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Roly Poly

I finally caught Charlotte rolling on video. We were so surprised when she rolled over on her 3 month birthday. We were not expecting it for another month or so (based on our *ahem* previous experience.. not to compare or anything.)

So then I thought, well maybe it was a one time thing. But nope, the little miniature 3 month old was at it again..and again.. and again. She’s been so good with her tummy time too. Because she does NOT roll over on command (and I can’t blame her) here’s the proof to those we’ve tried to show that she can in fact do it haha! It’s not the greatest quality but at least we have it for her to see one day.


And because I cannot cheer for Charlotte without Cameron coming to roll over and be cheered for too, here’s her video from way back. 4.5 months old.



It’s the little things in life.

Potty Time

We decided to begin our potty training journey with Cameron after the first of the year. I considered reading books on potty training and different techniques but decided to wing it and go with the instinct God gave me for raising my kids. I looked at two things before beginning. What motivates her? What has held her back from doing it so far?

So what does motivate our little girl?

1) Lots of cheering, excitement & praise

2) Fun panties

3) Stickers

4) Candy

5) Signing time


What has held her back so far?

1) inconsistent parents

2) timing


So with that in mind, we devised our own little game plan and decided to bite the potty training bullet. Yes, I have been dreading this. Yes, I love the convenience of diapers. But I could no longer ignore the very obvious signs that she was ready for the next step.

So we began last Tuesday, January 3rd 2012, and as of today (Day 6) Cameron can:

– tell us when she needs to go, both #1 & #2

– hold it long enough to make it to the potty once she realizes she needs to go

– nap 2-3 hrs without an accident

We are still working on overnight accidents.

Every time she successfully uses her potty, we cheer for her and give her big hugs, let her put a sticker on her chart, give her candy (a single semi-sweet chocolate chip) and let her help empty it out. She loves to pick out her panties for the day. Her favorites? Blue’s Clues & Ming Ming

For Christmas she got the new video by Rachel Coleman of Signing Time. She loves her, the music, the kids and animations. However, at first, she hated this video. Little girl did NOT like a video telling her to use the potty. There are so many cute catchy potty songs on there. I don’t know how anyone could not love it but she was not a fan. The video came with a potty watch which she was scared of at first too. This is the neatest little contraption. You can set it to go off every 30, 60 or 90 minutes. It plays a song and lights up as a reminder for the kids to go potty. I told her I would wear it and when it goes off then I can help her go. This was okay for a few days and then it was HER idea to wear it. So she did. This was really great for helping her with the timing. We started by having her sit on the potty and try every 30 minutes, that way we would prevent accidents before they started. 

The consistency part came as soon as I decided that we were going to do this. I’ve been on the fence for some time now. But, as of Tuesday, it didn’t matter how many accidents she had. We were going to continue forward and keep at it. She responded well. We do not scold her for having accidents or make her feel shameful. We ask her to help clean it up and let her know that next time she needs to try to make it to the potty. This is what the Potty Time video reinforces as well.

She has not had a chance to do this at school yet. A massive storm blew in on Monday morning and flooded the roads, preventing us from going to school but we will continue to work hard at it tomorrow and maybe she can go in panties (and several changes of clothes) to school on Wednesday. And about that… we’re a little worried about how she will do because her classroom at school does not have a toilet in it for the children to use. The classroom across the hall does. When I mentioned to her teachers last week that we were going to be working on it they suggested that I wait until she is in the 2 year old class, which is not until next August, to start training her. When she has to go, it will require one of the teachers to leave the room and take her, leaving the other teacher with the rest of the children. I cannot blame them for wanting the children  to stay in diapers but it’s frustrating that a classroom for children, mostly 2 year olds give or take a month, does not have a toilet in it. A lot of children are toilet trained a lot sooner than 2 years old. Anyway, we’ll see how it goes. We’re hoping that it’s not too much trouble for them and that she feels comfortable enough to tell them when she needs to go.

I have taken the very typical “kid sitting on the potty” pictures of her for our safe keeping but I’m not going to put them on the internet for all to see. (You’re welcome!) So here’s Cameron and her watch after being successful on the potty. 🙂

Hooray for being a big girl!

Bath & Bumbo

It’s been nice to not have to go anywhere in the mornings over Christmas break.  No agenda. We wake up, we play, we nap, we play.

We have been doing a lot of painting and crafts. Which means a lot of messes. And baths. And we’ve been letting Cameron take baths in our tub downstairs because it’s easier since we have the little one. We love our house and plan on staying here for many years to come but there’s no doubt that it can get difficult taking both kids up and down the stairs. In just a few years they will both be able to take themselves up and down and it will be much easier. Anyway, I thought Cameron was being so cute in the tub yesterday that I decided to capture the moment. It may or may not show, but I’ve been really trying to improve my picture-taking skills. Santa brought me a new lens for my camera for Christmas and I’m learning to shoot in manual now. We are only 4 days into the year, but I hope to take at least one picture of my kids a day for the whole year. So far, so good.

I didn’t realize that our bathroom had such great natural lighting until I raised the blinds!

Whoa! A smile!

