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Cameron Loses a Tooth!

Her first, in fact. Last night, December 6th 2016, the tooth fairy finally arrived at the Edge household. Only eight days shy of 7 years old, our brave first born pulled her own tooth out. She was afraid, and nervous, and worried, and excited and she did it. It had been lose since the end of August and finally at that point where it was super wiggly.


She was afraid it would hurt and panicked at the sight of the tooth and the blood but then announced it didn’t hurt at all and was quite pleased. See video below which picks up about 3 seconds after the tooth came out.

***Disclaimer: you might want to have your sound turned down for the beginning of the video.***

 You’ll be pleased to hear the tooth fairy arrived without issue and Cameron was thrilled with her prize. She even found fairy dust on her pillow and window sill!

Two Novembers

2015 vs 2016

Same kids
Same spot


Project 366: September 2016

September was another great month in our household. We celebrated Charlotte’s 5th birthday and continued to adjust to our new routine at school. The weather started to cool off, Cameron moved to her own room and we enjoyed our first school field trip at Dewberry Farms.


Molly above and Cam & Char below.


Happy Halloween 2016


First Day of School

As quickly as the last school year ended this school year has begun. We’ve made some changes this year to hopefully find what is best for all of us. We’re still homeschooling but the girls are going twice a week to a school/co-op for socialization and enrichment. It’s been almost 2 months in now and the girls are very happy. Even Molly seems to enjoy her classes. Here are our first day of school pictures.

Cameron 1st grade.

Charlotte Pre-K

Molly 2 year old preschool class

img_0887 img_0895img_1123

Project 366: August 2016

Hey look! We’re almost done with October and I’m just now getting around to August. School started and life has been pretty crazy. Everyone’s happy and healthy and I can say we’re definitely blessed. The last month of summer was full of fun- including a family vacation to Florida. Here’s a glimpse at our daily photos from August.

First Molly and then Cameron & Charlotte.