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Fun with the Fan

Brian & Cameron having fun with the fan. Love this girl!


Family Shower


Our sweet family held a baby shower for us last Sunday.

It is so nice to get everyone together at once. Our families know each other well, and have for years, which makes it very relaxed and fun when they are all together. Brian’s cousin Kelly and his fiance Jenna hosted the shower. They did such a wonderful job. They will be getting married this November and had their wedding cake baker make the cake for the shower. It was so delicious! Jenna had lots of great games and ideas to make the shower memorable.

Diaper cake made by Jenna & Kelly.

One of the activities Jenna had planned was for everyone to decorate a onesie for the baby. They turned out so cute!

Cameron & Indie.

Cameron and her big cousin, Jackson (4 yrs old).

Another cute pic of these two.

Ring around the Rosie with Auntie Gaye, Mimi & Jackson. So much fun! These two youngsters definitely needed a way to release their energy after being so well-behaved inside.

Thank you so much to all our family for the special time and the gifts for our sweet little baby girl.

We can’t wait to meet her and share more special times together as one big family in the future.


For those of you who read that I don’t regularly see, here’s the baby bump @ 36 wks.


First Day of School & 36 Weeks Update

Good news. Our baby girl (#2) is in great shape. Phew! Her ultrasound went really well.

The ultrasound technologist made the comment to me that her placenta doesn’t look bad at all and is actually looking very normal for her gestation. She thinks it’s quite possible they misdiagnosed me at 32 weeks because she’s seen a lot of placentas that are really bad. She also said the amniotic fluid level is great. The baby is estimated to weigh 6 lbs which is perfect. So she’s growing well. She had good tone during the ultrasound exam and after some poking and prodding finally woke up to give us some movements. This is the second week in a row she’s gone to sleep while at the doctor’s office. Lots of  movement before and after but sound asleep during. Her non-stress test went well too. It was very similar to last week in that she was asleep but did accelerate her heart rate when I moved and had great variability in her heart rate (the most important indicator of well-being). I was reassured by it. And sure enough as soon as I got in the car she started moving. So her BPP score was 8/8 (perfect) plus 2/2 for reactive NST so she gets a 10/10 for her checkup for the day. What a good girl.

This weekend marks 37 weeks which is technically considered “full term.” Yikes! She could arrive at any time. I hope she holds out until 40 weeks but she’s had me thinking otherwise the last 24-48 hrs. I’ve been definitely experiencing an increase in contractions. The last 2 nights they’ve been hard enough to wake me up out of my sleep but they’re not usually regular so I know it’s just my body getting ready for “the big day”. My original prediction was that she would arrive October 4th (and be 7 lbs 10 oz). I’m still hoping but we’ll see.

And now on to Cameron..

Today was her first day of school!

Big girl ready to go!

We spent a lot of time yesterday getting her and her things all ready for today. Everything had to be labeled. Her nap mat arrived yesterday afternoon just in time. So after a pause for some pictures we were off. By the way, if you’re wondering what’s up with Cameron’s “spunky” hair… well it’s getting quite long. If it’s not pulled back it goes down to below her nose and she can’t see. Just like her daddy, it is very straight and falls forward. It’s also very fine which means that clips don’t stay in very easily. I decided to see how she does keeping it pulled back while at school. If she pulls the ties out we’re going to get her bangs cut. She kept it up today.

She recognized the school as soon as we pulled up to the parking lot and walked in holding our hands like a big girl. The first thing she asked for was the slide. As soon as we got to her classroom she went right in and she started playing. She very sweetly greeted some other children and then began playing on the slide.

Lots of fun!

She didn’t look back. Part of me was thankful and part of me had visions of dropping her off at college. I was a tiny bit traumatized by that vision. We stayed in the room with her for about 10 minutes in an attempt to get pictures and maybe a “good-bye hug”. She was happy to be playing and seemed perfectly confident and comfortable in her environment. She said “dada” once and pointed to Brian and then went on with the fun. I’m sure overall it’s much easier for a parent to leave a happy kid vs. a kid screaming for “Mommmmy!!!” but either way it’s hard to leave your angel who you have only trusted to leave with family for her whole life. As soon as I felt the tears start to flow I had to leave. I was quite embarrassed and blamed it on the hormones.

