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Songs by Cameron

We caught Cameron singing in the car this evening. She really enjoys singing all the time these days and it’s just precious.

Her versions of what the songs really say cracks me up…

I’ve never been one for deciphering lyrics either, Cam.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star


This Old Man


Mary Had A Little Lamb


Charlotte is 12 months

And nearly a month later…

We’re finally finishing Charlotte’s 12 month post!

How cute is this little one year old??

We made it in to the pediatrician for Charlotte’s ONE year well check. She had a perfect check up! The doctor said she looks great and is meeting all of her expected developmental milestones. He’s not concerned with her not walking yet. He anticipates it will occur within the next month or two but says it’s not really an issue as long as she starts before the 18 month mark. If she’s not walking at that point, he will look into physical therapy. Totally a non-issue though. She’s going to walk soon.

The down side of the appointment was she got 4 shots! MMR, Dtap, influenza and varicella. She snuggled in close to me for the injections and cried into me when she felt the pain. It broke my heart but she calmed down easily once it was over. And she had no adverse side effects from any of the shots.

She hit the 18 pound mark! 18 pounds 4 ounces to be exact. That puts her in the 8th percentile for her age. Her height was 28.25 inches which puts her in the 23rd percentile. Her head circumference was 17.91 inches which puts her in the 63rd percentile!!! So her head (and brain of course) are growing a little bit ahead of the rest of her body. This is totally okay, the doc said. She’s probably close to a whole body growth spurt.

Charlotte wears size 6-9 months clothing and I’ve started to incorporate some 12 month outfits in, though they’re a little big. She wears size 3 shoes. Size 3 diapers.

No new teeth this month. Still the 6 from before.

She’s got a head full of adorable blonde hair and her daddy’s signature big brown eyes and tan skin. I think she’s looking more and more like Cameron (and Brian) every day.

Charlotte’s had a great month. She’s growing and changing every day.

Here’s some special things Charlotte did this month:

– She started blowing kisses “mmmmmmuah!”

– She gives real kisses when asked.

– She’s been pointing at things for some time, but this month she started pointing and babbling as if to name what she’s pointing at.

– She says “that or dat” when she points

– She’s doing more standing up and balancing on her own now. This month she learned to stand up without pulling up on anything.

– She’s learned to bear walk. Walking on all fours. She does this when she doesn’t like the feel of the ground on her knees.

– taking part in brushing her teeth

– She waves hi and bye

Charlotte’s words at 12 months are: Mama, Dada, Cat, That, Hi, Dog (Dah), Bye (Buh) and “Key Key Key” which is what she says when trying to say “Kitty Kitty Kitty”, and Night Night (Nye Nye)

She says Mama when she wants me. And Dada when she wants Brian. There’s no mistaking it. She has us named.

This unfortunately wasn’t the healthiest of months for our little CharBear. In the month of September, she got a grand total of 5 colds. Including a nasty one that showed up on her birthday and was one of several factors that lead to her little party being post-poned. We had already planned everything, though, and had a cake for her so she got to dig in.  And she loved it, as you can see.

This may sound crazy, but on the day of Charlotte’s birthday she woke up a different kid. She was just more mature. Happier. She seemed to understand us and was just a whole lot easier to deal with. And she’s remained this way. It’s so nice. Brian has been waiting for this and in the last month has gotten so close to her. She adores him. She reaches for him. She wants to be with him. It warms my heart. And let me tell you, Brian is a pro now. He alone transitioned Charlotte from the bottle to sippy cup at 11 months. He alone manages to get the girls to bed on time on nights when I’m at work and then takes them out and about during the days that I have to sleep. I couldn’t ask for a better husband and father for my girls.

“Pouty Lips”

Charlotte’s a great eater. We’re thrilled. She’s got an amazing diet. Nearly everything she eats is healthy. She’s almost exclusively on organic whole milk. She nurses 2-3 times per day, usually night time, early morning and naps. We want to wean her and are working on it. We didn’t want to do it suddenly so we’re gradually decreasing her feedings and I’ve stopped pumping at work. Our hope is that she’ll stop completely in the next month or two. We just don’t want it to be traumatic or too sudden for her since we’re already going through so many other transitions and she’s so dependent on it for comfort. She’s starting to really love those sippy cups though just like her big sister.

Look at this big girl! We cannot believe she’s already one.

Little girl is still pushing that walker around. At the 12 month point, she hadn’t yet started taking any steps on her own. But she loves walking while holding our hands and cruising the furniture.

