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Our Little Guppy

We enrolled Cameron in swimming lessons in July at the Houston Swim Club. She was in a 2 week every day course and then just started another 2 week every day course at the next level.

Our hopes for her were that she would become more comfortable with going under water and learn water survival skills in case she were to be faced with a dangerous water situation.

We were also missing out on some social interaction and thought it would be a great place for her.

Cameron was not crazy about swim class for the first 12 days. She had a great instructor who was very patient with her. She was the youngest in her class.

Parents can watch the whole lesson but the children cannot see us.

The class is 30 minutes long. A bell rings to announce the start of class. It took us 12 days to realize that the sound of the bell is what scares her.

So now she covers her ears before class and when the ringing is gone, she happily walks in.

I felt so sad for her the first few days before she really knew what was going on and where to go. She was so scared. Shaking at the end of class when I picked her up. The school is very structured and teaches children to push through those fears. It killed me to not be able to be there for her when she wanted me. And to have her literally peeled off of me and carried to class by someone she doesn’t know.

To make things worse, the very first day she jumped off the step into the deep water while her teacher was across the pool with another student. I think she forgot she didn’t have floaties on. She sunk to the bottom and the lifeguard jumped in to get her. She was under for only about 3-4 seconds but it was enough to make me nauseated and have nightmares of Cameron drowning for the next 2 nights. I bribed her the next day. “If you stay on your step today we will get a new train on the way home!” She did and made sure it was the first thing she said when we got her after class. She hasn’t jumped off since.

But she’s all better now!

She doesn’t have the same teacher this time which made us sad, but he still sees her every day and comes up to her, talks to her and hugs her. I can tell she feels more comfortable when he’s around. She trusts him.

Going down the slide!

Floating on a raft with her friends. They had a really good class. Very sweet kids.

With Mr. Wilmer’s help, she picked up that ring from the bottom of the pool!

She’s floating!

Proud girl. And so happy that we were in the pool area to watch!


This is her Float Test video from the final day of the first set of classes. She did really well.

Yay Cameron! She’s officially graduated from the guppy to the goldfish level!

Cameron is 2 1/2 years

Here we are again! Cameron has reached 2 and 1/2 years old!!

I’m a little bit late again but here’s an update on what this precious girl is up to these days.

Her weight: 26 3/4 pounds (29th percentile)

Her height: 36.5 inches (67th percentile)

If I could only say a few things about Cameron at this age, I would describe her as loving, funny and imaginative.

…..But I’m going to say more than a few things, as usual.

Here are some memorable events for Cameron:

-First “Official” haircut. 5-25-12

We had her bangs cut shortly after Charlotte was born and it turned out to be a bad idea. So we’ve let it grow since then and finally had the rest of it cut. It’s so cute. Shoulder length except for her bangs which are at the jaw line. Now if only she would let me brush it and keep it out of her face!

Riding a bike with training wheels: 6-15-2012


This was her 3rd day after learning to ride her bike. Brian taught her in Wal-mart prior to buying and bringing home the bike. She practiced in our house for the next 2 days and this was her first outside ride. I was so impressed at how quickly she picked it up. She absolutely loves it. She’s great at steering and going fast. We still need to work on braking though…

first time  “swimming” with a floatie “by herself”: June 2012

Swimming lessons started: 7-9-12


This video was from Day 7 of lessons. This was the first time she really floated by herself for a few seconds. She’s the youngest in her class and the most timid by far. The hardest part for her has been giving up control and trusting her teacher, Mr. Wilmer. Paying attention is difficult too. This is a 2 week every day course and we have enrolled her for another 2 week every day starting as soon as this one finishes. She talks about it a lot and seems to really enjoy it but gets overwhelmed at the beginning of class when I have to drop her off. I am able to watch everything from the parent observation area but she cannot see me. She clings to me and screams as one of the teachers peels her off and escorts her to Mr. Wilmer. It hurts me so bad but I know this is good for her. She knows I watch her through the whole thing and I’m right there. This swim school is very structured and wants it’s students to be able to face fears and do what’s necessary to save their life if they are ever in a dangerous situation.

– She can open doors now!!!!

Uh oh, this complicated things.

(Wow!! Look at how long her hair was!!)

You know, it’s really amazing to witness a child grow. What a blessing it is to be a parent. It’s an honor to take part in a child’s learning, growing and exploration. I remember the love I had (and still have) for my mom when I was a child. I am so humbled when I realize that my child(ren) loves me in this way too. Nothing makes me happier than to be her comfort.

