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13 months

Cameron is now 13 months old.

Life has definitely changed since she started walking and is now practically running. She takes it very seriously.  For instance, no hand holding anymore and most of the time she does NOT want to be carried. She’s a big girl and big girls walk!

Since this started her level of curiosity has increased tenfold…

Every cabinet must be looked in, every door must be opened and then shut again, and every remote control and cell phone must be carried. And the stairs? They were made for climbing. And her dresser drawers? They were made to have clothes ripped out of them and thrown all over the room. Bookshelves are for books (and other random things) and apparently mommy and daddy have their organization all wrong. All of the items in our bathroom cabinets belong in the entertainment center! Dog food is not for the dogs it’s for the baby. And dog bowls with water? They were made to be dumped over and played in. Doggie toys are actually baby toys.

These are just a few of the things this girl has taught us in the last month! Craziness! But we love it. 🙂

She’s still our super sweet Cameron (give or take a few random tantrums starting to develop) and still requires lots of hugs and kisses like always. Our favorite moments are when she’s waking up and when she’s ready for bed.

She’s very gentle with the dogs and cat. Chloe is apparently Cameron’s dog. I can’t wait to see those two grow up together. I know Chlo will be Cam’s little protector. Such a good girl.

I keep waiting for my luck with Cameron’s eating habits to run out. So far so good. She’s still awesome! Will eat anything we put on her plate. I LOVE this! Though she wasn’t too sure about the consistency of scrambled eggs.

Eating is more fun if measuring cups are involved.

This month brought us no new teeth but she is working on her canines. The drooling, loose stools and crankiness began today actually so I’m sure it will be soon.

Every day she gets better at talking. New words this month: kitty. She uses “kitty” and “cat” interchangeably. She loves to say “baby” and use the sign for it too. She calls her bottle and blanket “bop”. She can also say the names of both of her grandmas! “Mimi” and “Nana”. They’re quite excited about this. She loves to follow Brian around the house and  say what sounds like “Heeeeey Da Da!” She gets even louder if he goes in a room that she cant get to like the bathroom. Still lots of pointing and saying “Dat” (that).

We can tell she is understanding a lot more now too. For example, she knows what we mean when we say “Let’s go outside” or “Can you sit in the chair?” or “Let’s go upstairs”. Very cool to have this now.

She loves to dance. She walks in circle and claps and bounces a little with a huge smile on her face.

Her favorite tv show now is Baby Signing Time. She’s absolutely captivated by it. She got the DVDs for Christmas.

I don’t think she’s gained much

weight this month but she’s grown taller for sure. She’s looking so big now!

“Catch me if you can!”

Fun at the park.

Here’s a video of her walking in front of the house.

It was a bit of a gloomy day. 🙁 I always forget to turn my phone sideways for videos. Next time it will be better!

Christmas 2010

It’s been so busy around here lately that I haven’t been able to post much at all. Just wanted to give a quick update and wish you all Happy Holidays. I hope that everyone had a joyous holiday season and that you are all enjoying the new year so far.

We had a very busy Christmas. We actually had 4 Christmases this year to make sure we got to see everybody. To say that Cameron was worn out after all was said and done is an understatement. She was a trooper but it sure is hard for a little one with a routine to do all that going. She did enjoy seeing everyone and loves all her new presents.

This was the first year she got to experience Santa. At the mall, she was ok. She wasn’t excited but not hysterical either. Not the same story when Santa came to my grandparents house while we were there opening presents. Next year may be better and if not maybe the year after that. I think we were all afraid of Santa at some point too. When she figures out that he brings goodies I’m sure her opinion will change. 🙂

Better luck next time, Santa!

We had a great time visiting with our families. It got so busy that we forgot to get pictures of everyone. Chasing a toddler around had us distracted. We did get a couple though.

Our family picture.

So cute. My grandparents. 61 years of marriage and still totally in love.

Mi familia. Forrest, Mom and Taylor. And Dad..I mean Santa, in the middle. 😉

My Aunt Debbie and cousin Brooke. Love them! So sad we missed Brandon and Jennifer this year.

Santa came to our house and left gifts Christmas morning too.

A new wagon for the little one! She loves it!

Anda  new grill for daddy! Yay!