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Sweet girl

My big girl is 7 1/2 months old now and is just changing so much! I’m updating now because she has just done so much in the last two weeks.

Her new favorite word is “mama” which just melts my heart. She says it all the time an I’m starting to think she’s associating it with me. Brian said he heard her say “dada” the other day too. Hopefully she masters that next.

Neither Brian nor I know sign language but we thought we would try to teach the little one a couple signs in an attempt to help her communicate before her language skills develop. Some of the signs we’ve been trying to teach her are dog, mommy, daddy, milk, more, drink etc. Just basic ones. Well she can sign dog now and does it every time you say “dog”. It’s very cute. I was shocked when I saw her actually “get” it and do it every time you say the word. She does it now after not doing it for a couple of days so she actually remembers it. It’s so neat to watch her mind develop!

As far as physical milestones go she’s starting so show signs of wanting to crawl and is pulling up by herself. She tried to pull herself up using a toy yesterday and she fell backwards and it toppled back on top of her. She was so surprised by that. She’s starting to scoot backwards and then get her knees into position to crawl from sitting. It’s just the early stages but I’m very excited for her. She rocks on her hands and knees for a little bit before she gets tired and falls to her tummy. We’re hoping she holds off for 10 more days until we move to the new house. There is stuff everywhere in this apartment in preparation for moving. It’s not even close to being baby proofed.

One more thing that she’s doing now that is just so sweet. When I get home in the mornings at around 7:20 am I immediately shower and then climb into bed. Usually, Brian is in bed still with Cameron snuggling next to him. She wakes up at about 7am for a bottle. As soon as I get into bed she rolls over and gives me a big kiss. Then she rolls back and gives Brian a big kiss. She goes back and forth for a while making sure we both feel loved. It’s soooo sweet. It’s stuff like this that I never ever want to forget or take for granted.

Here are some pictures we took over the weekend. We’ve been testing the settings/flash on our camera. Glad we have such a willing subject. The little ham loves to have her picture taken.

I think she looks like a mini-Brian in this one.

I know. We’re obsessed.

We Experienced the Stink of Lois!

The bloom of Lois the Corpse Flower has come and gone but Cameron and I were lucky enough to experience her stink while she was in full bloom last week and we were not disappointed. She supposedly completed her bloom at around 5 am Friday morning. Cameron and I had tickets for the 10:45 am showing but the lines were so bad that we did not get to see her until around 11:30am. According to the museum, her stink peaked around noon so we got to experience it when it was nearly at its worst.

The whole side of the museum where Lois was displayed smelled like it had dead rats in the walls. When we actually got in her room the smell hit like a wave of heat when you open a hot oven. I would describe it as a cross between a rotting carcass and stinky cabbage. Some people say it smelled moldy and other said it smelled like rotten fish. Either way, Cameron didn’t seem to notice or care and was just happy to take in the excitement around her, though she wasn’t too excited about waiting in lines.

She’s in a daze hanging out in the Baby Bjorn.

Lois wasn’t the prettiest thing after she opened but it was neat to follow her growth and anticipate her bloom. We’ll probably have to wait several years before we can see her bloom again and we’ll be making more visits when and if she does. She collapsed Sunday afternoon which was sad to see but it’s just a part of her bloom cycle. There’s another corpse flower called “Perry” that bloomed less than 1 day after Lois in Minnesota (I think). I happened to just check the webcam for Perry yesterday afternoon and saw him actually collapse. That was really neat to see live. 🙂

Looks like she’s started to bloom!

I feel like such a nerd being so excited over a flower blooming. It’s just so nice to have something “news worthy” in Houston that’s not related to crime or hurricanes.

The museum says that they think Lois has started to bloom, but they wont know for sure for a few hours. She made lots of progress today and is noticeably different from when we went Friday. You can read the Houston Museum of Natural Science blog here.

Check out some of her recent pics and the webcam if you have a minute.
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Who knew watching a flower bloom could be so exciting?

I’m thinking maybe we should start looking into a Corpse Flower Halloween costume for the little one. 😉

And speaking of the kiddo, here are a few new pictures of her. We’ve been looking into a new flash for our camera to take better quality pictures. We obviously haven’t perfected portrait photography yet by any means but we’re trying.

“Ugh! I am so over strained vegetables.”

She does this face ALL day long and waits for a reaction. It’s pretty funny.

Lois the Corpse Flower

A few weeks ago, I (and much of Houston I’m assuming) had never heard of a “corpse flower” before.  But today, Houston is going crazy with anticipation of the bloom of Lois.

The Houston Museum of Natural Science announced at the beginning of July that their Amorphophallus titanum had begun to bloom. This is a very rare and endangered plant that gets its name from the “dead body” odor it releases when it blooms. There have only been 28 or so recorded blooms in the United States and only 2 in Texas! Needless to say, much of Houston is very excited about this silly flower. The museum is certainly seeing the rewards from the $75 investment they made years ago when they purchased this plant as just a small bulb. They’ve had almost a 400% increase in traffic in the last 2 weeks. This is what it is supposed to look like when it blooms.

