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Brown Bear, Brown Bear

My heart was happy today.

Cameron wanted to read books during our playtime when she got home from school. I noticed on her teacher communication form from school that they read “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” today. This is one of her favorites and mine too. I love the repetition, animals and colors it teaches. It’s also great because Cameron feels so big when she can predict what comes next and “read” along with it. She got her very own copy from Jackson for Christmas. So she decided that today was a good day for us to read it together.

And then she read it all by herself… well kinda. I helped a little. ūüôā


She read it to Charlotte. I melted with happiness. Seriously, I wanted to cry. Cam’s really getting so much more interested in her sister and giving her more attention. I had to snap a picture and she even flashed a smile.

Little girl wasn’t really sure what was going on but she smiles every time Cam is near. She just kept kicking and playing.

And here’s her “Picture of the Day”

I like this one because it shows how intense her gaze is. Full eye contact. So connected.

What’s New with Cameron & Charlotte?

I’ve been meaning to make a new post lately but haven’t had any time. We’ve been busy.

This is going to be a picture heavy post.

Both girls have been sick with fever viruses. They are completely better now but caring for both of them had us feeling pretty worn out for a few days. Thankfully, it was relatively minor for each. Cameron only felt bad at nights and woke up often very weepy. Charlotte’s fever never got higher than 101 but she had a harder time dealing with it and getting to sleep. Poor baby was so tired but couldn’t get comfortable enough to get to sleep, even once the fever broke. So the hard part for us was basically being up with her all night and then dealing with the effects of a sleep deprived 4 month old during the day. But, like I said, still very minor and it could have been a lot worse.

Sick Cameron.

The picture of the day this day is marked by the constant temperature taking.

Poor little flushed baby couldn’t get to sleep.

Cameron is still doing well on her potty training. She had a slight regression when she was sick but is getting back on track now. Next week we will send her to school without pull-ups.

The weather has been so warm here that we’ve been able to get out of the house to take walks and go to the park. Cameron really loves to do this. We are also enjoying the rain! Cameron knows the sound it makes inside our house when it’s raining outside and enjoys playing on the back porch so she can watch it (as long as it’s not thundering).

We’re still taking a picture every day! And I think Cameron is getting sick of it. I try to get at least one decent one of each of them and it’s turning out to be quite a task to get Cameron to cooperate.

She’ll hate me for posting this one day. But this is the look I get a lot!

So I usually try to tickle her..

And end up with this. Blurry but priceless to me to see that wrinkled nose laugh.

Cameron’s speaking in up to 5 word sentences now. We’re just amazed every day at what comes out of her mouth and some of the conversations we have. She’s quite perceptive and has an impressive memory. Every day she’s getting more and more grown up. And polite too! She says, “Excuse me” “Yes, please” and “Okay mommy!” I understand now why my parents insisted I speak to them this way. It’s so nice to hear!

Cameron stays busy playing with toys and games. We’ve been working on several new songs, ABCs and counting. She can count to 11 and say the ABCs completely.


We’re running out of places to take pictures indoors. The lighting varies by day and I usually stick to our gameroom because of the 3 windows. I really dislike using a flash. As soon as the baby can sit up on her own I’d like to venture outdoors for daily pictures.

One of our favorite times of day is bedtime. It’s the only time that Cameron is relaxed enough to let us read books from start to finish to her. And then it’s prayer time where she says her “Now I Lay Me” prayer and we pray for people by name. I’m trying to get it on video so we can hold onto moments like that forever.

Cameron is getting FUNNY! I need to start writing down what she says every time something silly comes out of her mouth.

Here’s a conversation we had earlier this week.

Context: Cameron made a comment earlier¬†in the day about being scared of our cat, Sakura. This is very new so I asked her why she was scared and she replied, “She has big eyes.” This made me chuckle. Later on that evening we were in the car talking about eyes again and the conversation went as follows.

Me: What color are Ton Ton’s eyes? (our cat)

Cameron: Green!

Me: Good job! What color are mommy’s eyes?

Cameron: White!

Me: Ok. White. Well yeah, there is white in my eyes. And what color are daddy’s eyes?

