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A Cameron Update

Since I’ve stopped doing monthly (birthday) updates for Cameron, I’m going to call this her month late quarterly update. She’s now 2 years and 4 months I guess she’s actually more like 1/3rd of the way to 3!

The changes that we see on a weekly daily basis are still so fascinating. Every day she wakes up and is doing something new or saying something new and of course, making us laugh. Her language skills and ability to communicate effectively have exploded. Sometimes we really miss those days when she was just learning how to say a few words and how precious it was to watch her try to pronounce them. She still has a few words and phrases that she says that are really cute.

  • Fix — “I’m gonna dix it for you, mommy”
  • Oatmeal — “Char Char likes her Oak Oak”
  • Yogurt — “I want to eat my Yo-Yo with a straw!”
  • Blankie — “Waaaaaaank-eeeee”
  • Lotion — “I put yotion on Char Char”
  • (For that matter, anything begging with L is pronounced with a Y.. Bayley is Bawee and Balloon is Bayoon.)
  • Milk — “MEEEEEE-Yilk”
  • Oh my goodness — is said with the emphasis on “OH MY!!! *pause pause* Goodness!”
  • Charlotte – Sometimes she’ll say Char Char or Saa Saa or Char-wet
  • Rs are pronounced with Ws.   Grandma is “Gwan-ma” Boat Race is “Boat Wace”
  • Winnie the Pooh – “Shampoo”
  • Daddy – Dah-eee
  • School – Ss-fool
  • Music – “YOU-sik”
  • Skunk – “Funk”

I just love these little things about a 2 year old’s vocabulary. I’ve been working on interviewing her on camera in an attempt to capture the innocence and absolute preciousness of this age. I know how quickly she will change (and already has changed) and I never want to forget these days.

Cameron has definitely done some growing. She’s now almost 26 lbs and is over 35 inches tall. She seems to be about average among the kids I’ve seen that her also her age. Her hair is getting LONG. It’s very fine and very straight except for some slight curls at the end. It’s a light brown/ dark blonde color. I anticipate it will lighten up a little bit now that we’re outside more. We’re going to take her to get it cut this summer and evened out. I think it will look fuller that way.

Cameron is a very coordinated kid. She can jump, run, walk and tumble around like she’s been doing it forever. She’s out of the “toddling” walk phase and moves with authority and confidence. Brian and I always giggle about this. She knows she’s awesome.

She’s got style.

Some memorable things Cameron is doing right now:


Food – french fries, ice cream, cake or cookies, oranges, pineapples

Book – Anything from the Llama Llama series except, Llama Llama Mad at Mama. She also loves Skippyjon Jones and Goldilicious. And of course Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (thanks Joanie!!)

Animals – crocodiles, ladybugs, dolphins

Accessories – sunglasses and shoes. Lots of shoes.

Music – Anything from the Signing Time CDs.

TV shows/movies – Babar & The Backyardigans & Franklin and Friends

Villain – Rataxes from Babar The Movie (She adores him and has named one of her little animals after him. She totally doesn’t get that he’s a ‘bad guy’)

Activities – going outside, planting with daddy, running through sprinklers, looking for ants, going to splash pad, sending toys down the slide at the park


  • Spiders
  • Dandelions
  • Grass being mowed
  • Vacuums
  • Coffee maker
  • Hair drier
  • Doctors & shots
  • Scary men

One of the major themes of being two years old is independence. At least that’s the case with this two year old. She wants to do everything herself. And I mean everything. We get major melt downs if we do something that she wants to do. She’s very controlling.. and can be very moody. She’s a woman in training. She likes to tell us “Careful!” when we’re intruding on what she wants to do and every other phrase out of her mouth is “Me do it!!” When she does get to do something, she’s so proud and feels so accomplished. It makes it worth all the fuss. The things she wants to do her self range from putting socks and shoes on, picking out her clothes, giving dogs treats, feeding the dogs, getting in the car herself, buckling “her buckle” in the carseat, climbing into the stroller herself and buckling in, climbing into bed herself, singing by herself.. I could go on and on.

“Careful Mommy!”…. Yes I was definitely bugging her.



Here’s a video I took at H-E-B last week. She loves to get the Buddy Bucks from the cashiers. Basically, they have little pretend  slot machines for the kids to use and put the buddy bucks in and then push a button to see the wheel spin and spit out a sticker in the amount that the wheel lands on. You collect the stickers and then redeem for a prize. It’s a neat idea for a grocery store, we think, and Cameron loves to play it. BY HERSELF! What cracks me up about this video is that she’s so worried that somebody else is going to push the button for her that she can hardly wait to get the dollar in before jumping up to push it. I promise we don’t ever push it for her.