Last weekend, the museum said they were sure it would bloom at any minute. They have a webcam on the plant 24/7 and have even remained open around the clock so that if she blooms in the middle of the night, Houston would have the opportunity to go see her. Being a night nurse, I get to watch her at nights (and during the days too) when I have some down time and I’ve become quite intrigued with her. The media is describing this as a “once in a lifetime” event so I decided that I would get the little one out to see (and smell) Lois on Friday. She really didn’t smell too bad yet. There was a musty rotten vegetable smell fragrance to the room, though.

My sister, Taylor, joined Cameron and me for the experience. We had a great time. Lois still has not bloomed but we’re watching her here on the Lois Webcam.

Since Lois is located in the butterfly center at the museum, we got to take a walk through the gardens. Cameron held on to her Auntie tight through the walk but seemed to have a great time. We got to see the rest of the museum too including the dinosaur bones and fossils. Here are some pictures of our trip!

In the butterfly gardens.

Cameron in front of Lois.

It was SO hot in that little room with the flower.

She loves her Auntie. Great pic of these two!


Thank goodness this scary looking creature was in a cage!

She had a great time!

Lois Webcam

7 Months

Another month has gone by. Cameron is now 7 months old. This last month brought more personality and physical changes.

She is much more aware now (that we’ve noticed) of us as her parents and comfort. She’s started to show a tad bit of anxiety when she goes to someone she doesn’t know. She still happily goes to most people, especially family that she knows well, but always keeps mom or dad in sight if we’re in the same room. It’s cute and makes us feel good. 🙂  Just recently she has been reaching for us all the time. It used to be “arms up” but now she really leans into it.

She is much more eager to entertain a group now. She’s making lots more funny faces just for reactions and has developed her own little excited laugh that is just too cute. It sounds like she’s hyperventilating. She’s also getting better at playing by herself with her toys. I enjoy watching her little mind work during this time.

I think she’s known her name for some time but has been ignoring us. She now responds to her name.

She’s talking! Well, sort of. She says “babababa” “dadadada” and “mamamama”. She doesn’t yet know that this is correlated with anything but the words are definitely coming out of her mouth. Very cute to hear her little girl voice.

She’s definitely got her little routine down. She wakes up around 7:30-8 am and eats breakfast (usually some kind of fruit and a bottle), morning nap at around 10am for about 1 hr, then lunch when she wakes up usually a veggie and meat and either juice or a bottle, then a bottle around 2pm before her afternoon nap which is anywhere from 1.5-3 hours, then a snack when she wakes up and then another bottle, then dinner around 6pm and finally a bath and bottle at 7:30pm and then usually in bed by 8pm. She goes down for the night with no problems in her bed as long as she has her little cuddly friends.

She drinks out of a sippy cup now.

No crawling yet. I’m hoping she holds off till after we’re out of this apartment because I haven’t “baby proofed” yet and I would like to just baby proof the house when we move in. 22 days to go. I think we’ll make it.

She’s still a awesome eater. She eats everything. Brian jokes that she’d eat dog food if we gave it to her. She’s feeding herself too and chewing her food when we give her little finger foods.

She loves to stand while holding someone’s hands.

Getting cuter every day. Her hair is almost long enough for a bow! Here’s some pics @ 7 months!


And an update on the house, all is going well we’re just waiting on our closing day Aug 6th. Here’s how the house looks now.

Cam in her new gameroom!


6 month portraits

I’ve been feeling a little guilty lately that I haven’t had Cameron’s picture professionally taken since she was 3 weeks old. I figured that 6 months old would be a good milestone for one, plus she’s sitting up and is easier to photograph now that she smiles all the time. I really didn’t want to take her to JCPenny’s to have this done, but I had so many coupons for things that I figured I might as well. I knew if I was going to get this done, I needed to do it right away. I’ve been working so many hours lately that if it was up to me I’d probably just sleep all day. Well I got Cameron all cleaned up and picked a cute outfit out of her closet and we set out in the rain (thanks Hurricane Alex!) for our little adventure.

Ok, if it was up to me I would have put a cute little bow in her hair. We have a bunch of headbands but several are too small for her now and I’m not really IN love with any of them. They are cute but not that cute. I was hoping that I could find something on the way to the store to put in her hair now that she has a little bit.. just to add a nice little girly effect. Well, wouldn’t you know that JCPenny’s didn’t have ANY hair accessories. And I didn’t see any boutiques on the way either. So since her hair was wet from the rain, I figured I’d brush it into a little something instead of letting it stay flat and now wet. It was much cuter in person than it turned out on camera. I would have just left it alone if I knew it would have turned out looking kinda “Alfalfa-ish”.

So on we went into the store. We waited for about 45 minutes for our turn. Cameron had pretty much had it at this point. We were in between naps and she was nearing the point of meltdown. Thankfully, the change of scenery cheered her up and we were able to get a few pictures of some smiles. They’re not the greatest but at least we did it. She can look at them when she’s older and either say, “Oh I was such a cute baby!” or “MOM! I can’t believe you combed my hair like that!”

Needless to say, yes JCPenny’s is cost effective but her 1 year portraits will be done by Kelli Nicole Photography again. 🙂


Ahh yes… the rose blanket.