In the last 3-6 months, Cameron has developed an impressive imagination. She’s taking part in pretend play, imitating things she sees, and consequently has developed a lot of fears. Sometimes I wonder if we are to blame. Brian and I are anxious people. We are overprotective and worry about more than we should. But I also know that, to some extent, fears at this age are very normal and it will pass.

These are her fears currently: Shadows, “jungles”, “the woods”,masks, doctors & shots, thunder, male strangers, spiders, caterpillars aka “Cadderpuddles”

She has also developed a very serious attachment to her comfort item…”Cranky Blankie”. You can probably guess how he got that name. He (and yes, she refers to it as a he) must go with us everywhere. She needs him to have her hair brushed, teeth brushed, to go to sleep, to watch tv, to ride in the car, and when she’s running around the house she drags him with her. He goes in stores with us. He goes everywhere. He’s already looking pretty dingy and he’s only 2 1/2 years old. I’m worried about how long he’s going to last. She’s smart enough now to refuse a newer version of the same blanket.

She really and truly is a funny kid. We love to listen to what she says, her logic & her reasoning. We are amazed by the words her little mind chooses to pick up, store and then repeat. She’s usually right on contextually. She’s using some “bigger” words lately that make us smile. Some of these include: maybe, probably, next, instead, one day, today, tomorrow, yesterday, last night. And of course, the days of the week. Our favorite, “Maybe one day I can taste a lollipop, mommy?”

Me: “Cameron, are you excited to go to swim class today?”
Cam: “Swim class is closed today, mom. Maybe we can go Friday.”

And she’s recently started using times of day, though I don’t think she truly understands this yet.

Me: “Cameron, it’s time for your nap.”
Cam: “No, Mom, it’s not twelve thirty yet!”

Cameron: “What is that Daddy?”
Brian: “That’s YouTube.”
Cameron: “Me tube?…. I’m tube!!”

 She speaks in full sentences and relatively clearly. We understand almost everything she says. 

Conversations with Cameron are a lot more fun. She’s calmer than she used to be and I feel like it’s because she can express herself now. Her memory is still outstanding.

Somewhere in the last few months I graduated from mommy to just mom. I was not thrilled by this. I thought I at least had until she was a pre-teen. It seems her favorite way to use it already is “No, mom!” She started using Dad for Brian as well. I’m really not sure where she got this. We always use Mommy and Daddy. Maybe one of the shows she watches?

She does revert back to “Mommy” when she’s extremely tired, scared or emotional.

And speaking of emotional, Cameron has turned into an amazingly affectionate cuddle bug. She finally started telling us (on her own) that she loves us. The first day she said it to me was early in the morning just after she woke up. She rolled over, looked at me in the eyes, gave me the sweetest smile and said “I love you, mommy.” My heart melted. Since then, she says it several times a day and always with a big big smile and a sweet kiss. I could listen to her tell us this all day. And today, she even said, “I love Char Char.” I was floored…

One conversation I wrote down because it made us laugh. She was in a mommy mood this day. She came up to us and said, “I like you Daddy. I love you Mommy.”

Another funny and absolutely adorable Cameron quality is her love of birthdays. Well birthday cake (the making of) and ice cream. She has been known to wake up in the mood for a birthday. We usually just roll with it. Why not? We can always find a reason to celebrate. Like her half birthday or Charlotte’s 9 month birthday, or just a random day when she wants to celebrate Daddy’s birthday. The sweetest part of it is that it’s usually not for her. She likes to help make the birthday happen for someone else. Isn’t that sweet? She loves to help make cakes.

So a few weeks ago we were having a birthday party for daddy. She decided it was to be “Kitty” themed. She kept running up to him and saying, “We’re making a kitty birthday party for you daddy! Are you excited???” The way she said it, oh I wish I would have caught it on video. It was just precious. She’s such a sweet little girl.

So it’s nothing new that Cameron is usually not willing to cooperate when I get the camera out. If you see any smiling pictures on this blog it’s usually because I have tickled her or done something crazy to make her laugh. She’s discovered that she can make funny faces now.

Me: “Cameron, show me your teeth!”

It’s funny faces almost every day.

I do love this next series…

On to her diet at the age of 2 1/2. We’re not sure how she stays standing sometimes because she hardly eats anything. The only thing she really likes at all is ice cream. She would eat it every meal if she could. She will every now and then request Mac ‘n cheese or oatmeal. If we fix her a full meal, she picks at it and then tries to “accidentally drop” it on the floor for the dogs. She will sometimes request toast and jelly too but I’ve never seen her eat more than a few bites. She’s still a very intense milk drinker. She drinks probably 3-4 eight ounce glasses per day. I know, I know. If we cut down the whole milk consumption she would probably eat, right? No luck yet. She’s picky about what she drinks too.

