Monthly Archives: April 2010

Tummy time

Tummy time is an interesting time in our household. Little miss is not a fan and has no problem making it known.  She normally buries her face into the blanket and cries until we pick her up. Last week I caught her in a rare moment and snapped some pictures of her. She’s growing fast!

And a few seconds later we had drama so we turned back over and….

smiles again! … phew

Loving Daddy

Cameron and Brian get to spend lots of time together now that I’m back to work full-time. They’ve developed quite a bond. It’ so precious to watch her interact with him. I snapped some pictures of them gazing into each others eyes the other night after her bath. So cute.

Before the bath. Telling Daddy all about her day.

Happy happy.

Showing off her hands and making noises.

Sleepy girl.

Gazing into daddy’s eyes.

Archive blog

You can find our old blog here. This is our blog from my pregnancy with Cameron through her first 3 months.

Making some changes!

Hey guys. We’re in the middle of doing a big remodel of the blog. I hope to get up and running this week but it may not happen as we’re moving on Thursday! Anyway, check back soon and we’ll have lots of new pictures and updates!