“Brush Brush Brush your teeth each and every day! Up and Down, all around, brush decay away!”

Our little cavity conscious kiddos. Such good little brushers.

(We brush their teeth for them and then let them do it themselves)

Curiosity growing every day. She’s likes to sit in her playroom and play with toys.

And as expected, some of her favorite toys are Cameron’s. Cameron’s trains specifically. Oh boy. That gives us a lot of good lessons in sharing.

“Oh no the crawling baby!”

Mhmm. Just wait Cameron. I’m pretty sure this is just the beginning.

Look at our big girl on the slide at the park. Want to know one of my biggest annoyances with public parks? MULCH! Ugh! Guess what babies like to put in their mouth?

So most of her park experiences so far have been in climbing the slide… and swinging. Lots of swinging.

And speaking of swinging, we’re getting serious about getting Charlotte into that crib soon.

She’s not a fan of naps unless in the car or while snuggled into mommy. We have our work cut out for us when it comes to Charlotte and her sleeping habits.

She goes to bed around 7-8 pm and wakes up around 7 am. Oh how we’re dreading the time change.

If we’re lucky she’ll take one long nap (1-1.5 hrs) and a short nap in the car each day. But it’s extremely difficult to get her down and some days she goes without any nap at all.

She must get this from Brian. I just can’t understand why anyone would pass up a perfectly good nap opportunity.

What a sweet little goober. Love that grin.

Oh just chewing on some socks.

One of the very few times I’ve been able to put anything in to her hair lately. She’s mastered grabbing at her head and pulling any bow or headband off.

We are so happy to have this little bundle of love in our lives. She’s an absolute joy. We are so proud of her and can’t wait to watch her grown and change in the next year.

God is good.

Cameron is 2 years & 9 months

The last quarter before Cameron is 3 years old!

She’s already stoked about her birthday and Christmas this year. She wants a Thomas the Train birthday party and a train table from Santa for Christmas. We’ve promised her that we can make that train table come early if she stops wearing diapers.

As you can see, our precious first born is getting to be a big girl!

Per our bathroom scale, she’s 27 pounds! I can’t believe she’s finally getting close to that 30 pound mark! She wears size 2T clothes but I’ve started to buy some 3T tops. Her pant size is still 18-24 months or 2T with adjustable waists. Her shoe size is now 8.5! I can’t even believe it.

All of her teeth are in, including all 4 of the most recent 2 year molars.

Her hair is still dirty blonde but is starting to get darker. It’s straight as can be and is absolutely adorable at its new length.

Cameron has done a lot of maturing this year. Physically she has grown a little, mostly taller, but it’s her intellectual and emotional growth that stands out to us when we look at her now compared to a year ago.

When I look at Cameron, and yes I know I’m biased, but I just can’t help but think that she’s such a good kid. Who she is when she thinks no one is watching is just good. Her heart is pure.

She still has a bit of spunk but it honestly seems to have been tamed a bit in the last few months. She’s more agreeable now. She listens (mostly) and she is eager to please. Now don’t get me wrong, she has her cranky moments and even some bad days, but we all do. Overall she’s just so easy. She’s fun. She’s a pleasure to be around.

She’s so sweet. Just today, right before falling asleep for her nap, she leaned over and kissed me probably 10 times. When I thanked her for all of the kisses she told me she loved me and thanked me for her new Halloween costume. This was from her heart. There was no reward for saying this. I smiled and gave her a huge hug and a kiss. She gave me a big sheepish smile and turned over to go to sleep. I feel so thankful to have these moments with her.

We’re very busy these days and do lots of driving. She will often tell me while we’re driving, “I love you mommy. So much.” I could listen to this all day. She has learned that she can totally manipulate us with this. In fact, one day after saying this to me she followed with, “Can I play with my play-doh when we get home?” I had to say yes.

So let’s talk about potty training. And a lesson learned. I thought girls were easy!!!?? I think that there might be a window of opportunity when it comes to this thing and I’m thinking we didn’t jump through that window when it opened. I’m pretty sure I know exactly when it was. I was huge and pregnant with Charlotte and totally afraid of Cameron regressing. That and diapers are easy and I wasn’t about to go through this huge undertaking while having a newborn. And while this was a valid fear and I still wouldn’t change things even if I could, I truly believe that’s why we’re encountering a bit of stubbornness on Cameron’s part. Or she’s just plain stubborn. Ha! We decided about a month ago to start again because she was holding it for longer periods and seemed to have more and more control. She could tell me where exactly she was when she peed in her diaper. “I peepeed when we were in line at HEB.” “I peepeed when we were in the car going to Best Buy.” This awareness made me think that maybe it would be easy she was finally ready, so we tested the waters and my suspicions were confirmed when on Day 1 while she was wearing panties she asked me for a diaper. Umm really?

