Monthly Archives: May 2010

Dear Cameron

I was looking back at some videos that we had taken of Cameron over the last 4 months and just can’t get over how much she’s changed. A lot of the blogging, picture taking and video editing that I do is for Cameron to have when she’s older. The technology is available so why not take advantage of it? I know that our parents would have done the same for us if it was available when we were babies. I want her to always know how much she’s loved and how she absolutely stole our hearts the minute we knew I was pregnant. She is everything to us. Plus I think it’s fun for anyone to look at pictures/videos of themselves as babies. I decided to try my hand at more video editing on the Mac again and see if I could make a video that captures some of her changes and how she’s grown.  Here’s my attempt. 🙂

Guess who is rolling over now

On April 29th, Cameron surprised me by rolling herself over from her tummy to her back. She was so surprised and proud of herself when it happened. I got so excited that the dogs went wild too. Here’s a video of her in action! I’m so proud of her. I am sure she would have done it a long time ago if I would have been better about “tummy time”.  She’s mastered it now though so it’s not so uncomfortable for her.  She’s such a fun baby to be around.