What good is a bath without the ABCs?? It’s a must have for baths in the Edge house these days.

So innocent.

Cameron started back to school today which meant I actually had to set my alarm to get up! And I really missed her while she was at school but took the opportunity to take a nap with Charlotte. She’s such a good nap buddy. But when Cameron came home we got our play time in. Today we played with lots of things but had the most fun with the bumbo chair!

Such a big girl! Not sure what happened to her other sock!

Cameron liked playing with Charlotte while she was “sitting up” like a big kid.

And little sister thought it was so neat to get attention from her!

I can never resist a close-up. I want to always remember how precious these two are as little ones!

Can’t get enough of that smile.

Here’s Cameron in the same bumbo at 3.5 months. (Charlotte’s age)

Good memories. <3

And Cameron today in the bumbo. Lol!

Such a goofball. Not interested in looking at the camera… again.

Dear Cameron

I’m a tad bit behind on my blogging… but we officially have a 2 year old in the house!

I decided that for my 2 year update I would write a letter to Cameron. A friend of mine told me that there are places that can turn blogs into books. I hope that one day we can take our online journal and transform it into something that our girls can hold on to for years to come. With that said…

Dear Cameron,

You just turned two. I can hardly believe it. Everybody told me how fast these years go by and they weren’t kidding.  This may not be something you are interesting in reading until you have children of your own one day. And even if you do read it before then, you can trust me that it will make more sense when one day your little one turns two and emerges into a new chapter of his or her life. I am so thankful for every day that I have on earth with you. You bring me such joy. But in case I’m not around to be there for you when you have children of your own one day, I want you to at least have this. And if I am around (and I pray that I am), I want both of us to have this. So I can always remember and so you can know. I want to tell you all about you. And how special you are to your daddy and me.

Being a parent is a gift. It is my most important job. It is my biggest challenge. And it gives me the greatest rewards.

Daddy always tells me that you are a miniature version of me, in personality at least. You are strong willed. You are stubborn. You are confident. You love to do things your own way. You are independent. You have a temper. But you are also kind. You share. You have so much love. You are a joy to be around. You are sensitive. You have empathy. Everyone who knows you loves you. And I mean everyone. Your laughter is contagious. Your smile is so warm. My mom, your Mimi, tells me that she sees me in you. That the joys (and challenges) I am facing are the same that she faced. She jokingly told me this would happen when I was a little girl. “Just you wait, one day you will have a little girl who is just like you.” And what a blessing it is to have you, Cameron.

You have done so much changing in these 2 years. You have gone from a tiny little 7 pound infant who relied on us for everything to a 24 pound two year old who is nearly 3 feet tall and can do so much on your own.

On the day of your second birthday, you had a busy day.

It started off with your school Christmas program, class Christmas party (and your adorable school friends singing Happy Birthday to you) and then home for a few hours before making a visit to your pediatrician for your 2 year check up.

Your official weight: 24 lbs 1 ounce (17th percentile)

Your official height: 35 inches (82nd percentile)

Your head circumference was around 50th percentile

You got a Hepatitis A vaccine that day. You didn’t like the poke and it made for some giant tears from your big brown eyes but you quickly recovered without too much drama. It broke my heart to see you cry in pain.

This is you holding up 2 fingers and saying “Two!” when I asked how old you are.

And speaking of drama…

We have lots of it! Daddy and I just have to giggle (to ourselves) sometimes at the rapid mood changes and complete melt downs over absolutely nothing. If you can’t find the humor in some of the situations, they’re likely to make your head spin! Remember this. But thankfully, those melt downs are few and far between and you are our sweet girl most of the time. You are so much fun to be around. You are so eager to learn. You love to sing, dance and “do it myself.” We are really enjoying this age.

You look so much like my sister, Taylor, as a child in this picture. Same smile.

It seems like every week you are changing still. You are a little sponge that’s for sure. You can say anything and lately you love challenging words like: octopus, triangle, vacuum cleaner. elephant, porcupine. You speak in up to 4 word sentences and have an impressive memory. You can count to 10 but sometimes forget the number 4. You can say the ABC’s with the exception of maybe 4-5 letters. When you want to sing the song, you call it the “BDC song.” It’s too cute.

It’s become very apparent to Daddy and me that your days of baby talk are coming to an end. You used to say so many things with your cute little made up words. Like “hulk” instead of milk, “ding ding” instead of ice cream, “do dos” instead of tomatoes, “da das” instead of strawberries, “ta tas” instead of paci, “sa sa” instead of pizza, “oh oh” instead of open, “side side” instead of outside, “tan tan” instead of Cameron. But now you say all those words correctly. While we’re happy to see the progress you are making, we do miss those words.

You call Winnie the Pooh “Shampoo”. I don’t have the heart to correct you.

And the reason you call him that is because you love to take baths and showers. In fact, you sometimes take 2-3 a day just for fun. You love soap, shampoo and lotion.

You love water. You sometimes play in the sink for hours. You love to take your foam ABC letters in the bath. You love to play with duckies in the sink. You love to play in the dogs water bowl.. STILL! You love to wash your hands. You are not a fan of having your teeth brushed though.