So that brought us to her saying she was scared of the potty. Scared of what? Scared of the flush she says. Ok Ok Cameron I will flush for you, just go in it. <puts her on the potty and trips over a toy on the ground resulting in Cameron FALLING into the toilet> Cameron shrieks, I pull her out and apologize over and over. You pushed me in the potty, she says. No no, baby, mommy didn’t mean to. It was an accident. I would never push you in the potty. It won’t happen again. Do you need to peepee, let’s try again. Noooooooooooooo! She screamed.

So we ended up back at square one. She hates the potty and wanted one of those gross little training potties or a diaper. I conceded and brought out the gross little plastic training potty again for her. We decorated it with stickers. And then we brought out the big dog bribery. What do you love, Cameron? Trains. Ok, mommy will buy you new trains and even a new train table if you will just stop going in diapers and use the potty all the time.

Well, the bribery is working. She’s making great progress. She’s starting to use the potty at school and at church too. She worries me sometimes because she’s come home from school dry with no accident reports but her teachers saying she’s held it all day. We’ve still got a ways to go but I will take progress. Any progress at all.

Notice she’s smiling in pictures more? We’ve found the key. We make jokes that only young people can appreciate. Jokes about purple polka dots and pickles and pooping in the potty. Works every time.

I mentioned we were busy lately. And we are. Tuesdays and Thursdays are school. Tuesdays after school is swim class. Wednesday evenings she attends AWANA at church and Friday mornings is MOPS. Saturday nights she and Charlotte play in the nursery while Brian and I go to church. And then off days we are usually playing with friends or if I’m lucky just hanging out at home. She’s started to blossom socially with all of this exposure. Previously, I was concerned about her a little bit due to some challenging social experiences but she’s not nearly as shy as she used to be and seems to genuinely enjoy playing with other children.

The picture above is her in her AWANA outfit. So cute.

We can’t wait until we can add a sport to the schedule. We’re thinking soccer. She’s a natural athlete. I think she’ll love it.

She went fishing for the first time lately with her daddy. She didn’t catch anything but had fun with her Barbie light up fishing pole. There are a lot of lakes near where we live so I foresee lots of practice in the future.

Cameron is making good progress in her swimming lessons! She no longer fears it. She’s learned she can play with the pool toys while she waits her turn and looks forward to it now. She’s swimming with the same coach, Wilmer. She’s getting closer and closer to being able to save herself if she were to fall into a body of water. What a relief that will be!

Cam has recently started to enjoy books more than she used to. Previously, she was happy to look at books but did not like to be read to. She wanted to control the book holding, turning and pace and was never happy to listen. Now she comes running when she knows a book is being read. She seems more engaged. It’s nice to see. It makes me want to read a lot more now.

Cam’s a water kid. She searches for every little puddle after a rain, splashes in any sink or bowl of water she can find and makes the biggest mess ever with each bath. We bathe the girls together and let Cameron “swim” after Charlotte gets out for a few minutes. She floats and practices her swim class things and shoots from one end of the tub to the other. She’s a hoot.

We’re trying to limit TV time to around 1 hour per day. She really enjoys watching it in the morning with breakfast and I don’t mind either. It gives me a few minutes to get the sleep out of my eyes and brew some coffee so I can clear the exhausted mom fog. Cam’s current favorite shows are (in no particular order): Chuggington, Thomas & Friends, Super Why, Dinosaur Train, & Caillou. These are her favorites. And I can say that most of them I do feel like give her a little more than mind numbing entertainment. PBS kid shows are really great. Except for that whiny Caillou. We only watch him occasionally.

Look at this little 2 year old athlete! Maybe this is a normal thing but I was very impressed to see Cameron scaling this rock climbing wall at the park like it was nothing.

Rosy red cheeks from playing hard.

Like most kids, you  never know what’s going to come out of Cameron’s mouth. She still speaks that adorable toddler language. I wish I wrote down everything she said that cracks us up.

