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Charlotte is 6 months old!

Last week, Charlotte turned 6 months old!

My sweet little bundle of happiness is getting so big.

Her 6 month weight: 13 lbs 10 ounces (10th percentile)

Her height: 24.75 inches (17th percentile)

She’s holding steady on the growth curve which is what’s important to the doctor. She’s on the smaller end of those her age but is very healthy. Since birth, she’s gained on average 1 pound per month. There’s a lot of personality packed into her little body.

Big Moments for Charlotte this month:

– She learned to sit up (March 12th)

– She started babbling (ba-ba-ba)

– She’s been eating solids all month

– She’s pushing up well on her tummy, starting to raise her abdomen off the floor.

– First time in the grass outside

– First wagon ride

– First bath WITH Cameron

– First haircut

– She has apparently discovered her tongue!

– She’s starting to mimic facial expressions and sounds.

She’s right on target for most of her developmental milestones.

It’s been a busy month for Charlotte.

She’s doing really well with eating solids. Her favorite food so far is bananas, but she will eat just about any type we feed her. It just takes several bites for her to get used to it. We started oatmeal with milk and a fruit puree in it so that she’ll eat it. She has been eating solids 1 time a day but we were told by her doctor that she can now go to 2-4 times per day. She’s still breastfeeding 5-6 times a day. And still shows no signs of wanting to wean yet.

Sleep is still a sore subject around here. We’ve been working hard at establishing a routine for Charlotte in order to get her to sleep better but it’s just hard to do lately. Her bedtime and naps vary, as does our nightly routine for her.  We’re really hoping the coming months bring more rest for all of us. At this point, Charlotte does not need to wake up in the middle of the night to eat. Babies her age can go 10+ hours. She’s still waking up for comfort and her comfort right now is nursing, so she thinks she needs to eat for sleep and that’s what we’re working on changing. I have seen a slight improvement in the last week or so. For a few weeks of the last month, she was still waking up every 45-90 minutes all night long for comfort. She is sleeping longer stretches now and I am able to get her back to sleep with pats and “shhhh-ing” sounds usually. She sleeps in her swing for Brian (and me if I want to get anything done in the evenings) and in our bed the rest of the time. We put a side-rail up so that I can now change positions without fear of her falling out of bed. It also puts a divider between her and Cameron which is much safer. I tried to put her in her crib upstairs multiple times in the last month with no luck. I thought maybe it would help her sleep longer to have it quieter and maybe if she didn’t think I was right there. I still have no plans to let her “cry it out” alone in her crib. We’ll get through this. This sleep deprivation is temporary. And, on the positive side, she’s forming a very strong bond to myself, Brian & Cameron by sleeping nearby. It’s very clear when you watch her that she knows and adores her family, and that she’s a very happy and secure infant. This makes it all worth it.

Charlotte still loves to be swaddled to sleep. I have tried to “wean” her from her swaddle several times only to break down and re-swaddle her in my state of sleep deprivation in the middle of the night.

Naps. She takes usually 1 long nap (1.5-3 hrs) and 2 short (>1 hr) naps a day. Her long nap is with Cameron (and me) and the short naps are in the car, swing or while being held.

Her hair is very light. I gave her a little mini- haircut because her bangs were getting so long and nothing else was growing. It’s all the same length now and I think will be better when it starts to really grow. We think her hair is lighter than Cameron’s was. Her eyelashes and eyebrows are very blonde too.

This is not the greatest picture but it shows her lashes off well.

Her eyes are still hazel but we think might be turning brown. They’re definitely getting darker.

The recent months of illness have finally ended very well. Charlotte had testing done on her kidneys because she had a UTI and it all came back normal. We were thrilled! She also seems to be coming out of the 6+ weeks of low grade fevers on her own. She had a fever of 101 on March 23rd but she also had vaccinations that day and had a cold… but prior to that it had been almost a week. They are spacing out and becoming far less frequent. We are so thankful.

She does not have any teeth yet and doesn’t show any signs that teeth are anywhere in her near future. (No complaints from me!)

Charlotte has finally graduated from 0-3 month clothing to now, 3-6 months! She still has a few outfits for sleeping that are 0-3 months but wont fit those for long. This works out perfectly for us because all of Cameron’s old 3-6 month clothes are summer clothes!

And speaking of summer….

It’s downright hot out now and our little cold natured baby usually loves it! Not this day though, it was beyond nap time and we were stuck at a play date for Cameron. She was not in the mood for anything other than being held that day. I think she also was just starting to get a cold. Poor baby.

But we’ve being spending a lot of time outside and it’s been a good change of scenery for all of us. Charlotte loves to observe and there’s so much to see outside.

The Daddy Adoration is beginning. This little girl LOVES him. She lights up whenever she hears his voice or sees him. She loves to be held by him. Her favorite way to be held is what we refer to as “mission control” and was Cameron’s favorite too.  Basically he holds them in like a sitting position in his arms. They feel completely relaxed and secure and can see everything.

And is it not totally clear in this picture that Charlotte also adores her big sister? She giggles when she sees Cameron being goofy and reaches to touch her any time she can. She smiles when she’s around and looks for her when she’s not. She feels so big now that she can sit up like Cameron and they can “play” together. And oh my goodness, the changes that we’ve seen in Cameron… I will be writing another post about her soon. She’s just so fantastic with Charlotte.

Sweet profile.

Urrrgh! Pushing up is hard work! Wonder how long we have until she crawls?

I still cannot believe that I have two beautiful, healthy little girls. They are everything to us. We love them so much and love watching them grow.