Only slightly dramatic.

Another thing that’s new is she’s started to get really attached to comfort items and want to sleep with favorite toys and things. Her biggest comfort is her blanket. She must have it with her every time we leave the house and any time we’re relaxing at home. And when she wants it, it’s NOT  just a “Can I have my blanket?” it’s “BLAAAAAAANNNNNNKIIIIEEEEE!!!!” And if she’s extra tired when this is occurring it is followed by, “MIIIIILLLLK,” “PIIILLLLOWW!!!” “NIIIGHT NIIIGHT” “BOOOOOKS!” Yep, the whining has started. We have no idea how to stop it. Here’s hoping this phase is really just a phase.

Cameron is still enjoying school. Her teachers report that she has some shy days but she always looks forward to it and is happy to spend the day there. Her classmates are really sweet kids and her teachers do a great job at keeping the peace. I feel good knowing she’s safe there and that she’s getting good social experiences. We haven’t had the best luck getting positive social interactions outside of school yet. We’re still going to keep looking! I’ll admit I’m a bit of a protective mother when it comes to my innocent little girl’s feelings. She has a very tender heart and is very eager to interact with other children. The good news is that she’s still pretty much unaware when other children are not being their nicest to her. If she does notice, she gets a deer in headlights look and shyly backs down. We really want to find a good group of moms and dads and kids to play with who are nice and we can trust.

On the other hand, Cameron has turn into a fantastic big sister for Charlotte. Despite our issues with making friends, she’s been very positive and involved with Charlotte. She says she loves her and she enjoys including her in whatever we’re doing. She likes to show her things and share with her most of the time. Every now and then we do see a hint of jealousy and have to make sure we give Cameron some extra attention but compared to where we were 4-5 months ago, this is major progress. Charlotte adores every part of Cameron. She knows when she’s talking to her and her whole being just lights up when she gets attention from her. She laughs at her and looks for every opportunity to touch her. Cameron likes that she can now get a response out of Charlotte. She likes to talk to her and comfort her. She still says, “It’s okay Char, I’m right here” and will tell Brian what she needs, “Charlotte’s scared daddy” or “Daddy, Char Char is sleepy.” She brings her toys and of course takes her toys from her. They take baths together now and Cameron likes to pour water on Charlotte’s head… and little bit just beams with excitement in between pours. I’ve started to notice Cameron copying other phrases I say to Charlotte when she starts getting fussy. That’s really cute.

Oh and something else in regards to my independent little girl. She’s decided after 2 1/2 months of potty training, and doing amazingly well at it, that she’s done. For right now she’d rather go peepee in a diaper and I do not have the energy to fight her on this one. I know she will change her mind when she’s good and ready. And I know it’s going to have to be her idea, not mine. I really and truly feel that aside from some independence issues she does not want to be completely potty trained at this time because Charlotte wears diapers. That and she doesn’t like using public toilets. They usually have that loud powerful flush and it terrifies her. She will come around one day. It might be easier for her next school year when her friends are using the potty too and there’s one in the classroom.

She’s still nuts about and best friends with our dogs, Bayley and Boy. Brian and I laugh at how bossy she is over them. She likes to feed them and give them treats, take them outside and praise them (and scold them). If Boy goes outside, she says “I NEED SHOES!!” and quickly runs to find her shoes and go out with him. The two of them romp around the backyard together. And this works out well for us because Boy does not go outside alone… at all. But he feels safe when she’s with him. Cameron and Boy fight like they are brother and sister. He occasionally gets irritated with her and growls but then shortly there after is cuddling up with her in bed. He knows she’s a source of food, yes, she’s figured out she can feed him her dinner that she doesn’t want. She also hoards toys that she intends on keeping away from the dogs. “Bayley not pop my balloon. I keep it upstairs.” She has an entire collection of toys that she keeps in mind that will not come downstairs in an effort to keep them away from them. If, by chance, they do end up downstairs and a dog ends up with one it’s complete panic and the loudest little girl screams you’ve heard. “NOOOOOO BOOOOOY NOOOOO!!! MINE!!!”