Me: Do you have poop in your diaper? Cam: No, I just have pee pee and toots.

“I have a deeea!” (idea)

“Oh no! It’s the crawling baby!!” (Charlotte)

Anything that she refers to in past tense is “last night.” “I went to Best Buy with Daddy last night and we saw a marching band!”

So she still has some fears but I would say she’s improved a ton. The mask phobia is phasing out. She’s also getting better at accepting lawn mowers. She fears moving cars and strange men right now and I’m perfectly okay with that.

Occasionally, she gets scared of our cat. Though she can be creepy when she stares at you blankly with those huge lime green eyes. Cameron likes to lock the cat out of whatever room she’s in.

Cameron’s becoming increasingly more interested in playing with Charlotte. I overheard her just yesterday telling Charlotte in the back seat “Let’s play blowing bubbles, Char.” And they climbed under the bathroom sink together earlier this week and Cameron was saying, “This is our house, Char.” Being somewhat fearful, I think she really likes having her little sister around as a comfort. They have their fights too, which are becoming more frequent now that Charlotte is starting to really get around and get into things. Cameron does not like to share her trains. But, overall she’s a really good big sister. I’m very proud of her. It’s been a long road and a hard transition for her. Charlotte’s lucky to have her.

Cameron’s still a very picky eater. She would eat ice cream every meal. Or whip cream. Or candy. Or pancakes. Or oatmeal. Or Donuts. (Which she calls Oaky-milk) We have to really stay on her to finish her meals. Without a doubt, her baby sister can and does out eat her every meal of every day.

Oh how I love this one. Such a funny face.

Sleep routines are fantastic for Cameron. We wish little sister would take note. She naps every day usually. If she doesn’t get a nap she is one feisty toddler by the end of the day. She goes to sleep around 7-8 pm and wakes up around 7-8 am. She sleeps hard.  Her little routine is bath, jammies, brush teeth, book, prayers and then warm milk with her blankie. She presses her blanket between her fingers while drinking her milk very slowly. Sometimes she will ask us to scratch her back. If we do, it’s guaranteed she’ll fall asleep within seconds. Sometimes she’s just in the mood to fall asleep on her own and will kick us out. If she’s lucky, on nights that I’m working Brian will let her watch one episode of a show of her choice while she drinks her milk.

What’s really cute is that in her mind, she thinks that this is how every body and every thing goes to sleep. The last time we went fishing and she didn’t catch anything, her response was, “Probably the fishes are asleep. They are with their mommies. And they have hot milk.” How stinking cute is that?

And we don’t touch ant beds because “We don’t want to wake the ants up.”

 We love our sweet girl. I can’t believe she’s approaching 3 so quickly. I wish I could just put my memories of every day away in a safe place so that I could pull them out when she’s older and does the whole growing up thing. I hate that I’ve already forgotten so much. This is why I take pictures like a crazy woman. Don’t want to miss a thing.

Pumpkin Patch Kids

We made our trip to the local pumpkin patch this evening so the girls could pick out pumpkins. Despite sleepiness and an upset tummy, they still had so much fun.

Here are some of the pictures we got.

Cameron loved carrying all of the miniature pumpkins around.

That face. One of my favorites.

This is actually part of her version of “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”

Tomorrow we’re going to a Halloween play date and they will be able to paint pumpkins and wear their costumes!

Cameron decided after 7 stores that she would be Jessie from Toy Story. This was only after trying on a few too big Thomas costumes. Charlotte will be a little black kitty.

Look who’s… Walking!

Today, October 17th 2012, in the middle of a yucky stomach bug, Charlotte decided to take her very first steps!


I couldn’t believe it! Her motivation was a little toy car I was holding. She only takes about 5-6 steps at a time right now but is SO excited to be doing it. Since this started, she’s gotten braver and braver. She just needed a little bit of confidence.

Oh and the stomach bug is just a little hiccup. Doctor says 24-48 hr thing and she should be completely better for her make-up party this Sunday. We’re so excited for our little CharBear!!

Because I never want to forget this…

I think one of the absolute cutest things about Charlotte is how much she loves food.

We know she approves of what she’s being fed because she starts to make this little hum while she eats.

This is new to us as Cam has never been very into food unless it’s ice cream. Maybe it’s a common thing among those children out there that are good eaters.

But it’s adorable and I want to remember it forever.

The best part is the end of the video.


By the way, H.O.A. we nicknamed it as it’s her Hum of Approval. 🙂