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Cameron’s First Trip to the Dentist!

Every check up at the pediatrician since before Cameron was 1 has included this question.

“Have you taken your child to the dentist yet?”

My answer has always been no. I couldn’t imagine taking a baby that can’t follow instructions. And I never saw the need because she doesn’t have any problems. She’s really good about letting us brush her teeth and we do so every day. Once she hit 2 years old, I began to think about getting an appointment for her. But where?? She developed this little fear of masks at about 23 months old and it’s been challenging to even get her into the pediatrician’s office, much less the dentist. I asked some friends of mine where they take their kids and got a few so-so recommendations. And then I saw a brand new pediatric dental office open in a shopping center nearby and decided we would go for it.

I don’t want to sound like a commercial for this place but I’m telling you it’s amazing. Brian and I were so far beyond impressed. It’s called Kidstown Dental and is run by Dr. Amy Leudemann. Cameron has not stopped talking about her since.

Waiting to be seen. Wooden puzzles to play with in the waiting room. She was in a cheery mood that morning, thank goodness, and was very eager to meet her dentist we had been talking about for so long.

Prior to being seen, she had a chance to show the assistant (or maybe hygienist I’m not sure) how she brushes her teeth and talk about good brushing habits. She got to pick out a new tooth brush, a timer, a bag, floss and a toy. She. Was. Thrilled. And so proud.

The office had lots of toys and space for little sister to romp and play too. Dr Amy was so nice and came up to talk to Charlotte too. She even wanted to look at Char’s teeth!

Dr Amy did a learning lab with Cameron on making good food choices next. Cameron passed with flying colors! We told her ahead of time that Cameron had some fears when it came to masks and she was so gentle with Cameron, easing along so that Cam would trust her.

They practiced brushing teeth with “Charlie” and Cameron got to play dentist with gloves, mask and even some real dentist tools!

How cool is this??

My dentist never did this when I was a kid!

(by the way are those gloved little hands cute or what!!!??)

Everything she wanted to do to Cameron she did to Charlie first. Genius.

And Cameron got to hold the flash light so that Dr Amy could see inside her mouth!

She got to pick out a flavor of polish (cookie dough) and then Dr Amy tickled her teeth with it.

And Cameron’s favorite part… she squirted water in her mouth and then sucked it out!

What a big girl! I couldn’t believe how cooperative she was.

She counted her teeth and checked them all out! Perfect check up! No cavities!

I feel so lucky to have happened upon a great place! We will be definitely keeping our check-ups every 6 months. I’m thrilled it wont be a chore to drag the girls in!

Birthday Pics…again.

It’s so hard to not want to try everything I see on Pinterest.

I actually stopped looking at it on a daily basis because it was driving me crazy. I wanted to  cook, craft and recreate it all.

But your baby only turns ONE once. And my growing interest in photography wouldn’t allow me to pass this up.

I was pleased with how this came out. It’s very ONEish.

I really had visions of so much more…. but my camera, skill, or photo editing (or all 3) have limited me to these less than ideal pictures. I may get brave and try again. We’ve spent so much time doing indoor pictures that it’s kind of shocking moving outside. Practice makes perfect though.

Oh and one photography lesson learned today. Balloons make everything better.

I sure do love my birthday girl.

We couldn’t have done any of these pictures without the help of my loving husband and of course my VERY helpful assistant, Cameron.

We caught these two wrestling right before the sun set and our golden hour was gone. It was a great way to end.

And then the balloons flew away as we got into the car and a major 2 year old melt down ensued. We promised that we would do a balloon shoot with her for her birthday in December and she could pick out all the colors.