to walk fast that she would just fall over and over without taking even a step. She has also walked into a few walls by looking behind her instead of where she’s going. Now she can get around quickly and lets out the most adorable squeal of delight when she’s caught.

Charlotte loves to be sung to. Her favorite songs are “Bringing Home My Baby Bumble Bee” and “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” but she pays attention to just about anything you want to sing.

She’s not really into TV yet. Cameron watches a few shows (1-2 a day) and Charlotte is never really interested. If she does watch it’s because they’re singing a song she recognizes. Like the Thomas the Train song or the Chuggington song. She definitely recognizes the characters from those shows (probably because it’s on just about everything Cameron has) and when we’re out and about and she sees it she will point and start jibber jabbering about it.

Little bug loves babies and books the most. She says “baby” or “beebee” when she sees her and loves to give her a bottle or kiss her. For book she says, “Buh.” She can often be found sitting in her Charlotte chair, or leaned up against some soft pillows somewhere, quietly looking at her books. If there’s a person nearby she plants herself in a lap.

We hope she’s always so affectionate and level headed.

And funny and cute.

Charberry Shortcake we sure love you.


Leaves and Sticks

It’s hard to find nature where we live. The suburbs. Everywhere you look trees are being knocked down to make room for new schools and neighborhoods. New trees are planted but they are young. No fall. No leaves. No sticks from mature trees.

Every kid needs to play in the leaves.

Our girls got a taste of leaves this last weekend while they were at my parents house. They are surrounded by huge oak trees but it is hardly a nature reserve being in the city.

So my mission this week was to find a place where my kids could be one with nature but also not get attacked by wildlife. That sounds weird but I’ve seen the roadkill on the highways.

I think we found just the place. A unique neighborhood nearby with a park in the middle of original trees. It was beautiful. The girls got dirty. Played with leaves. Picked up sticks. And even though it was 85 degrees outside it didn’t matter. They were experiencing fall.

She found a stick!

What’s that on Charlotte’s nose and forehead you ask? Just some learning to walk battle wounds. Poor baby took a nose dive into some concrete.

Cameron’s idea. I’m a fan I think.

The experience of throwing leaves.

Overalls. Nature. Fun.

This ridiculously handsome child is Connor. Our former next door neighbor. I was his mom’s nurse when she delivered him. He’ll always have a special place in my heart. Our girls love to play with him. This picture made me smile because he is so incredibly photogenic and posing so sweetly while my kids are not participating in the picture taking as usual.

Charlotte’s favorite part was walking around through the leaves and along the trail. She enjoyed the sticks but wasn’t a fan of throwing leaves.. not yet at least.

Cameron’s favorite part was finding sticks and banging them on anything she could find. She also really loved throwing leaves. And putting them all over her baby sister.

I know I was thankful for this little adventure. I needed it and so did they.

Now if only they could experience snow.