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First Visit to see Santa!

She was a wee bit too tiny to make the trip last year so this was Cameron’s first Santa outing. She was joined by mom, dad and her uncle Forrest. Waiting in line wasn’t fun but she did well once we got there. This is the Santa at Bass Pro Shops in Katy.

I wouldn’t say she was thrilled with the man in red but she wasn’t totally terrified either. We’ll see what next year brings!

Happy 1st Birthday, Cameron

She’s one! We made it through a full year. It has been the best year ever for us! We never dreamed our lives would be so different. I can’t even imagine what I used to do with my time, and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

We went to the doctor the day after her birthday and her statistics are:

Weight: 19 lbs 10 ounce   &   Length: 30 inches

7 teeth! (I think we’re in the process of getting a few more)

She had 3 vaccinations: MMR, Pneumococcal and Varicella. Ouch! Poor baby. That was rough. Thankfully, we had no side effects.

She also had her blood drawn for a complete blood count to make sure she is not anemic (routine at 1 yr) and all came back perfect. We are so thankful for her good health!

What can Cameron do now?

Talking: She’s a very verbal baby. She loves to point to just about anything and try to say what it is. Words she can say or attempts to say: Mama, Dada, Cat, Dog, Bow Wow Wow, Bye, That (sounds like Dat), Ball which sounds like what she says for Book and bottle too, Baby (only occasionally will she say this one), oh and let’s not forget her new favorite, “No!” She thinks this one is especially fun to say to the dogs and to mommy and daddy.

Walking: She was around 10.5-11 months when she took her first steps. Between then and now she gradually increased the number of steps she took but she wasn’t interested in doing it unless someone was right there to catch her.  I wouldn’t actually say she started really walking until December 19th. Now she is EVERYWHERE. She wants to walk all the time and is starting to really hate being held when at new places. She’s doing really well with stopping enough to catch her balance when she goes to fast and turning around. She is also doing well at standing up from sitting down without holding on to anything.

Eating: We are beyond proud of Cameron when it comes to her eating. She will literally eat just about anything. All that she cares about is that it’s on her plate and ready to be devoured. The night of her birthday, Brian’s mom took us out to Mexican food. This little girl ate almost an entire enchilada plus some of my quesadilla and Brian’s burrito. The hardest thing is making sure what we’re eating is appropriate for a 1 year old to eat. Because Brian has a mild peanut allergy, the doctor wants us to avoid peanuts for another few years. She loves fruits and vegetables (especially tomatoes) and definitely enjoys anything with cheese on it. She is on organic whole milk completely now instead of formula and seems to love it. She’s down to 3-4 bottles / day. We’re in the process of switching to sippy cups but getting a bit of resistance. Seems Miss Cameron has no problem drinking from cups if there is water or juice in them but all of a sudden cannot operate them if there is milk inside. 😉 Silly baby. We’re going to have to quit cold turkey I’m afraid. Might make for a rough week but at least it will be over and done with.

Everyone that meets our girl says how sweet and happy she is. She’s a goofball much of the time too. She loves to play tricks on us. Her laughter is contagious. She is quite a ham. One of my favorite things to do with her is go grocery shopping or Wal-mart/Target shopping. By the way, I’m sure my enjoyment will come to an end in the next year when it comes to this activity, but for right now it’s such a blast. She perks up and enjoys “riding” even if she’s sleepy or in a bad mood. She pays attention to everything that’s happening around her and waits for a person to come up to her and smile or talk to her. When they do (as long as they’re not the scary type) she hams it up and gives a big toothy grin and giggles at them. Then when they look away she coos and talks and waits for them to look at her again and when they do she smiles again and laughs again. It’s so funny.

Kick Kick Kick!

Playing with my new cars!

In my new chair! Thanks Mimi & Indie!

Sweet baby is a big girl now.

Let’s see. Other things Cameron is doing now. She’s learned to stack her blocks and clap for herself. She also enjoys sitting objects up-right. She’s not in the play pen much anymore except for time-outs but she still loves to throw out all of the toys. Before she was walking everywhere she would do laps around the coffee table. She loves to put objects in the drawers and close them and then open and take them back out again. She is chewing on EVERYTHING! We have teeth marks on her crib and coffee table.

So far she’s left the Christmas tree alone. I figured she’d want to take everything off of it but maybe that comes next year.

<3 my love.

Weee! Oh that’s another word she says when doing something fun.

Focused on the playground!


And this last picture. Mini-Brian for sure.

He said so himself.

Birthday at the Zoo

Cameron turned 1 on December 14th. I have a 1 yr old post to follow with a complete update and 1 yr old pictures, but I wanted to reserve this one for our zoo trip. Her first!

The Houston Zoo

We wanted to do something special for Cameron on her birthday. Brian took the day off and it was a gorgeous Houston winter day (in other words, 70 degrees and sunny) so we chose to take her to the zoo. She’s old enough now to enjoy looking at animals and pointing at them. She really has only had exposure so far to dogs, cats and birds but now we can start to expand.

