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8 months!

Well I’m 10 days late but Cameron is 8 months old now! What a super duper fun age!! She transformed from a baby to this adorable little mini-human that interacts and is so FUN!

Two days before turning 8 months she got her first tooth! This was followed the next day by a second tooth. Both middle bottom teeth. They’re quite cute. She was driving everybody crazy right before they came in. I knew what was wrong with her but at the same time I didn’t. It was so sad. I couldn’t help the poor baby. This is a pic of her while she was teething.

Sad right?

So let’s see. It was almost immediately after we put her down in her own area that she decided she wanted to start crawling. Well, sort of. She’s crawling now- a little bit more every day. It’s not very fluid looking yet but she gets places! She’s also pulling herself up and just today starting to “cruise”.

She’s still eating like a super big girl. I’m so proud. She’s doing well with feeding herself using her little pincer grasp. She’s doing lots more playing and talking to herself now. She plays peek-a-boo and has so much fun doing it. She’s full of laughs and smiles most hours of the days.

She’s sleeping 12 hrs at night. Goes to bed around 6:30pm and wakes up 6:30 am. Usually she’ll take 2 naps during the day but we’ve been so busy lately she gets maybe 1 in.

She stopped saying “mama” and decided “dada” was what she wanted to say now. She says it all the time along with random “words” that you can’t understand yet.

She’s crazy about jumping in her little jenny jump up. Probably one of the cutest things anyone could watch. Her little room is so cozy in this new house. I love it and I know she does too. She is such a good girl about going to bed. Not a peep most nights and gives a huge smile when we put her in her bed and she cuddles up.

Anyway, I’ve decided to put all these pictures in a gallery instead of posting them because there are so many.  Enjoy! And thanks for reading!

We’re still alive..

It’s been way too long. Yes, we’re still alive. We got all moved into the house and we are LOVING it. It unfortunately has not left me much free time lately with a now mobile 8 month old and a house that needs major organization still. My obsessive compulsive organizing tendencies are getting the best of me.

The move went well. It was really sad when I realized we had way more stuff than I ever remembered and we had to find a place for it. Most boxes are unpacked now but getting things on the wall and all “homey” is taking a while. The dogs adjusted okay (took Sam a good 2 weeks) but the happiest creature of all is our kitty. She’s a different cat now that she has a place where she can escape from the dogs. She is the queen of the upstairs and is so much more friendly now. Glad we could be of assistance to her… hehe.

Cameron totally blossomed the week we moved. She’s SO grown up now. I can’t believe it. She was so fussy the first week and I thought maybe it was due to the move until I saw not one but TWO teeth poke through two days before she turned 8 months old. As soon as they were through she relaxed and is back to the angel she has always been. She absolutely loves and needs the space that she now has to develop. That apartment was just too cramped for us. In hindsight, I really wish I had paid the extra money each month to put us in something bigger (and on the first floor).

We are very very very much loving our neighborhood and the house. It’s everything we have ever wanted and dreamed of and then some. We feel very blessed and very fortunate that things worked out in the end. It wasn’t a smooth process but it worked. Our old house is done and closed on. Here are some pictures of the new house from right before we moved in. More to come eventually when we’re done. <3

The are pictures from about 2 weeks before we closed. I promise I’ll put some recent ones up in a few days/weeks. Thanks for checking on us.