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Cameron’s First Haircut

We found out the hard way that long hair does not mix with maple syrup and snotty nosed colds very well.

And we have had a lot of maple syrup and colds around here lately.

So we decided we would give Cameron’s hair a trim.

She’s not a big fan of bows or barrettes but does allow me to put it up in a pony or pig tails. The problem is she knows how to pull them out and most days ends up running around with her hair right in front of her eyes.

The Before Picture

So off we went to find a salon to give Cam her very first haircut. We really lucked out to be able to walk right into one who had 2 very sweet ladies who were very patient and very comforting to Cameron. She wasn’t scared a bit!

She climbed up into the chair without any hesitation.

We told them we only wanted her bangs cut. I’m not ready to part with the only curls she will probably ever have.

Cameron was a bit puzzled at first by what she was doing with the scissors so close to her face. But she quickly relaxed when she realized it didn’t hurt.

Charlotte was only 6 days old during this trip.

All done! No more hair in her eyes!

The After Picture

Poor little girl was sick in this one. Can you tell?

It took a couple days, okay maybe more like a week, for Brian and I to get adjusted. Brian insists that we gave her a mullet. They may have cut a bit too much off but we definitely told them “only bangs”. It will grow though and at least the child can see now.

As hard as we tried to keep haircut history from repeating itself, it looks like it was inevitable.

Here’s my “Two Years Old” picture and hairstyle. Sorry Cam.

New Rooms!

I have been meaning to make this post for a while. I wanted to share what we did with each of the girls’ rooms in preparation for Charlotte’s arrival.

We used Cameron’s nursery furniture for Charlotte’s room and purchased “big girl” furniture for Cam. As I’ve mentioned before, we had some trouble picking the right bed for her. The bedroom set we ended up with was actually the 3rd bed we tried out. The first two beds just weren’t a good fit.

Cameron’s Room

The pictures are horrible quality and dark because we have black out curtains for her which I keep closed most of the time. Right now her bed is positioned on the wall by the window which makes it hard to open and close them daily.

But I absolutely love the curtains and how dark they make her room. It buys us a little extra sleep time in the mornings since she doesn’t always wake up with the sunrise.  As you can see, I’m far from being skilled at interior decoration but it does the job and we’re happy with the way it turned out. Her bed has a side rail on it right now which makes the quilt fit awkwardly.  The bedding is the Daisy quilt set from PB Kids. The colors are much brighter and it’s much cuter in person. 🙂 We hope the furniture and bedding will last her many years.

She loves her room very much and can climb into her big girl bed all by herself!

Charlotte’s Room

Since crib bedding is only used for a short time, we decided to use Cameron’s bedding for Charlotte and when she’s old enough for a “big girl bed” we’ll pick her out a nice set like we did for Cameron. I never even used the bumpers that went with the set for Cameron because they are really not recommended for keeping babies safe from SIDS.  We use the breathable bumpers. I still plan on adding curtains to her window as it receives the afternoon sun and can get bright and hot.

We did buy a new changing table for her. Cameron’s old changing table was a dresser/changer combo and is now serving as a tv stand in our game room.

And the letters I painted for the littlest one. Inspiration, of course, taken from our friends Tony & Lindsay and what they did for Cameron and their girls.  I was really pleased with how they turned out and I had fun making them. It’s hard to tell in the pictures but the colors are dark brown and pink.

I really like how Charlotte’s room turned out. It’s very quite and peaceful. The best part of it is that they are right next door to each other. I can’t wait to see what the future brings!

Cameron meets Charlotte

Cameron meets Charlotte for the first time.

As I’m sure all parents do, we worried about how Charlotte’s birth would affect Cameron. We received plenty of advice as to how to help Cameron transition but still feared that we would somehow fail her. She has, after all, been the center of our world for her entire life. And we knew this would not change- we would just be adding another person to also be the center of our world. Together.

To help her prepare we did a lot of talking about the baby coming but this meant nothing to her until she actually saw her. And then had an entirely different meaning when she realized the baby was coming home with us and staying.

Cameron came into the delivery room about 30 minutes after Charlotte’s birth with my parents and Brian’s mom. It was so great that the 3 of them were there with her because they are such a comfort to her and she loves them all dearly. She immediately spotted Charlotte and said “Baby” and pointed to her. She had a huge smile.

And from this point on she was all smiles. She washed her hands and was picked up to get a closer look at her.

Cameron loves to point at body parts and name them. It’s so adorable when she does it because she says each part so delicately. She pointed and said, “baby eyes” “nose” “ears” etc. I can imagine it was amazing for her to see such a tiny person have all the same body parts.

And then she got an even closer look at her. She looks so pleased and I know she was.