Happy 1/2 birthday, Charlotte!

Spring is here!

The grass is finally turning green and the sun is out! And little Charlotte is getting bigger now and got to play outside for the very first time!

This was her first feel of the grass.

Those were some busy hands!

And this girl is always so excited to have any reason to play outside.

Oh hi, pretty girl!

Somersaults in the grass after chasing Boy all over the backyard!

Daddy’s Big Helper is her new title. Brian’s been doing a ton of yard work lately and she’s his little follower and helper. It’s so neat to see this side of her. A year ago this time she could walk but going outside meant she would run in a random direction just to do it. She’s very task oriented now and loves to ask questions and learn about everything. And stay right by his side.


Our very first wagon ride with both girls!!!

This is going to be a great year!

“I love you, Boy”

She has not yet said it on her own to either of us, but we have heard Cameron saying to Picco, “I love you, Boy.” Several times in fact. It’s cute. She really does love him. They play with each other and annoy each other just like brothers and sisters.

He growled and nibbled at her last week because she got too rough with him. I told her to give him a break because he was mad and she was so sad! For the next several days she was asking him if he was mad and saying sorry to him.

So tonight, after kissing him goodnight, she climbed into bed and went to sleep. A little while later we checked on her and noticed that Boy had snuggled up so sweetly with her.

(By the way….This “skin and bones” look is normal for young Italian Greyhounds. He’s actually very very healthy. He just had a great checkup with our vet 2 weeks ago. She said he’s perfect.)

I can’t wait to show these to her tomorrow. She will be so happy to see her little buddy forgave her.

Daddy’s Birthday At The Zoo!

March 4th was Brian’s birthday! We were so lucky that he took a few days off of work so that we could celebrate with good old fashioned family time. The girls and I were thrilled. We’re so lucky to have him.

One of the things we decided to do was take a trip to the zoo! We have a membership there but don’t get to go that often, especially since the little one was born. One of Cameron’s favorite books is called “At The Zoo” and she’s been asking to go for months now. She is very interested in animals these days. She will look at an animal book, point to an animal and say “This one, mommy?” and then I tell her what it is and she repeats it. The impressive part is that she remembers it. And she is very clear about what animals she likes and doesn’t like. She does NOT like snakes, spiders, ants or crocodiles. But she’s fascinated by them. She’s fearful but so interested. So it was no surprise that the first things she wanted to see at the zoo was the crocodile.

Several days prior to going we started talking about going to the zoo for Daddy’s birthday party. The day of she was very excited and so well-behaved. We packed our bags and lunches and took off for Houston.

Little Miss ready to go!

Charlotte was kind enough to nap on the long ride in so she was in a great mood upon arrival and that made for a great trip.

I have to tell you, the zoo is so much more fun as a parent. Brian and I had a blast watching Cameron’s face light up seeing the animals we have been talking about in person. We let her guide our visit by telling us what she wanted to see next. So as I mentioned, her first request was the crocodiles. The Reptile House. ICK! We were totally creeped out by the snakes, lizards and crocs but she loved it. She doesn’t like them at all but she was so into getting an up close look at them.

This guy didn’t move a muscle the whole time we were there.

So after she got her creepy reptile fix, we headed to the elephants.

Happy girl holding daddy’s hand.

The zoo opened the new elephant home in the last few months. It was so spacious and impressive.

For the first time ever, Cameron posed for me! haha. I said, “Hey Cam! Run over to that fence and smile so mommy can take your picture with the elephants!” And she did. How cute is this?

My other little love was so content. We fed her while watching the elephants and giving Cam a small snack and then moved on. Charlotte loves to be carried, as I’ve probably mentioned before. She loves to be “worn” too, which is convenient for me. Her favorite right now is the Baby Bjorn because she can see what’s going on while being safe and attached to mommy. She spent the whole zoo trip in it, awake and without even a hint of a fuss. Dr. Sears says babies learn best when they are in a state of quiet alertness like this. I was thrilled she got to take it all in so peacefully. She could actually see the animals instead of being in the stroller with her view blocked the whole time.

Hanging out. (The Baby Bjorn is nommy to chew on too, apparently.)

Next we made our way to see the lions. There were three females and one male, Jonathan.

Cameron really liked watching the three female pounce and play with each other while the “daddy lion” slept the whole time. (ha!)

We saw the giraffes and then the chimpanzees (who were sleeping) and by this time a couple hours had passed and Cameron was getting worn out. She insisted on walking the whole time. Brian offered many times to carry her but little miss independent wouldn’t have it.

Birthday boy & Cam

(Not a real giraffe) So happy to get a picture with my little loves.


Cam in front of the zebra area. More smiles!

I love this! Cameron getting a better view of those zebras.

It ended up being a great trip and a great birthday “party” for Brian. Next stop will hopefully be SeaWorld. Cam really wants to go see dolphins, one of her favorite animals. I think they have sea lions there too which she also loves. It’s not surprising, given her love of water. 🙂


My little goobers.

Always sticking that tongue out.

Here are the girls at the same ages with similar poses.

They look so different but at times so much alike.

Lots of fun.

Careful Daddy!

Here’s a cute little video Brian took over the weekend right after the girls woke up. That’s always play time. Our little independent Cam Cam was taking charge of Ring around the Rosie with Charlotte, who was quite dizzy at the end.


And here’s my sweet ticklish baby at bath time. This doesn’t show her new “haircut.” I cut her comb-over off. It was the just about the only hair remaining from birth and was 3 times as long as the rest of her hair but just in the front.  She looks so much like Cameron now (at that age). Will post pictures soon. 🙂