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Kicking the Ball

While packing we found one of the old bouncy balls. Charlotte hasn’t played with a big ball like thisall that much before. She was so excited to see it and say “ball” over and over. Little miss almost 15 months old has probably tripled her vocabulary this week. She’s also in a major growth spurt. She’s over 21 pounds now!

Sorry for the poor quality but this was too cute not to post. You’ll want the sound on this one for her precious little cackle.


For Grandma

I know how much you love Charlotte’s curls.

I thought of you immediately when looking at these.

Straight as a board in the front. A party of curls in the back.


The day before Cameron’s 3rd birthday.

We had good intentions. Here’s what we wanted to happen.

Pick Cameron up early from school. Let her open 1 of her presents. Eat a cupcake. Change clothes. Visit the train in Old Katy. Snap some wonderfully great birthday pictures. Go home. Eat a yummy dinner

Here’s what really happened.

Daddy is sick. Mommy is sick. Charlotte is sick. Left left early to pick up Cam. Got a call from the builder to make some decision at the house. Daddy goes to house. Mommy goes to get Cam. Go inside instead of drive-thru pickup. She’s in a fantastic mood. Tell her she can’t eat cupcakes in car. The mood declines. Meet Daddy at house. Make decision. Charlotte touches wet paint. Cameron touches wet paint. We leave. Went home to find Bayley got sick all over carpet. Horrific smell. Whiny kids. She doesn’t want her hair messed with. She doesn’t want to change. We change clothes and fix hair with promise to let her open a gift. She opens. She’s happy. We leave. She’s mad. We get to train. It doesn’t go, Mommy. Smile Cameron! I don’t like this train! I don’t want to take a picture. Leave train. Go home. Both kids hungry and fussy. Bayley is still sick. Ugh. Clean, Clean, Clean. Clean the kids too. Feed them. Put them to bed. Shower. and then finally mommy and daddy eat their dinner.

So, these aren’t the greatest in terms of “Hey look at how happy our kid is all the time” pictures but they define our little spit fire on her non-napping days to a tee.

Look at me Cam! Peek through and Smile!
It’s as if you can read her lips in this one. “No! I don’t want to!”

Ok, I guess I’ll drive it for a minute. But I’m not going to smile. Wait this thing doesn’t move??

I can hear this in her 16 year old voice. “Here’s your pose, mother.”

“Ooooh shiny!”

Ok I guess I’ll smile for a minute. Too bad mom can’t nail the focus on one of the only smiles of the day.

Just waiting for my birthday.
(My favorite because of the drama.)

Cam! Come over to this pole. This is fun. Play peek a boo with me.
(I’ll take a 1/2 smile.)

Mommy just wants a few more Cam. Can you give me a sweet smile?
You read the words that came out with this face?

We give Cam a break.

Aww look at the happy baby. Sick. Boogers. But always smiling.

*Cameron notices attention has diverted to baby sister*
“I want to play with the pole!”
And we get one more 1/2 smile.

She’s full of passion, drama and opinions.

She’s so much like me it’s not even funny.

3rd Birthday Tomorrow.

We love her so much.

Rocking the Pony

It’s only fitting that any child of mine would have a pony tail.

Turns out she’s absolutely adorable with it.

I love them.


Santa Through the Years

They’re look thrilled to see the guy, don’t they?