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Super Fun Day!

We decided to make a spontaneous trip last week on Thursday to the zoo and to the beach! Brian took a day off of work which meant we could leave early and make it a super fun day!

The last time we were at the zoo was for Cameron’s 1st birthday. She has changed so much since then and is now much more interested in animals. I can only imagine how fun zoo trips will be when she’s even older. We figured that by going on a week day we would avoid some of the crowds that the zoo attracts on weekends. We’re pretty sure almost every school in the Houston area had the same idea for that day because it was PACKED with school field trips. We made sure we saw the animals we knew she would enjoy: giraffes, elephants, tigers, lions, wolves, & chimps. I would have loved to make it over to the otters again in the Children’s Zoo section but we figured it would be very hectic with all of the kids there. We still had a great time.

Elephant keeping cool.

A lioness hiding.

A baby giraffe. So cute!

Not a giraffe!  😀

A little girl trying to keep cool. It was so HOT!

The only bad thing about the trip to the zoo is we think that’s where Cameron picked up a virus that has given her a fever for the last few days. I guess it’s inevitable when she’s exposed to lots of kids. She starts school in August and I’m sure she’ll be bringing plenty of stuff home to us.

After the zoo we got in the car, cooled off and let Cameron nap while we drove to Galveston. Cameron’s awesome uncle & my brother, Forrest, accompanied us for the day. Cam is crazy about her uncle “Bor”. Once we made it to Galveston, we were starving so we decided to stop by the strand and eat at Fisherman’s Wharf. We ate outside so that she could see the water, boats and birds. There were pelicans and seagulls everywhere and big boats with dolphins jumping nearby! It was so much fun!

Cam & I checking out some seagulls.

Uncle Forrest

After lunch we got little girl changed into her swim suit and re-applied her sun screen and headed to find a spot on the beach. We were thrilled to see that the beach was not crowded at all.

This was the very first time for Cameron to visit the beach and the first time she’s been “in water” since last summer, with the exception of bath time of course.

She was not even a little bit afraid of the waves. This was almost frightening to Brian & me as she would just run into the ocean without so much as a second thought.

She was super excited about the water rushing over her feet. She fell once which startled her but she took no time at all to get back up and continue playing.

So cute. I think they really resemble each other in this picture.

This is my favorite picture. Ever.

Yuck! The curious toddler insisted on picking it up! She had little to no interest in the sand, however.

We decided it might be fun to feed the seagulls some of our leftovers from lunch.

She thought they were neat and they held her attention…

for only a second and she was off to the races again!

They held Forrest’s attention for much longer, however. We call him the “Bird Whisperer” now.

The birds.

After more than enough time in sun we had to drag a kicking & screaming girl back to the car. She would have played in the water all day. We stopped by my parents’ house on the way home and let her play in their pool which as it turns out was just as big of a hit. Next time I think we’ll skip the sand, seaweed and seagulls and just go straight to the water. But the beach was fun and it’s always nice to get away if even for only a day.

And we are proud to report that a full day in the hot Texas sun and not even a tan line for our precious baby and her delicate baby skin. I was so happy she didn’t get burned. Water Babies 100 SPF definitely works!

It’s a….


And everything at our 20 week ultrasound went very well. She appears to be very healthy and is measuring right on target. We are so thankful.

Sorry for the glare. I took a picture of a picture in apparently bad lighting. But you can see her waving, “hi!”

And grabbing her feet. 🙂

17 months

Are the months flying by or is it just me?

Cameron is 17 months old now! I wish I could just freeze time and have her be this age forever. She’s still so beautifully innocent but has a hint of independence and is so eager to learn and to please. She’s learned enough now that we can communicate with her. She’s an absolute joy to be around every single day.

All of the babbling the last few months has now turned a corner and new words are flying out of her mouth left and right. This month she has learned a lot! She’s almost to the point where you can ask her to say something and she’ll say it. She’s still working on forming words properly but she definitely tries.

New words this month: sorry, boat, bus, bird, “Gumbo” (our neighbors’ dog), rock, teetee, Wee (which she says for going on walks, slides, and swings), Water, Me, You, jeep, beep, phone, giraffe

New signs: hat, shoes, socks, airplane, train, bus, boat, book, bike, brush teeth, Me,

Animal sounds: Horse – “nay nay nay” , Cow – “moooooo”, Dog – “Bow Wow Wow”, Tiger – “raaaawr!” Monkey – “ooo ooo ooo”

When she adds these words to her current vocabulary she’s starting to look less and less like a baby and more and more like a little kid.

She’s so sweet and kissable still. She’s been a little more clingy in the last month to Brian and me. She cries when he leaves for work and is super excited when he returns home. She wants one of us to hold her all the time when we’re home unless, of course, we’re outside. Then she wants to be put down and run all over the place. When she watches something on TV she wants to be right next to one of us. She loves to cuddle. And loves to greet us with kisses in the morning. Just when we think this special little girl couldn’t melt our hearts any more, she does. She’s absolutely the biggest blessing in our lives. We had no idea having a child could ever make you capable of this kind of love. We have definitely learned that selfless love that only a parent can have. It’s going to be so hard to watch her go to pre-school in August. Neither of us are ready to “let go” yet and leave her with someone other than either of our moms or grandmothers.

Cameron & Picco are still best buds. She loves to cuddle with him and he with her. She calls him “boy” and spends lots of time laughing, playing, nurturing and feeding him. It’s a win win situation for a 4 month old puppy… food and fun!  They wear each other out.

This was taken when Cameron was sick last week. She sat with Picco & me for 3+ hours. Poor baby. She’s feeling much better now.

This is a dark picture but it definitely shows the trust he has for her and the love she has for him. Picco hates and I mean hates walking on a leash. He absolutely refuses. He was much happier being perched in the stroller and treated like the baby he is. Such a silly boy. He didn’t even try to move from this position and Cameron was happy to hold him close.

Car rides with Picco mean he goes in her lap. He finds it a nice little cozy place to be.

Here’s Picco at 3.5 months. Growing into such a handsome boy! And such a fantastic dog. He reminds me so much of my Max.

Summer girl.

This girl loves balloons.

And lets not forget her love of play balls!

She even sleeps with them!

Easy to please. A whole aisle of expensive toys at the store and she wants the $3 ball. Yep, fine with me!

At Grandma & Grandpa’s (BaBa) house (Brian’s Grandparents). Funny thing, she’s sitting with me right now watching me update the website and sees pictures for their house and keeps saying “Baba Baba”  just from seeing the pictures of their back yard.

She saw this picture and said, “Nana? Nana?” She knows Nana (Brian’s mom) comes through this gate when she comes.

Playing in their backyard.

The increasing curiosity to do anything with water has peaked at just the right season for Cameron.

One of the dog toys she found in the backyard. So proud of herself.

Cameron is loving the opportunity to play in the sprinklers any time she can. She will run in fully clothed and even if the water is super cold. 


So much fun!

My little brown-eyed ball of sweetness.

Copying Daddy.

So much fun to play outside in the water!

Looks like Cam wasn’t the only one having fun!


Thanks for reading!


We got some fun new shoes for Miss Cam Cam. Not only are they adorable, they have squeakers built in. Every step she takes sounds like a dog toy. Our dogs have been quite confused. Thankfully, for our sanity, the squeaker is easily removable. We took this video of Cameron today after she tried her new shoes on for the first time. She LOVES shoes and these new bright orange and pink tennies were no exception. 🙂