The Houston Zoo has gone through so many changes since Brian and I went a few years ago, and even more since we were there as children. A new “African Forest” exhibit was just added with chimps, rhinos and a new giraffe area. There are so many animals to see! We were there for several hours and didn’t get around to everything.

We chose to purchase a zoo membership which will give us access for a full year. It will pay for itself if we make 1-2 more visits over the next 12 months.

We started off catching the tail-end of the sea lion show then headed to the bird and hoofed animal area.

Watching the sea lions.

Some of the birds were hard to see since they were in cages and most not very big. But she easily spotted this one and referred to it as a “Dog!?? Bow wow wow wow!” We had to giggle.

The stroller wasn’t always ideal for getting the best view for a 1 year old so Daddy was nice enough to help her out.

There, much better now!

She wasn’t too sure about those huge beasts with horns (gazelles etc) but we held on to her tight and she was willing to check them out.

Daddy’s brown eyes.


After those big scary things we were headed to the children’s zoo! What a wonderful place! Our first stop? The petting zoo area.

Little Miss Birthday Girl insisted on walking in this area. So cute!

We got to see goats, sheep and roosters in the petting zoo. Cameron liked petting the sheep best of all.

While in the petting zoo, Cameron spotted a playground on the other side of the fence with kids playing. She was very interested in watching this. Way more interesting than goats, apparently.

One day I’ll be big enough to play like that!

On second thought, maybe we should wait a little longer. hehehe

We moved on to the otters which she very much enjoyed. They’re such playful little critters. Cute as can be.

Watching the otters.

Another view of the otter exhibit.

Then we moved on to giraffes and lions, tigers and cheetahs. It’s so neat to see such exotic animals right there in the middle of the city.

Giraffe saying hello behind us.

The cheetahs were our personal favorite. They are very feral looking. It amazes me that they’re able to run so fast. My heart hurt for the two in this exhibit though because it felt like they wanted out very badly. They were pacing the circular yard over and over and over, constantly looking out the fence. They looked very out of place. I couldn’t believe the size of their enclosure. It was especially hard to watch as they looked around when the life flight helicopter flew overhead. It lands at a hospital probably 1 block from the cheetah yard. They hear that all day long and it is extremely loud. I hope they give the cheetahs something better than this dinky little yard one day.

After the cheetahs, we moved on to primates. Cameron was quickly running out of gas by this time. She lost interest very quickly and was in dire need of a nap. We made the stop at the monkeys quick then saw Africa and then headed to the car.

Little old man monkey.

Don’t mess with this guy.

The chimps are crazy. I could have spent hours watching them interact. The new African Forest exhibit is really nice. It allows for some up close chimp interaction.

The chimp is licking the bamboo after sticking it down a hole that lead to a tube with termites on it. This was so neat to watch!

After a fun and exhausting trip, it was time to say good-bye to the animals.

A tired Birthday girl with Daddy.

And Mommy.

After the zoo we were off to visit with our parents. We had a nice dinner with Brian’s mom and got to meet her new puppy. Cameron ate an enchilada for dinner! Then we visited with my parents and took the exhausted girl home. She slept snug as a bug until 7:30 AM.

What a great day!

A Purr-fect Birthday Party

On Sunday, we had Cameron’s First Birthday party at our house. We kept it small, only family and close family friends. Our family and close friends have been so helpful and supportive and such a huge part of her whole year of life. It was only fitting that we have they be a very special part of her first birthday.

We were a bit worried about how our sweet girl would be as the day started out a bit rough. Cameron tripped while walking (and holding one of her little books) and bumped her eye. She was so upset. My heart breaks every time she hurts like that. But she recovered nicely after a bit of snuggling with mommy and daddy and only had a small bruise to show for the ordeal.

Cameron absolutely LOVES dogs and cats so we went with a kitty theme. I had lots of help with setting up and preparing for the party. I worked the two nights before so was pretty much useless when it came to decorating (not that I’m great at it anyway). Brian, my mom & dad, my sister Taylor, my cousin Brooke and her friend Ricky were absolute angels and did most of the work and setting up. I am so glad they were willing to come help. Thank you guys!

Looking back, I realized I didn’t get as many pictures as I would have liked with her guests. It all was happening so fast and was over before I realized it.

The party was a blast. Cameron was great. We moved on to singing and cupcakes and the little one got to experience her first dessert in front of everybody. We had kitty ears instead of birthday hats.

“Happy Birthday, Dear Cameron”

Yummy! She liked the cupcake.

After cupcakes we went upstairs so that Cameron could open her presents. Thankfully she had her friend Lindsey there to help.

She got lots of great gifts! Thank you to every one for coming and for the birthday gifts!

Later that night, she had more company and was able to play with her birthday presents before bed.

Her new bike! She gets the hugest grin when she rides on it. This was her first time on it and she was checking it out. As soon as we started to push  her in it she squealed in delight!

It was a great day!

Walking Girl!

Every day Cameron gets better at walking. She’s doing a lot more experimenting and becoming braver. We are so excited for her. I took this video last week of her practicing before bed. She hasn’t mastered the art of standing up from sitting without holding on to anything but she sure knows how to maneuver herself around the stairs to the game room. That’s where she loves to “take off” from.

Cameron Walking