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School’s Out!

That’s a wrap for school this year! The girls all did wonderfully at Liberty. Cameron finished up 1st grade, Char Pre-K and Molly successfully completed her very first year at preschool. They started the year as babies and are so big now. We’re so very proud of them. What blessings they are!

Project 366: November 2016

Almost…done…editing 2016. Never caught up ever but here’s our November!

Char & Cameron above and Molly below.

Project 366: October 2016

So it’s January, and I can proudly say I’ve finished shooting my 366- but I haven’t finished editing them yet. Until then, here’s October finally.

Molly above.

Big girls below.

4 Christmases

It wasn’t until about 4-5 years ago that I started to take up a serious interest in photography. Since then I try to find any occasion I can to photography the kids. I think perhaps one of my photography favorites is this time of year and the tradition that goes with it. These two sets of pictures I plan on continuing for years to come, God willing. They’re growing up quickly!

Merry Christmas 2016

Two Novembers

2015 vs 2016

Same kids
Same spot