You understand so much now. You remember so much now. I have so much fun teaching you.

You amaze us. It’s such a joy to watch your the excitement in your eyes when you learn.

You love arts and crafts. You really love to paint. And you really really really love to paint with your fingers. I love nothing more than giving you the supplies and watching you create by yourself.

You know the shapes: square, heart, star, triangle and circle

You can draw circles.

Your biggest fears: the dark, being alone in your bed, and people wearing surgical masks.

You are not yet potty trained. And that’s probably my fault because I know you are ready. You tell me as soon as you soil your diaper and you don’t mind using the potty but it has to be your idea. We have some panties for you to wear (your favorites are the Ming Ming ones) and if you have an accident you say, “Ming Ming is wet!” You are so funny. You crack up when your little sister “poo poos in her pants”.

You still sleep in our bed. Many people will say, “Don’t let your kids sleep with you. They will never leave.” But your daddy and I love it. You are safe. You are warm. We love to hear you breathe and be there for you when you wake up. I know one day you wont want to sleep in our bed and when that day comes I will miss having you there.

You go to bed around 7-8 pm and sleep until 7-8 am.

You drink warm milk every night before bed and also before your mid-day nap. Your naps are usually 1-2 hours long.

You are starting to really love books. Your favorites are short, colorful and funny. Sometimes if you get bored while reading, you will skip to the last page, close the book and say “Amen!”

You are a picky eater. Your favorite foods are: apple sauce, yogurt, tomatoes, turkey, oranges and any fruit, ice cream, cookies. Sometimes we wonder how you can even function because you don’t eat much at all. I’ve been told this is normal though.

Your favorite TV show is “Caillou”. You still love to watch Signing Time videos and lately some Baby Genius videos with sing-a-long songs.

Your favorite songs are: ABC song, Old McDonald (you call it EIEIO), Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Jingle Bells, Wheels on the Bus. We love to hear you sing. Your voice is angelic.

You are a musical little girl. We can’t wait to let you take piano lessons.

You love to play outside. You love to ride bikes. You love the cold weather.

This was the first Christmas that you could very actively participate in. You actually loved Santa Claus! It was so much fun to watch you open presents. Your age is so honest. And so grateful. You truly loved everything you got for Christmas.

You are a great big sister. You two are only 21 months apart. You were still a baby when Charlotte was born. We knew that the transition wouldn’t be easy for you. All we wanted was to make you feel loved. We didn’t want you to feel replaced. Our prayer is that one day you and Charlotte will be best friends. We want you to be there for each other. Cameron, at the age of 2, you really do love your little sister. Any jealous acts are just to get the attention of your daddy and me, not to hurt her. Sometimes when Charlotte cries, you go up to her, kiss her and tell her “It’s okay Char Char”. You do this all by yourself. This is who you are. This is your heart. You kiss her all the time.

You are starting to learn that there are consequences to certain actions. You understand your choices. You understand that you can make decision. You are a really good kid.

You go through mommy or daddy phases. Some days, you want daddy and only daddy. He makes you feel safe. You want him to put you to bed and you want him to play with you all the time. When he snuggles with you, you fall asleep the fastest. When we ride in the car, you get instantly sleepy when he holds your hand. You have been in a mommy phase lately. You want me to hold you all the time. You want to sit in my lap when I eat and eat off my plate. You want to hold my hand, help me out and be with me all the time. It warms my heart. I love to spend time with you. I love to hold you. And I LOVE when you want to be held.

You have been sick for almost the whole month of December of 2011. You took two rounds of antibiotics after an ear infection and several upper respiratory infections and colds. We hate to see you sick but are so thankful that you are a very healthy child.

We are starting to see more temper tantrums which is I guess where they get the phrase, “terrible twos”. We are finding that right now the best way we can deal with them is ignoring them and distracting you.

You still have dirty blonde hair and it’s getting so long now! It’s below your shoulders and is still baby fine. It’s so soft. I love to play with your hair. Your daddy & I made the mistake of cutting your bangs 3 months ago and are now in the process of letting it grow back out. Sorry about that, kiddo.

You have big brown eyes that melt our hearts. And you have your daddy’s long dark eye lashes. You are so beautiful, Cameron. Inside and out.

You make so many funny faces.

This is your, “Pleeeease!” face.

We affectionately call this face the scowl. You make it all the time when you’re confused, scared or mad. Or annoyed as you were in this picture.

We love to watch you sleep. You and your sister look like twins when you’re asleep. You are so peaceful. So angelic.

You are our everything, Cameron. You and your sister make our world go ’round. We would do anything for you. We love you so much. You are perfect in every way.

One day, when you become a parent you will learn what your heart is capable of. A love that is unlike any other. The only thing close is the love of a child for a parent and the love of husbands and wives.

We cannot wait to see what this year brings for you. The changes you will go through and the growing you will do. You are our heart, Cameron. Always know this.

We love you & Charlotte more than anything.

Love, Mommy & Daddy

Happy New Year!

Wishing all of our readers a Happy New Year. May this year bring each and every one of you laughter, joy, health and happiness.

Love, Cameron..


And Brian & Becca.

God Bless you all in 2012.