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Charlotte’s 9 months!

Charlotte is 9 months old!

I can’t believe it’s been a month since my last post. It’s been a busy month!

Our littlest has reached one of my favorite ages. She has come out of her shell and is melting hearts left and right.

She had a well check at the pediatrician and we got her “official” height and weight.

Weight: 15 pounds 15 ounces (7th percentile)

Height: 26 3/4 inches (24th percentile)

This was not a check-up that required any shots, thankfully. The doctor did a full exam and said she looks great! We had to fill out a developmental questionnaire and she seems to be, for the most, a very normal 9 month old!

She’s wearing clothing size 3-6 months and size 2 shoes. Size 2 diapers. We are switching to size 3 very soon.

The journey from 8 to 9 months was full of changes and big moments for Charlotte.

Here’s what she decided to do!

– Roll over from back to tummy 6/20/2012

– Put herself into sitting position from lying on tummy 5/30/2012

– Pull up to standing while in crib

– Feeding herself puffs (and using pincer grasp)

– Crawling!!  6/20/2012

– not crying nearly as much

– bumping her head (at least once a day)

Where do I even begin? Charlotte’s journey to mobility was highly anticipated. She’s been almost crawling for several weeks. She got the rocking and hand movements down but waited until just a few days ago to put everything together into a fluid motion that efficiently took her from point A to point B.

Here’s a video I took the day she figured it all out. It was like she got it, took a few “crawl steps” and fell to her tummy and then got up, did it again and again and then hasn’t stopped since. After she did it once, I took this video.


I took this one later that day. I call her my little sea turtle because was like watching a baby turtle learn to crawl towards the sea after hatching. It’s remarkable watching this video how much she’s changed just 5 days later. She’s quicker and more fluid, more confident and amazingly more curious.


We’re excited for her. She’s so much more content now that she’s not stuck in one place all the time. She’s in charge of her little destiny. She’s trying to keep up with big sister. She’s getting into everything too. Cameron was really excited to watch Charlotte learn to crawl. It’s funny how that excitement has dissipated since the first day… she’s learned she has to protect her toys now!

It’s neat to watch Charlotte’s personality develop. I don’t want to be one to compare my children when it comes to everything but it’s very clear that these two girls are very different. Cameron is a little me and Charlotte a little Brian. Charlotte is happy and laid back. She’s not in a rush. When it comes to rolling over, she’s definitely not in a rush. I think she’s rolled over from her tummy to back probably 5 times total… ever. And we were wondering when she would ever figure out rolling the other way! We knew she would do it when she wanted to. And she did. She waited until she had a reason. As soon as she figured out and mastered getting herself to a sitting position from being on her tummy, she realized that there was something good that could come from being on her tummy and began working on rolling over. She’s now unstoppable. And undiaperable. If she’s ever on her back you can bet she’s fighting to get to her tummy so she can get up and get moving. A little taste of independence and she’s off to the races.

She crawled into the bathroom the other day.

And wasn’t crazy about the feel of tile on her knees.

Taking pictures of her will not be so easy now.

This is a favorite of mine. I love this face and expression. Cameron did it too when she was teething. Charlotte still has only 2 teeth but her top 2 front teeth are bulging. Any day they will break through. You will see this months pictures is full of hands in the mouth.

My little blondie is getting blonder! I just love her hair! There’s lots of it! Her complexion is changing too. Over the last several months she’s gotten much darker. She’s almost as dark as me now except hers isn’t a tan. Without a doubt it has to be her daddy’s skin tone which I have always loved.

Perfecting the pouty lip and big puppy dog eyes. Could you ever say no to this face? I’m in big trouble.

Another favorite of mine. Oh my. Such joy.

Her eyes are still somewhere between brown and blue/green. I guess you can call it hazel. They’re dark and expressive.

So she’s feeding herself finger foods now! Well, puffs and wet cheerios at least. As of last month she was scaring the heck out of us by gagging anytime she put one in her mouth. Now she uses her tongue to push it over to her cheek and let it melt and chews on it a little. No more gagging, thank goodness. And she’s become quite efficient with feeding herself. She loves to eat. Love love loves it! She sometimes tries to put an entire handful of puffs into her mouth. She gets extremely excited even seeing the container brought out. And still gulps down baby food like it’s going out of fashion. Our pediatrician said we can start feeding her even more if she will eat it. She eats usually 6 tbsp of oatmeal for breakfast, a 4 oz jar of baby food for lunch, 4 oz cup of yogurt for snack, and 4 oz jar of baby food for dinner. With lots of puffs in between. And then nurses still around 4 times a day. That’s a ton of food! And you can’t get it in her mouth quick enough. We try to feed her when we are sitting down to eat as a family but it often ends up with her fussing and crying if I try to take a bite of my own food instead of focusing on feeding her. We haven’t encountered much yet that she doesn’t like but she lets us know when she’s full.

Brian says she doesn’t want to take the bottle nearly as much as she used to which has me a little nervous. She refuses the sippy cup too. We’re going to really work on this in the next month and see if we can get her to drink water or juice at least once a day.

Is she a camera ham or what??

She’s sleeping a little bit better now. In fact, she slept all the way through the night for Brian last Friday 6/22. He was pleased. When I’m home, she wakes up to nurse probably once or twice a night. She’s napping usually 2 times a day. We’ve been so busy lately that our routines are all messed up and I feel like her nap schedule is erratic. She sleeps when she can. Often in the car while we drive. She’s easier to put down to sleep now. She likes to be able to stretch out in bed. She loves to snuggle close too.

Charlotte and Gammie (my grandmother).

The only “words” she’s saying right now are “Da Da” and “Ba Ba”. She does copy different sounds we make and imitated the test beep of the carbon monoxide detector today. Brian swears he heard her say “daddy” the other day but I haven’t heard that yet. Still waiting for a “mama” out of this mommy’s girl.

She’s extremely ticklish and loves to laugh. Cameron can make her laugh by simply making eye contact with her. Charlotte craves her attention.

Her stranger anxiety seems to be getting a little bit better. She’s opening up to family more and more. And is content to be put down to free play a bit more now too. And she focuses on particular toys for longer amounts of time. She likes to bang her blocks and wave rattles. Any time she sees water she tries to splash, even if she’s not in it. It’s nice to see all these changes but I know that means she’s growing up. I’m gonna miss my little koala bear who was hanging out with me.

I had to tell her “no” for the first time yesterday and made a “uh-uh” sound at her. She looked back at me curiously with a huge grin and pressed on with what she was doing… pulling moss out of an indoor plant and pressing the test button on the carbon monoxide detector. I couldn’t help but smile. That’s so Charlotte. I’m such a sucker. For her safety, I did redirect her attention though. She had Cameron hiding from her because of the beeping from the CO2 detector. “That noise scare me daddy. I sit right here and watch you work. You keep me safe.” She was hiding under his desk.

On a playdate with her friend, Connor. Happy girl watching him crawl.

Those teeth will be here before we know it and little bit can hopefully get a tiny break from needing to gnaw on her fingers all day long. And I hope her tendency to bump her head goes away soon. Poor baby she always seems to end up falling into the hard parts of things.

It’s so hard to believe we are 3/4 of the way through her first year. These next 3 months are full of changes and she’s going to transform from a baby to a toddler soon after. It’s bittersweet.  We’re excited but sad. We love her so much and feel so much joy in being her parents.