In this picture, she’s looking for the approval of someone (maybe Brian) to know if it’s okay for her to hug the baby. Of course, she was allowed and had her arms around her for quite some time. This was the first time she’s actually touched, held or seen a baby up close. We usually don’t allow her to get too close to other people’s babies because we don’t want any other parents uncomfortable with having a toddler touching on their baby. She’s a very active little girl now and picks up germs from everywhere.

She got to sit in my lap with Charlotte and the three of us got some bonding time in.

Nose! I love Cameron’s expression.

She has hands too! It was so cute to watch Charlotte grasp Cameron’s hand and Cam’s reaction.

And sweet kisses for baby Char Char. (Which is what Cam currently calls her)

I’m so in love with my girls. I hope they can grow up to be close to each other.

One of the greatest parts of my birth experience this time was that I was allowed to keep Charlotte with me for her transition. At my hospital, babies are usually taken away from moms at 1 hour after birth and taken to the nursery for 3-4 hours for a “transition” period which includes medications, bath and hourly vital signs. I requested that this not be done with Charlotte and that she be kept with me in L&D and have her transition done there. I was lucky enough that my epidural wore off  just in time for her bath. I was able to give Charlotte her very first bath. This was so special to me. Cameron got to watch the whole thing too.

Poor Cam, she had this worried expression the whole time during Charlotte’s bath. It was hard to explain that sometimes babies cry when they are cold or having their diaper changed and that it doesn’t mean she’s getting hurt. She did NOT like seeing Charlotte cry.

Charlotte getting her hair washed.

Initial response: success! She loved her. She wanted to be with her. She didn’t care when she saw her nurse. She didn’t care when I was holding her. She wanted to touch her, look at her, love on her and smile at her.

So here we are 2 weeks after Charlotte’s birth and I can say that Cameron definitely has nothing but love for her baby sister. She still looks at her with those same sweet gentle eyes and touches her tenderly. I’m not sure I could have asked for a better reception of a new baby by her. She is in tune with every cry and asks to hold her often. She has absolutely no hard feelings towards Charlotte and we have not seen any acts indicating that she dislikes her or wants her sent back.

But this doesn’t mean it has been a transition so far that has been completely smooth. It all started with me staying 2 nights in the hospital and Cameron staying at our h0use with my parents. Like I mentioned, she loves my parents but she had a really hard time with managing her routine without Mommy and Daddy. This is probably our fault for never leaving her before now. Cameron was exhausted to top everything off and is used to napping with me. It was difficult for my parents to get her to nap and go to bed at night. Her difficulties of going to sleep at night in her own bed have not resolved since. I haven’t seen any outright jealousy but Cameron definitely is missing the times when it was all about her. She does not like that the baby sleeps in our room and she doesn’t get to. I can’t blame her. This has to be confusing. Brian & I are doing everything we can to include her in taking care of the baby and giving Cameron her very own time. We are going out of our way to make sure she gets to play outside etc. The problem, however, is that a newborn takes a lot of time and attention- most of which can only be given by mom, for breastfeeding babies at least. So my time with Cameron has been more limited and I am almost always holding the baby and we can definitely see the consequences. We are getting a lot more screaming, temper tantrums, and behaviors that are demanding attention. Thankfully she understands nearly everything we say so we are able to attempt at reasoning with her and getting her to calm down, use her words and tell us what she wants (nicely!).  But this doesn’t always work.

She has also turned into a little pacifier thief. She never used a pacifier for 21 months but now has decided she likes them and has a stash of about 5 of them upstairs in her room. Everyone has told me, “pick your battles” when it comes to managing a toddler. This is not a battle I am even trying to fight. I know it’s just temporary. The only thing I care about is that she doesn’t take them out of her mouth and put them in Charlotte’s.

We have tried to incorporate Cameron in Charlotte’s awake periods and “play time”. Cameron responds very nicely to this.

I know this is just the beginning of our transition process. It is coming at a time when Cameron is probably changing anyway- she’ll be 2 in just a few months. These days are not easy but I know that better days are ahead. I anticipate things will get easier when it is not as new and Charlotte starts to “wake up” and Cam can interact with her.

I love this picture. She was saying, “cheeeeese!”

This picture, however, breaks my heart. Cameron looks so sad. 🙁 If I could do anything right now I would communicate to Cameron, in a way that she 100% understands, that her mommy and daddy love more than life itself and that she will always be our baby.

Wish us luck in the coming weeks with keeping Cameron happy and healthy. We definitely are asking God for a lot more patience these days. And I will say, He has blessed us with the most laid back, easy going and amazing newborn baby you could ever ask for. I don’t know how we would manage if Charlotte wasn’t so relaxed all the time.

We’re still here..

I’m way behind on my blogging I know. I have lots and lots to write and many pictures to share. We’re pretty busy with the transition to having 2 kiddos and getting them to the pediatrician etc. Cameron & I have been sick in the last week which has set us back too. We’re praying little Charlotte stays well. Here’s a little picture I took of the sweetie today. Thought I would share.