Daddy trying to get hugs.

You can barely see Cameron. She’s heading into the back of the slide.

Here’s a video we took shortly before leaving.


She’s the one saying “weeeee” in the video. Another mommy was also feeling a bit sad that her little boy took off and started playing without saying bye. Just like Cameron, he’s never been left with anyone other than his family.

After leaving the school, Brian couldn’t quite say good-bye to a tearful, hormonal and hungry wife so we had breakfast together before he went to work which helped me feel better. As soon as I got home I climbed back into bed (I worked the night before), set my alarm and took the most wonderful nap that I’ve taken in years. A solid 3 hours and I woke up feeling much better and very ready to get my little one back.

When I got to the school, they had just picked up Cameron to change her from her nap. She was one of the last 2 kids asleep. Her teachers said she was a very good little girl and stayed on her mat during the whole nap but didn’t fall asleep for about an hour after they started nap time. They said she was very good and quietly said “hi” and “bye-bye” to anyone she saw outside. When she finally fell asleep, they said she slept hard. Her teacher made the comment that Cameron seemed like an old pro and only one time mentioned Mama but there were absolutely no tears. They said she was very curious and very confident and was a very good girl all day long. We are so proud of her for doing so well her first day. We hope she has a great year!



Meet the Teacher!

I hadn’t planned on making a post for this but Brian and I were so excited about how things went that I just have to. This morning, the three of us made a trip to her school to meet her teacher, see her classroom and meet some of her friends.

A blurry picture from my phone but little girl picked out her shoes all by herself! Special feature? They light up! “Shoes Light! Shoes Light!”

Her classroom has 10 children and 2 teachers, Miss Kristi and Miss Sarah.

When we first walked in the room we could see the excitement on Cam’s face. Lots of toys, other kids, books and neat things to look at. We told her she could go play if she wanted and she immediately grabbed onto Brian’s leg with a death grip and hid behind him. No tears, just needed the safety of Daddy for a few minutes before letting loose. She noticed a poster on the wall behind her with the ABCs and pictures of animals and other things for each letter. This distracted her and she started to say things she recognized and make animal sounds. We were happy to see her starting to warm up and then in the next instant she bolted out of the classroom door, down the hall and towards the school exit. Being 35 weeks pregnant doesn’t make me too slow to catch her, though, and we went for round 2 in the classroom.

This time was much better. Her teacher came over to explain some things to us and Cameron ventured out into the classroom without us. She sat down on a little miniature couch next to another little girl and began to read some books. This gave us time to ask questions and get the basics of being a preschool parent down. Her teachers are really nice and we do feel comfortable with her being in that environment.

After we chatted with the teacher we decided to migrate over to where the kids were sitting. A few more had gathered near the books and one of the teachers sat down to read to them. Cameron was more than ok being in the room but not on top of us. It was so cute to see her interact with other kids her age. At one point she spotted me (I was sitting next to another woman who is also expecting her second child) and she came over to hug me but almost hugged that mom instead. It gave us both a laugh. … And then she spotted the slide.

There was this kind of slide inside her classroom.

This is all Cameron is still talking about when we ask her about school. No exaggeration, she probably went down this slide 30 times before we left. Other kids started playing along and it turned into a really REALLY fun time. We were able to visit with some of the other parents and felt really good about Cameron starting school here. I think she’s going to have a blast. The other children we met seemed like very nice kids.

I’ll be amazed if these teachers actually get my little girl to nap up there. We picked her out a comfy looking nap mat. So here’s hoping.

And just for fun…

Here’s a video of the little one from today. She spotted a horse in the store and I decided to let her ride. She LOVED it.