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In other news….

Edge Baby #2 is on the way. Estimated arrival date: October 1, 2011.

This picture is from our first ultrasound confirming everything was there, including a heartbeat.

We’re very excited and cannot wait to meet this little boy/girl.

Everything is going well so far. I will be 14 weeks on Saturday.

Purple Martins!

On Brian’s birthday, his grandparents came over and Brian and his grandfather installed a purple martin house in our backyard. We’ve see them year after year in his yard and always thought they were so neat to watch. It’s not guaranteed that you’ll get martins come to the house, especially the first year, but we have been very lucky. We have at least 3 pairs with us now, though our neighbor said he spotted 8 birds on the house 2 days ago. Purple Martins are very neat birds and have the most amazing immigration and mating characteristics. They’re monogamous birds that live completely off of catching flying insects and fly to America every spring from South America to mate. After the babies are old enough, they fly back to South America for the winter. The craziest part of it is that year after year, the same birds will come back to the same house and even nest in the same hole on the house! It’s like having the same visitors year after year. They’re quite social birds and enjoy being around humans. You can read more about them here.

The neatest part about our bird house is that it’s nearly eye level with our game room. Cameron and I enjoy watching the birds daily.

I snapped some pictures of the birds the first day that I saw they had come to nest.

Up-close view of the house taken from the gameroom.

Yep, this is what our house backs up to currently. Well as of about 2 weeks ago. As of now there is a 1 story house to the left of the bird house where the man is standing and a 2 story house being framed to the right of the birdhouse where that blue and black truck is. We will be so thrilled when the construction is complete. The houses behind us were the last for our section of the neighborhood.

Female flying in. Yes, that’s a decoy bird on top.

We are so happy to have these special guests with us!

And here’s a video of them flying around the house at dusk. They seem to be most active in groups in the morning and evenings. We do see them during the day. We can’t wait for the babies to be born and watch the parents come swooping in with food to feed them. So neat to have a piece of nature in our back yard!

Video was taken March 22, 2011.

15 months

I’m nearly a month late on this post but Cameron is 15 months now.This was a month that came with a pediatrician visit and vaccinations. For the first time ever, we saw anxiety upon entering the room at the pediatrician’s office. Our pedi is really nice and Cameron does well overall with him, but she did NOT want to be placed on the exam table. She received 3 different vaccinations: Dtap, HepA & Hib. I reckon our next visit in 3 months will be coupled with even more anxiety as she was not happy after those shots. She received a clean bill of health. She’s meeting all of her developmental milestones. Her stats are:

Weight: 21 lbs 2 oz  (25th percentile)

Length: 31 inches (75th percentile)

Head: don’t know the exact measurement but it’s 50th percentile

Let’s see, what’s changed this month. Well Brian had a birthday. A 30th one at that. We are so thankful for another year with him and pray for many many many more. We had a great time celebrating with family. Brian chose to have sushi for his birthday dinner. This last month has proved to be a bit more difficult than usual for going out to eat and bringing Cameron with us. While at the sushi restaurant on this particular night, it felt like the whole place was silent except for our fussy girl who did NOT want to eat and did NOT want to sit in her chair. It ended up being rushed so we could get out of there before we got any more funny looks from people. We have tried a few restaurants since then and had similar behavior so we’ve decided everywhere we go out to eat from now on will be “kid friendly” aka loud. She’s still a bit young to reason with and doesn’t understand the concept behind restaurants yet.

Cameron has a few new words this month: poo poo, blueberry (sounds like behbeh), night night, blankie

New signs: daddy, cat, frog, fish

Favorite game: “catch me if you can” especially when played with daddy.

Teeth update: 10 teeth now! She got two upper molars

A new favorite thing for her, it’s actually kind of like an obsession, is pointing out anytime she sees poo poo or anything that resembles it. With having a new puppy around, we have occasional house training mishaps. Cameron is usually the first to spot them and will call out for mom or dad pointing and saying “poo poo poo poo” until it is cleaned up. She even says it when we are outside and she spots it. She also says it every time her diaper is changed, regardless of it’s contents. We’re hoping this new “awareness” is the first step in the right direction towards potty training. We’re not going to rush that, of course, but you have to start somewhere.

I guess one of the reasons I’m so late to blogging this month is that right after her shots, Cameron and Brian got sick. Cameron had a 101-102 fever for 3 days after her shots. Her doctor said 1 out of 20 kids will have this reaction to the Hib vaccine and it will go away. Sure enough, 72 hrs later she was fever free. That is, until she got the cold/flu that Brian had which brought fever and a cough for another few days. She fought it like a champ. You could hardly tell she was sick. The worst I had ever seen her was the second night after her Hib vaccine. She clung to me all day and night, not wanting to get up, eat or play. It was absolutely pitiful.

I snapped this picture on my phone that night. She slept in our bed that whole week because she would wake up crying so much. Thankfully she’s much better now and is back to her usual energetic self.

Here are some recent pictures of her from her 15th month.

Sweet Eyes

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

She was in the mood for a hat this day.

Missing & kissing Daddy while he’s away at work.

I just love sleeping angel pictures.

Trying to fall asleep at nap time.


New BFFs. And introducing Piccomolo. Our Italian Greyhound born 1-14-11. He’s different from my little love, Max, but reminds me of him in many ways. We are very happy to welcome him into our home.

We call him Picco or Piccolo (means little in Italian) for short.

Where did we get his name? One of my favorite gelato places.

Dancing Girl

Don’t know where she gets her moves. The girl is really working it to the song, “Diaper Dance” on her Baby Signing Time video. Thought it was cute and grabbed the video. Enjoy!