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Enjoying “Fall” in Texas

We don’t take outside temperatures less than 80 degrees for granted.

After being somewhat cooped up for the summer due to high temps, these girls are ready to get out and explore. And with Charlotte’s new found walking skill, she’s more excited than ever to be outdoors.

And of course, I’m loving new scenery to practice some picture taking. I’m getting really bored with taking the same old pictures indoors over and over, especially in the 1200 sq ft space we’re currently living in. Our new neighborhood has a gorgeous bridge that backs up to trees and open fields. I’ve decided that I’m in love with this bridge.

Last week, we had one of the first cold fronts hit and we were eager to let the girls put on their little jackets and run around.

This was actually the coldest day we’ve had. It was very overcast and murky out. Both girls got little red noses. No surprise that a few days later we were back up in the 80s.

So happy to enjoy this windy cold day!

Such a Cameron look.


So cold!

It was a relatively quick trip. Cameron did a lot of running back and forth on the bridge.

Since we all enjoyed it so much, we decided to head out again on a brighter day and let them play again.

Big sister showing little sister all about walking the bridge.

I love the fall colors. We don’t get to see that too often in this part of the country.

Never mind Charlotte’s sock feet. *giggle* Sometimes it is hard to leave the house with everything you need. On this day, we forgot shoes.

All natural hair. So blond.

Possibly one of my new favorites of Cam.

Very typical of these two right now. Cameron dancing and singing. Charlotte looking at birds or bugs.


Full of wonder.

Walking! And thrilled to be doing it!

Our hearts.

Feels great to not walk into a sauna every time you open the door and go outside. Hopefully the weather continues to cool down and we can spend more time enjoying the great outdoors!

Thanks for reading.

Happy Halloween!!

A rare family photo.

1.5 outta 4 smiles ain’t too shabby. We take what we can get.

This picture does make me giggle though. My children look nothing like me…