Cameron: Toot! (She laughs)

Me: Toot? What do you mean daddy has toot colored eyes?

(Brian chimes in, “Hey your eyes are toot colored then too, Cam.”)

Me: What color are Cameron’s eyes?

Cameron: Pink!

(Brian & I both start laughing)

Me: Oh! Pink! And what about Char Char? What color are her eyes?

Cameron: Pink!

Me: And boy (Picco) do you know what color eyes he has?

Cameron: Pink!

In case you haven’t guessed, her favorite color is pink. This doesn’t look nearly as funny written down, though. Maybe it’s one of those things where you had to be there…

Brian & I have been doing a lot more cooking in the recent months to save money. Cameron is at an age now where she enjoys “helping” especially if it involves Mac N Cheese. She likes to stir and do the taste testing. Cameron will eat fish now! We refer to it as turkey, though, so she’s not confused as we do have a pet fish.

A few weeks ago we rearranged the furniture in her room to give it a “fresh start” and made an attempt to get her to sleep up there. She was excited about it and 100% on board. We went through the whole bedtime routine just like we do in our bed and gave her plenty of books to read like we always do. We left her lamp on for her and the hall light. But about 20 minutes after we left her, Brian went upstairs to check on her and saw her hiding under her pillow. Poor baby. She was trying so hard to be a big girl and stay in her bed. Brian was worried she might suffocate herself so he quietly tiptoed into her room to remove the pillow and saw her hyperventilating underneath it, scared to death. ¬†As soon as she saw him she burst into tears and clung to him. We were proud of her for trying to be big but didn’t have the heart to force the issue. We will try again in a few weeks, maybe. It wont be long and Charlotte’s going to sleep up there.

Swimming in the tub is still one of her favorite pastimes. She has no fear of water. At all. We are so excited to see how she does in the pool this summer. She blows bubbles, puts her head underwater, turns over to her back and even tries to look underwater. She would bathe several times a day if we let her. On average, she takes 2 baths/showers a day. All her choice.

A new favorite word? “Why?” She says it all the time when we have conversations with her. It’s cute and I love that she’s interested enough to ask questions.

Starting to get a little girly. She enjoys “accessorizing” from time to time and has a new found love of all things princess and pink. Not what I expected from her but she IS well rounded. She also loves soccer balls and cars.

She’s still a¬†mischievous, testy toddler at times. This picture was taken when she knew she wasn’t supposed to be standing on her chair and jumping off. Her little grin indicates she knows she’s doing wrong.

As of Feb 1st, we had 3 purple martins return to the house. We were so excited to hear them outside and then see that they are back! It seems early so maybe these are just the scouts. Or they are as confused as we are about whether it’s winter or spring. It should be lots of fun to watch our little bird families as they make nests and raise their babies this year.

And now onto this little ham.

Full of smiles every day. Gosh she’s just the cheesiest little baby I’ve encountered in some time.


The last 2 weeks can be described with 4 words…

Four Month Sleep Regression

I had no idea such a phenomenon even existed until I considered taking her to the pediatrician over her drastic changes in sleeping once she hit the 4 month mark. To be perfectly honest, I was really worried that the vaccines had affected her in some adverse way. But as I found out thanks to our trusty friend Google, it’s very normal for a lot of 4 month olds who were previously awesome sleepers to basically turn into newborns again as far as sleep is concerned. Apparently parents all over the planet consult¬†Google¬†over the same thing. It’s all due to the natural changes and development of their sleep cycles. And it’s temporary..phew!

She’s napping less now too but I know for sure that’s because big sister doesn’t let her sleep while she’s awake. On weekends, when she has the opportunity to nap all day with me she’s the world’s sweetest snuggle bunny.

And oh my is she getting good at kicking and grabbing things!

And everything goes to the mouth.

She’s learning all about facial expressions…and how to make her mommy & daddy laugh.

And growing every day. She’s so long and lean. It makes her look smaller than she really is. I had a patient at work the other night deliver a 9.5 lb baby that I swore was bigger than Charlotte. He sure looked it any way. But she’s probably close to 12 lbs now.

We can’t wait to see what’s next for her!