But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Let’s move on to her continued water obsession. Everything needs a bath in Cameron’s world. Or so she thinks. If allowed, she would get any and everything wet. I’m convinced she plots against me and waits for me to present an opportunity for her to make a mess with water. 🙂 Oh I’m kidding, but seriously she does jump at every opportunity. I kind of thought that maybe once she was over 2 years old that we could keep a bowl of water down for our poor thirsty dogs… NOPE! Better not even think about it unless you want Cameron to pretend it’s a special pool for her toys or a miniature pool just for her. Or she can “make it rain” and pour it out all over the kitchen and then splash in the huge puddle. And I’m sure if she ever gets over this fascination that little sister will be glad to take over the dog bowl mess making job. She’s loves the sprinklers, loves helping water plants, would spend hours in the bath tub, splash pad, makes a splash in any tiny little puddle, finds ways to make her friends play in the kitchen sink and definitely believes that her job at our house is to “clean” all of her toys. In our bathtub. The good news is that it means we don’t have to mop our bathroom very often.  We haven’t been to the pool yet but she can’t wait to go.

And I guess you can see her new princess swim suit. Yes, very big deal. 😉


She enjoys singing along with music she hears. Her favorite songs to sing are: The Barney Song, Jesus Loves Me, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, ABC Song, Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, Old McDonald, The Itsy Bitsy Spider.  She can count to about 13 and speaks in full sentences now..and carry on a full conversation. She remembers everything. Any new words she hears she is eager to use. Her vocabulary is amazing.

She sleeps in our bed from 7pm-7am and goes to bed every night without any trouble. She takes 1 nap a day for about 1-2 hrs. She’s so cuddly. Her favorite way to sleep is back-to-back with us.

She’s a great kid and doesn’t give us any trouble. Her independent behaviors I know are all part of being 2. And she’s her mother’s daughter. She can’t help it..

She is pretty good about keeping most temper tantrums under control. Though it seems to be cyclic…when it rains it pours. She does like to test our boundaries, as expected.

She really likes to do things like Charlotte- drink from her cups, try her food, sit in her bath chair and swing, play with her toys. She is also cyclical with this. We’ve noticed she regresses and starts getting more “testy” when she’s in need of some 1 on 1 time. This is the hardest part of my job. Charlotte is very attached to me. She doesn’t like to stray from routine and is not content to be put down for very long.  Since she’s still so dependent on me I rarely get time alone with Cam, and it makes me so sad. I hate seeing her little heart hurt because she needs alone time with me or Brian or both of us. We are still figuring out the best way to handle this.
So sweet. I still tickle her for smiles.
The ark that daddy built.
This is a relatively new, last 2 months or so, development. She loves to use her imagination with her animals. She makes houses and yards and boats for them out of blocks. They take baths with her and play in the windows. We love watching her imagination blossom.
Love this!
Feeding the cow. Cows need to eat, too!
She made sure her little people had a nice place to dine.
Oh my, that precious sleepy face. Children are so angelic.
Sweet girl. Puffy from allergies. That’s springtime in Texas for you.
We feel so blessed to be able to help this girl grow. She’s such a joy in our lives. We love all of her unique little traits and quirks,
She’s such a daddy’s girl.
And last but not least, we leave you with one of her latest feats… tapping her foot!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

We had a great Easter Sunday! It was Charlotte’s very first! This was also the first Easter that Cameron was actually interested in Easter activities. Though we didn’t go all out with egg dying, baskets and whatnot, we did make a visit to the Easter Bunny in the mall and she got to participate in 2 egg hunts!

We went to church with family and then had a delicious lunch at my grandparents’ house. The girls got to peek in their Easter baskets and found some fun treats. Then we headed outdoors for an egg hunt!

And made an attempt at getting family pictures…

And this is as good as it gets. Nearly impossible to get either or both children to look at the camera.

I worked the two nights prior to this and was going on about 5-6 hrs of sleep total since Friday morning. And feeling a bit delirious. Maybe we’ll try for a family picture on a day where I’m not so sleep deprived.

I love this picture of my family. My parents, brother and sister, and grandparents.

Charlotte stayed awake during the entire church service and was so tired and cranky by this time. But she was a good sport and held off on melting down until I was almost done with my lunch. 🙂

After a nap, meal, change of clothes and mommy time, she was back in business.

The girls with my adorable grandparents. They have been married almost 63 years. I love them so much.

This is our other attempt at a family photo. 3 out of 4 looking at the camera is not bad.

Total daddy’s girl. I love this one.

And mommy’s girl. For now.

The Easter bunny brought Cameron dress-up princess shoes. As you can see, she takes them very seriously. Her little clickity-clacking is so cute. She can walk better than I can in heels that’s for sure. Yes, she’s pushing her balloon in the stroller…

Next week we get to celebrate Easter with the other half of our family! We can’t wait!



Texas Bluebonnets

We’ve had a wonderfully rainy beginning of 2012 so the wildflowers are in full bloom!

And we couldn’t resist checking it out in person.