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Two Funny!

The things that have started to come out of the mouth of our silly two year old have us constantly laughing. Her perspective on things is so real.

She’s turned into a little parrot. We knew this day would come. Now we have to really watch what we say in front of her. We do a lot of S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G out of words. That will buy us a few more years. And she’s a sponge. She remembers more than we do for sure. We’re constantly getting asked “Why, Mommy? Why, Daddy?” Coming up with answers for her can be challenging!

And speaking of memory, I have a fear of forgetting these precious years. They are flying by and I’m already having trouble remembering things about Cameron when she was a baby. I can’t remember all of the adorable things Cameron says but I do try to write them down when I can. Of course, reading it on here isn’t nearly as cute as hearing her in person.. but that’s what video is for! Yes, I’m thrilled to be a parent in this information and technology age. I do realize how lucky I am. ūüôā

I don’t have any videos for this post but here are some stories of cute things Cameron has been saying.

“I have a booger, Daddy”

We’ve been facing lots of coughs and colds over the winter and Cameron is not one to take care of a stuffy nose on her own. She knows not to ask her mommy either. So when she realizes she needs assistance, like after waking up or a good sneeze, she lets her daddy know. And he promptly takes care of the situation.

“Good Morning, Char Char”

I cannot even begin to describe how happy I have been with Cameron’s continued progress into big-sisterhood. We had our struggles early on but she’s amazing now. She absolutely adores Charlotte and I can say without¬†hesitation¬†that Charlotte thinks Cameron hung the moon. When Cameron wakes up in the morning one of the first things she does is look for Charlotte. If she’s awake, or when she wakes up, she loudly declares with a huge grin, “Good Morning, Char Char!! You wake up!” If she doesn’t see her right away, she asks, “Where is Char Char, Mommy?”

“It’s okay Char Char, I’m right here!”

I think I posted a video of this previously. It’s still one of my favorite things she says. She knows when to say it to Charlotte. She also knows how to do baby talk, “Goo Goo Gaah!” (Thanks Wonder Pets) and she tells Brian what Charlotte needs when it’s just the three of them. “Char Char’s sleepy, Daddy!” (Charlotte rubs eyes and fusses)

“Bad Char Char!”

I love my dogs, I really do. But my dog Picco has the “I hate going outside when the weather is bad” curse. He’s the sneakiest little guy and leaves surprises for me from time to time in our closet. Cameron is totally on to his tricks and hunts him down. “Boy pooped in the closet again! Bad boy!” Yes, I’ve been known to say the same thing. So naturally, along comes potty training where Cameron figures out that people, Mommy, Daddy & Cameron, are supposed to use the potty and not diapers and the dogs are supposed to go outside and not indoors. We’ve tried to explain that Charlotte is a baby and babies use diapers while big boys and girls use the potties, but I think she sometimes forgets there’s a big difference between herself and her sister. So one day, I was changing Charlotte’s diaper and a curious Cameron comes up and notices that it’s a dirty one. And out of her mouth popped, “Char Char pooped in her diaper! Bad Char Char!” I had to hold back the giggle and explain the whole babies poop in diapers¬†thing again..

“Char Char tooted!”‘

Can you tell she’s 2 yet?¬†Obsessions¬†with bodily functions. Yep. All day long. And she’s figured out she can try to BLAME Charlotte.. already! Poor Charlotte! So we’re trying to teach her to be polite and say “Excuse me” if she happens to pass gas in front of others. We happened along a … well.. teachable moment¬†one day and Brian asked her “Did you toot?” She replied, “No, Daddy! Char Char tooted!” All of us look over to Charlotte, who was sleeping very peacefully and QUIETLY across the room. And then back at Cameron who gave a silly smile.

“Shhh, Daddy! Mommy’s sleeping!”

Ahhh yes. Music to my ears. My sweet girl is so welcoming on mornings I am dragging my worn out self in the door from work. She greets me with hugs, kisses and “Hi Mommy! I had a good day!” I ask her if she slept well and she says “Yeeesss. I did!” The way she says yes is just the cutest thing ever. I NEED to get this on video before she stops doing it. So after showering and readying myself for sleep, my precious girl kisses me goodnight and says “Night Night Mommy!” and closes the bedroom door. Then she tells Brian, “Shhh, Daddy. Mommy’s sleeping.” What a good girl.


This one cracks me up. Apparently, Cameron has interpreted our attempts to protect her from danger as another word for “No”. We’ve told her “Careful Cameron!” probably more than we should have but as any parent of a toddler knows, these kids have no fear and are little dare devils! So we¬†figured¬†out that this is what she thinks the word “careful” means when she started saying it to us. For example, Cameron is singing a song and I chime in to sing-a-long… Cameron stops singing and says, “Careful Mommy!” and then continues. And for the record, there are days she loves for me to sing-a-long with her. You just never know if Miss Diva is in the mood for it or not. If I start singing again she stops and says it again, only in a more frustrated tone. Cameron loves to do everything by herself. Typical for this age as I understand. She wants to put her shoes on, socks on, brush her own hair and teeth, wash her hands by herself, buckle belts, put pants on and the list goes on and on. ¬†If one of us tries to intervene she snaps at us, “Careful, Daddy!” and then pulls away from us (or runs to the other side of the room) to do it by herself. The funny part of it is, she gets even more frustrated when she can’t do the task at hand. Then she comes to us and asks for help and when we attempt to show her what to do, she snaps “Careful, Mommy!” again. It’s a vicious cycle with this¬†extremely¬†independent little girl.

“Too do it!”

This one goes along with her “Careful, Mommy!” desire for independence. We’re not sure when exactly this happened, but somewhere along the lines Cameron mixed up the word, “Too” in her sentences. She used to say something along the lines of, “Daddy, too!” when asked “Who is riding in the car?” ¬†but now uses the word in the front of her sentences. And sometimes even exchanges it for the word “I” & “Me.” So when she wants to do something by herself she’ll say, “Too do it!” instead of “I want to do it” or “Me do it!” or even “I want to do it, too.” She will even drop the, do it part and yell, “Toooo! Tooooo!” when she desperately wants to give something a try. Other variations are, “Too take a bath?” “Too go upstairs!” “Too help mommy do dishes!”


This one is new. I just heard it today. She was carrying around her new Thomas the Train toothpaste and it still had the foil seal on it. She can unscrew the tops of a tube of toothpaste. She has been known to snatch it off the¬†counter tops¬†and run to a corner to eat it. It’s all safe-to-swallow training toothpaste and tastes like bubble gum. Crazy kid thinks it’s candy. So I was letting her look at the new tube prior to brushing her teeth and putting it in a safe place and she said probably 15 times, “Open it for me, Mommy! Please, Mommy! Open it!” *puts it in my face or on my lap* “Mommy, Open it. Open it. Open it, please Mommy!” Sound familiar to any of you with impatient children out there? I explained to her that I would open it when we were ready to brush her teeth after her bath and then she realized that she could use a new word for this conversation. She said, “Now! Mommy, open it NOW!” By this point I was halfway annoyed at her persistence and halfway impressed at her ability to recognize the appropriate context for this word by herself. I have a feeling she’s going to be using this word a lot in the coming days.

Cookie Dough

And the last one for tonight involves Cameron’s sometimes hilarious dinner requests. You never know what she’s going to want. She’s extremely picky and has without a doubt acquired our sweet tooth. One night, I asked her, “What would you like for dinner, Cam?” Her response, “Cookie dough!” Completely out of the blue but I can appreciate it. I have a weakness for it as well.

I’m sure we’ll have many more to come, and hopefully videos too!

Thanks for stopping by!