She’s had that tongue out since she was a baby. So funny. She puts it out when she’s shy, excited and proud. Her swim instructor has to push it back in her mouth sometimes. She sticks it out when she’s focused on floating.

Another signature for our girl is waking up from naps grumpy and weepy. This is almost always the case if she gets woken up by something other than herself. Or if her nap is less than 1.5 hours. Or if she wakes up and realizes I’m not right next to her still napping. She whines and cries for me and then will not let me put her down. The first thing I do is head to the kitchen to see if I can talk her into a snack. Blood sugar can really play a number on her mood. Brian’s the same way. Most grumpy days she says no to almost everything I offer her unless it’s ice cream.

Such an angel when she sleeps. She always has her face on blankie.

She’s sleeping from about 8pm – 7-8am. She gives us no problem going to bed. She likes to read books before falling asleep. She sleeps in our bed still. And cuddles very close all night long. She takes one nap daily, usually around 12-1pm for around 1-2 hours. Missing a nap means early bed time and a very very very cranky girl.

This. Is. Serious.

(Wonder Pets Reference)

On to some other favorites. Other than ice cream. Let’s see. Trains, trains and more trains. Cameron LOVES trains. And with that, her favorite TV show is Thomas and Friends.

Other TV shows she likes right now: Toot & Puddle, Wonder Pets, Backyardigans, Barney & Friends, Babar, Dragon Tales, Caillou, and Olivia

When I read this list it looks like she watches TV all the time. She doesn’t. Almost all of these are on Netflix and we let her watch it in the mornings while waking up and usually one 30 minute show in the afternoon to relax. She tells us what she’s in the mood for that day and we make it happen. Ever wonder if DVR and Netflix will make our generation of children have major issues with instant gratification? I do.

More funny faces.

She’s up to 5 Thomas & Friends T-shirts now. It seems like she can spot them from across a store. I’m totally okay with Cameron wearing whatever she wants I just wish some Thomas & Friends shirts were not so “boyish”. Stereotypes make me so angry. Girls can like trains too! There are hardly any girl trains on Thomas & Friends who have significant roles and it bothers me, especially since the show centers itself around the trains trying to be really useful engines.

Her favorite activity is playing with her trains. She carefully pushes them along imaginary tracks around our house. She talks to them. “This is how I ride my bike, Percy.” She sleeps with them. They ride with us in the car. While in the car we have to make sure we look for Thomas outside. When she spots a train it’s, “Go Thomas! Go Thomas! I want Thomas to come to our house.”

Right now her favorite tanks are Thomas and Percy.

Anything she draws is a train. We painted step stools for her and they have trains on them.  She’s very serious about those trains.

She loves water still. She can’t pass up a puddle. Sprinklers, big pool, baby pool, bathtub or shower. You name it. If there’s water, Cam’s all for it.

The Olympics are coming on soon! We watched the Olympic Trials and learned that Cameron is a huge fan of swimming and gymnastics. After her swim classes she says, “I swim like Michael Phelps!” In fact, she was tired and cranky today, crying and whining about random things, and the only thing she said she wanted to do was to watch swimming.  She enjoys counting the lanes at the start of the races. It’s pretty obvious why she loves gymnastics. Who doesn’t?

Blurry but I love the genuine smile!

Cameron loves to sing and dance. She’s still a fan of Signing Time in the car, specifically the song “Leah’s Farm”. I could listen to her little singing voice all day.

One more cute little thing she said the other day when Brian got his hair cut.
Cameron: “You got your hair cut daddy!”
Brian: “I did! Do you like it?”
Cameron: “Yes! It’s cute!”

Oh and we’re still working on potty training. Her interest is starting to come back. I think she may decide she wants to do it soon. I’m saving myself the stress and waiting for that.

We’re so proud of our girl. She’s such a joy. We are so thankful.

Thanks for reading!



Charlotte has a new word.


While it may not be easy to understand what she’s saying… since she only has a few “words” (Dada, Uh Uh, Cat & Hi) , it’s very clear to us.

She discovered our cat, Sakura, a while ago but recently has been really excited about her. Cameron did the same thing around this age. One of her first words was “cat” as well.

Charlotte likes to get excited about things. Really excited. Here’s the video of Charlotte reacting to our cat.


Busy Days

This has been a whirlwind of a summer so far! We are behind on all of our updates but haven’t forgotten about our beloved blog!

Things are about to get a bit busier and then will settle down in a huge way in a few weeks hopefully. Stay tuned, we’ve got lots of things to share including updates on the girls, lots of pictures, swimming lessons and more!